Saturday, March 28, 2015

Good Morning Good News !!!! Saturday, March 28, 2015

Well ....  I must a slept a long time and be another year older !!!  Oh Birthday Pressies?  Yes !!!  Fancy Feast please !!!    Winter is back ....  and I seem to have missed summer and fall .....  it's more than ice cold out there this morning ....   And I have to go out and greet the public?  Seriously? 

Uncle Paul, this BETTER be an INDOOR event ....  Mmmm Hmmmm  Might not be purrs I'm givin out ifen I gotz to stand around outside !!!!    Come on over to Tractor Supply in Orange, Virginia, USA today from 10 - 2 to meet me and get a purr .... especially if you bring me Fancy Feast .....  and talk to Uncle Paul bout volunteering !!!!   There's nothin better to do in your spare time than to scoop poop and build fences !!!!  Yes sirrreeee !!!!!!    And I'll be right there supervising ... when I'm not to busy eating ....

Hey ...  how about a BIG thank you to some special folks who filled our donation box yesterday ....  even if a lot of it was dog food ....  Love YOU for ordering nummies from MY Corner Store and sending lunch over !!  

Thank you M and I, Kay Meow, Barbara, Alice and Joe Joe ....  and Thank you to all of you who's gifts came without a note from amazon ....   they mostly don't like me to know who sent me the yummies ....  boooooo .....  But the nummies taste just as nummy ...  I just like to thank you !!!  

YOU can see mom at da Life Center today at 21410 Constitution Hwy, Rapidan VA 22733 at NOON -- don't be late, dem hoomans is what dey call prompt ....  for a job interview !!  Would that ever be cool !!   Come and work at Rikki's Refuge every day !!!!   You getz lots of lovin.  Mom says I have to warn you it's hard dirty work, physically demanding, lots outdoors even in the cold and the hot and the rain and the snow .... cuz us aminals, we come first, so we gots to be all taken care of good no matter what.

And you can visit Robyn today at the Life Center from noon till 2 pm for Donation Drop off ...  the mostest important thing we need in the whole wide world is Fancy Feast ....  then bleach, paper towels, canned cat food and canned dog food.  Right now we're lucky and doin ok with dry cat and dog food. 

So hope to see you today at one of our vents !!!! 

And don't you forget ....

Opie LOVES YOU ....  today and every day !!!

You can invite me to breakfast ??