Wednesday, March 09, 2011

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I'm Vincent D. Cat from Rikki's Refuge no kill Animal Sanctuary.  
I need your help. 
I'm in a contest to win money to feed the animals.  
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Thank you very much, Vincent
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The Animal Rescue Site - Shelter Challenge

Good Morning Good News !!!! March 9, 2011

I’m Vincent D. Cat and here to make you happy!  You are HEROES!  You work hard every day and you deserve to smile every day!  Those of you working to save us animals hear so very many very sad things.  And there’s lots of very glad things too and that’s what we talk about here!  All pawsitive all the time!  I want my friends to be happy and smile and know there’s a lot of good - including YOU - in this world!!  Be kind and pass it on!  Please send me your Good New and Fun Stuff to share, personal or global. Let’s keep it fun and interactive!!  After all, if we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane!

Góðan daginn from Vincent and Duke !!
That’s how we say HI in Icelandic!

VOTE TODAY   Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA
The Animal Rescue Site - Shelter Challenge

It’s so close !
If even one of you
misses a day of voting now
we’re gonna get trounced!!!

There’s lots of ways you can vote
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Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA
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Come on Hokies, where are YOU?
You fabulous team players teamed up
to make me win last time!
Pretty Please?  Vote for ME!!!

Round the Refuge
Brrr kind of a chilly day today.  That’s why I gotta wear my hoodie.  I gotz a bladder infection.  Ick.  Yucky medicine and poking at me.  No fairz!!! 

What's difference in Moggie & Goggie? Moggie finds BIG tube laxatone on top shelf, Moggie say YUK and swat it to the floor. Goggie finds BIG tube laxatone on floor, Goggie say NUM NUM. It all comes out in the end, Goggie have to stay outside till it does. Moggie snickers at poor Googie. Goggie want back in. Poor Goggie.

Oh Boo I was supposed to go teach human education today at a school with Katarina and Melissa.  But I gotted a bladder infection and mom wouldn’t let me out.  She even made me sit in a cage this morning to “monitor my output.”  Poo on she who opens cans, I no like cage. It makes me feel like an animal!

Leaper got to be the official spokes kitty today.  No fair.  He just got back and told me all about the fun he had.  Him and Anya doggie and Dante rabbit.  And Katarina and Melissa.  All had fun without me!! 

I need your help voting.  I need your help really bad. and enter Rikkis Refuge in VA.  When nobody wanted me, Rikki's Refuge saved me. They've loved me every day for 12 years. They've paid all my medical bills. They love me no matter what. I'm sick now and asking you to show your support for those who love me and take care of me. Please vote today and every day thru March 20th

The numbers are so close that if even one of us misses voting today - I'm going to lose first place - please share with your friends - vote vote vote.  Don’t let me down!

When mom let me out the bad cage, she picked me up and --- whoooosssshhhh the pee shot straight out like a hose --- sorry Scooter, honestly I didn't aim.  But I’m glad I’m not blocked.  Bad things happen when you’re blocked.  Icky things.  I don’t want no tubes!!!  I take my medicine like a good boy and get well.

Bela came in fourth in the Bissell contest for week 8.  And now we start week 9 with Clover.  Clover has scars on the outside from something bad that happened when she was a baby, she has and a loving beautiful soul on the inside, just like the folks who rescued her and who love her!! GO Clover GO !!!!!

Bissell MVP Contest
Vote daily Wednesday March 9 thru Tuesday March 15th for Clover
quick, simple, free
Your daily vote could win up to $10,000
Click here to Vote for Clover

Interview with Clover
Vincent: Hi Clover! You're a beautiful gal. Tell me a little about yourself.

Clover: Hi Vincent! Thank you for supporting me.  I know that I look different, and I’m a saucy happy cat. Way back when I was an itty bitty baby, about 4 weeks old, I was attacked by some big creature that wanted to eat me.  Ick, it was awful.  I’ve overcame the loss of part of my nose, lips, and cheek. I am sighted in both eyes, and have a depth perception problem in the right. I’m of Abyssinian decent!  I want people to know DO NOT feel sorry for me!  I’m a very happy healthy girl.

I’m now 12 years old, and rules the pack around this household.  I have 1 sisfur and 3 brofurs. There is an advantage to not having lips, I can open my mouth like a shark! :) So a hiss is a very big hiss.

I love giving sloppy kisses and sleeping in my princess bed. For the first 10 years of my life I lived and worked at a vet clinic as a counselor to other people who had to bring their pets in for serious surgeries. Often they would look at me and how happy I was, and knew that even if their pet required an amputation, they could be just as happy as me!

I moved to my current home 2 years ago.  My doctor closed his clinic and moved away, and now I live with my new family!!

Vincent: You're from Canada? Is it cold and snowy there all the time?

Clover: Yes Canada can be weally cold. But we are lucky cuz we wivs in Vancouver and it is more rainy here in the winter dan snowy. We has had more snow here dis year dan udders, but when it snows I just snuggle up with my sisfur Newmee on da heated beds and we snuggle...da boys all go outside and pway on da catio and swide awound in da snow and den come and walk on meowmy wif der cold feet. Dat makes her yelp! :)

Vincent: Tell me about your favorite shelter(s) and why you think they're special.

