Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Good Evening, Good News !!!! January 29, 2013

This is the week to win !!!
Are YOU on my team ???
Will YOU help me win the weekly contest at the Animal Rescue Site ???

It's real easy .... go here http://animalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/shelterchallenge.faces?siteId=3 and enter Rikkis Refuge in VA in the USA and follow the directions ...
it's easy, no information collection, no spam .... just your vote ---

help me get the mostest votes this week ... just this week ... vote daily thru Sunday and YOU can help me win $1,000 to feed my furry friends at Rikki's Refuge.  There are 1925 of us ....  well a couple hundred of them have feathers ... but we feed them too.  Vote every day from every computer you have, home, office, phone and so on !!!! 

Let’s work together real hard this week and win the weekly $1,000 prize !!!

Why oh Why do they let da hooman drive ???

I keep having this dream .....

Can I tell you about my dream and see if you can help me find the person in it ?

Here's how it goes .... 

I'm searching and searching for a store where I can run a Thrift Shop to help bring in money to feed all my furry friends at Rikki's Refuge ....  I'm searching and searching and walking all the streets in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania (that's in Virginia in the USA) ...

I knock and knock ... and nobody opens the door .... then one person does and says "go way you silly cat ... you can no afford my rent ... be off with you" .... and I walk and I walk and I keep knocking and they keep sending me away ... my feets are getting really sore ....

and I wanna stop ... but I know I have to help my aminal friends back at Rikki's Refuge ... I've promised that every one of them ... all 1295 of them ... will always have nums and a nice doctor to take care of their hurts and their sicks and even icky flea drops so they no get bites and so they all gets a nice bed to sleep in .... and I know I must walk and I must knock on doors till ..... 

this door is opened by a hooman with the kindest smile ever and they say, "come in you precious little kitty, why are you out walking the streets and knocking on doors?  Are you hungry, do you need a bite to eat?"  And then they give eleventeen cans of Fancy Feast and while I gobble it all up I explain ...

"You see I have 1295 friends at home, and it's my job to help them, help them to be loved and happy and fed, and I think a Thrift Store could help me do that, nice people would give me nice things and more nice hoomans would come and buy the nice things and they'd be happy and I'd take that nice money and turn it into nice nums and then my aminal friends would all be happy to." 

And this nice hooman smiles and says, "Well little Opie, I think you've come to the right place!!  I have a building here you can have, it's a little run down, but it's in a good location where lots of people come by.  Do you mind having to clean it up a little?  Maybe get some hooman volunteers to help you paint?  I'd be so happy to donate this building to you!  It belonged to my grandpa and grandma .. but they've gone to Rainbow Bridge and I don't have much use for it, and nobody seems to want to rent it now, and I really really need the great big giant tax break I'd get for donating it to you.  What do you think, would you like this building?" 

And I look around!! And I see the other shops around, all busy with peoples, lots of peoples shopping.  And I see a big open space and a big front window I can put up purrty pictures of the aminals hoomans will be helping by shopping in my store ... MY STORE .... MY STORE !!!! 

And I jump up and down and I nosekiss this nice hooman and sit in their lap and purr for the longest time afore calling mom and telling her to come and sign the papers !!!!"    ... can you please help me find that nice hooman in my dream?  Share this with everybody, pass it around, post it everywhere ....  I know my dream is for real and that wonderful wonderful hooman who wants to help the aminals of Rikki's Refuge for ever and ever is out there somewhere .... if I just walk long enough ......

Can YOU identify the nice hooman in my dream who has the store they need anymore?  The nice hooman who will help us open a Thrift Store so we have another way to work to provide care for the animals?  Share my dream with everyone you know .....  you know the right building is just sitting there waiting for me to walk in .....

.... left behind cuz she was old ... came to Rikki’s Refuge .... fell in love with volunteer ... went home with Melissa Felts !

Baahhh Bahhhh Ebony
the black sheep in our family

Mr. Peacock starting to get his new feathers in
Did you know they fall out every year and they have to start over ?

This is a great shot showing his hat

Put February 18th, Presidents Day, on YOUR calendar
Very exciting things happening !!!! 
We have two VIP far away visitors coming and some really special events that day !!!

.... Gots to run now ... but I’ll give you all the details tomorrow .... get it on your calendar ... you’re gonna wanna spend the whole day with us ....  ending in a vegetarian BBQ and get to chat with our celebrities .... oh and I’ll tell you something else quick .... one of them is a world famous photographer and he’ll be taking YOUR picture with the Rikki’s Critter of your choice ... that’d me be wouldn’t it??  Well maybe Duke .... or Petunia ...   AND there will be a two hour photography class all about how to get the best animal shots .....  space is limited, so let me know right away if I should hold a ticket for you ....   All the details tomorrow !!!!

Yikes, I just heard Lena tell Paul to order $1,000 of canned cat food ... we have really been numming it up this winter cuz it’s been cold.  How much we eat and how much canned is all dependant of lots of things, and the weather is the biggest.  If you could help us out with a few bucks towards this $1,000 bill, I’d really love you muchly  !!!  Thank you  http://rikkisrefuge.org/donate.php

Love you bunches,
ps: remember 2013 is the year of the purr ....
Click Vincent to hear him purr ......