Clover: We's weally weally fond of Ayda's Street Cat Rescue in Alexandria Egypt. There are Soooooo many kitties there that are so sick, and they know nothing bouts how nots to have babies. Ayda werks her fingers to da bone and goes to da fish market ebery single morning to feeds dem. Der are hundweds of dem eberywhere. It's not like Canada of the USA, we has lots of stways here, but der are wots of people working to help...der nobodys wants to help....and it is so sad.

If I win I think mom and I’ll support either SAINTS which is a sanctuary for all types of animals that can go to live out their days or VOKRA the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association. They also helps with Ayda's kitties in Egypt too. We know we can't send da money to Egypt.

Vincent: If you could change one thing in the world today, what would it be, Clover?

Clover: If I could changes da world today, I would make sure, dat ebery kitty had a warm house to sweep in. Dat ebery kitty was happy and healthy. And when I says dat, I mean if dey weally don't wants a house or a family dat at weast a hooman has built dem a nice pwace where dey can go to get warm and has food and water.

I wish dat EBERYBODY would spay and neuter.......and fwom a personal point of view that peeps would not judge other kitties, pets or humans from how dey looks on they outside but by the size of der hearts instead.

Vincent’s March Madness
A big THANK YOU goes out to
Phyllis, Susan and Martha
who joined in the madness!!!!!!

Martha is my TOP HERO today !!!

Martha, 750 cans
Phyllis, 600 cans
Vicki, 300 cans
Suzette, 150 cans
Susan, 150 cans
Jan, 100 cans
Diana, 60 cans
YOU can see YOUR name on this list tomorrow !!!
all the details are right here - just click !!! 
Winner who’s donated the most cans wins a Rikki’s T-Shirt!!

Kitty Midnight Madness

Working at Rikki’s
Keep your paws crossed - it’s been so hard around here lately that Lena is interviewing for a fill in person to come work on days somebody doesn’t show up for work.  We have somebody coming in tomorrow for their working interview.  I sure hope it all works out.  We have a really long application.  Like 4 million questions all about animals and stuff.  Lots of time people tell us more about themselves writing answers to questions than they do just talking to us.  One of the questions goes like this Q: What do you dislike about animals?   And he filled out  A: I dislike how from time to time animals will get into your food.   Soooooo I want to know, is this person a vegetarian, or doesn't want to share his lunch with me!!!  Mommey says she hates it when animals get into food too - that’s why she’s a vegetarian and doesn’t eat the animals!!

Wanted: Cool junk
that you no longer want or need that can be sold to help feed Vincent and crew at Rikki's Refuge. Items should be gently used and clean. We do NOT want any computers or computer monitors, or old clunky electronics that will probably be unsold. If possible, we want colorful, eclectic and/or useful things that people will want to buy. Kids items always go if you have any. People always like small tables, frames, vases etc. With spring coming, gardening items will be useful too. There will be lots of vendors, so we have to stand out. If you have items that are too big or don't fit into the yardsale / craft fair on March 26th, we still want them for a sale happening in May. You can clean out your closets and garages now and I can store the items in my garage.

I must have the items by Friday, March 25th, or you can bring the items to the yardsale / craft fair the day of the event -- but we must be set up by 7:30 am!

To donate, or for details about the yardsale,
contact: Kathy at 703-350-3957 or via email at

Help FIV kitties
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Kiiteh's Homemade Hamster Wheel

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You can only vote ONCE !!! 
Get your vote in before it fills up and it’s over. 
The first 10,000 people can vote!!
Current entries 3,713
If 6,000 of you voted for Rikki’s Refuge
right now - we’d be the winners!!

My Favorite Quote, Today
Don’t be disappointed in what you didn’t do - be a HERO today

Forget about the past parts of your life that you don’t really like.  Don’t dwell on them!  Toss them out!!  You can start your life all over and all new tomorrow.  Be who you’ve always dreamed you’ll be.  Just do it!!  Forget the mistakes, the learning experiences, the boo boos ... keep on exploring for the good things .. find your path and follow it!!  There’s so much out there - so much to do - so much to be !!!  Don’t waste it on things you can’t change!  Jump out of bed tomorrow morning with the plan to make the most of your day - to follow your dream - to make the world yours - to make the difference that matters!!! 

If me, a little old three legged kitty, who wets my pants in public, can get out there in front of the world and declare myself a spokes kitty - just think what YOU can do !!!!! 

Live your dream !!!!   You’ll never regret getting out there and doing what your heart wants the most !!  Go friends go !!!!  Live your dream life !!!!   YOU deserve it !!!

It takes so little to make such a huge difference.  Together we CAN change the world !!!  One dream at a time !!!

Honey I’m Home!

Cat & Crow
This is probably something you have never seen before and probably won't see again.

Seez you tomorrow, I gotta get extra rest to get my bladder fixed up so mom stops worrying about me and so she stops making me take medicine!!!

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