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GOOD MORNING GOOD NEWS of Cows and Pumpkins

GOOD MORNING GOOD NEWS of Cows and Pumpkins



I work bery hard as spokes kitty .... I work hard and I eat hard .... and I save other aminals who need help. This Monday Titan gotted saved.

My friends Cindy and David helped too. Titan lived near them ... he'd been like a pet to the people he lived with ... Cindy and David drove by every day when they went to or from their house .... and they stopped to pet Titan and to give him apples.

Then one day they heard this little cow was going to market .... and they knew that didn't mean to go shopping either ... So they talked to Titan's owners who said they loved him so much, and hated to sell him .... but this was the prime time to get the most money for him .... so to the hamburger factory he had to go ....

This made Cindy and David very said .... and you know what they said? Do you?? They said, would you let him go live at Rikki's Refuge instead of killing him? And the owner said, nope, sorry, we love him so much, and we'd so much like to see him stay alive ... but we can make money selling him ... so selling is what we gonna do, Sorry.

So Cindy looked at David. And David looked at Cindy. And they said, ok, we buy Titan if you can drive him to Rikki's? And the owner said yippie yeahhh .... and cows cost lots ... like as much as a car .... maybe not a brand new car .... but a car for sure ...... But Cindy and David said ... oh well ... maybe we no eatz for a while fur Titan ain't a gonna be hamburger.

So Titan came to Rikki's Refuge on Monday !!!!! Welcome TITAN !!!!!

Buddy to the left, Titan to the right

Titan's not very old. All our cows are well grown up. A while back a mostly blind cow named Buddy who is very young came.

Buddy was very scared. Moving was really hard for him. But he was glad the move was to Rikki's and not the hamburger place.

He was scared. And our big cows didn't like him. And pushed him away from food. Poor Buddy.

So Buddy had a place all his own. But Buddy was very lonely. Very.

Then Madison came. Madison is a horse. Madison looked like he was about to die.

Madison, when we went to pick him up.  Animal control has told his owner get him medical care, put him down, or get rid of him, you cannot take care of him, you cannot keep him.  Luckily for Madison, his owner called Rikki's Refuge for help.  

He was so skinny and so sick when he came. But soon Madison got better. But Madison was lonely. So Madison moved in with our other horse, Honors. But Honors wasn't nice to Madison. So we let Madison meet Buddy and they became horse and cow friends.
Madison looking after his shy and scared friend Buddy

But recently Lucy a very poor and pathetic horse came. She's been left in a field and was all covered in burrs. Her tail and mane were soo full, I mean like so so so bad. So bad we couldn't even get them out. We got them off her body. But had to cut her mane and tail to get it all out. It was just horrible. And she had sores all over from being pricked by them all the time.

That's not some fancy crazy hairstyle on Lucy.  That is so many burrs that her mane and tail were all tangled up.  It took two hours of gently cutting it all out so she no longer had then sticking in her.

Now she's happy too .... and she and Madison fell in love.

f But once again ..... Poor Buddy had no friends.

So today when Titan came .... we said let's see if Titan will be nice to Buddy ..... they both need a friend right now. ........ Buddy on the left .... Titan on the right ..... just meeting each other ..... everybody is standing by to see it they get along or if they fight ..... if they fight ... I running and getting out a here ..... let da hoomans deal with that ... I not gonna get stepped on .... Opie

But look !!!!! I think Titan is gonna dopt Buddy as his baby !!!!! They seem to like each other !!!!

I so happy !!!

How bout you?

Does it make you happy to save somebody and see them make friends and be happy ?

Do you know the only reason we can do that is cus YOU help us feed them all?

I could no help nobody if you didn't help me!!! That one reason I love you so much .... YOU care and YOU save lives !!!!

You can help me feed Buddy and Titan by a little click right here .... just $5 would buy them a nice salt block all their own ....

Awwwww lookie lookie !!!! I just can't stop smiling!!!! Buddy is so happy one of his own loves him back !!!!! It makes me wipe way a tear of joy !!!! I bet you thought only hoomans did that !!!

Wonder why this time of year is so important?  And why YOUR help is so very much needed? 

Pumpkins are a wonderful treat for the animals ...  nutritious too ....  and FREE ....  if you help haul them to Rikki's Refuge you'll be saving us money while the big animals eat pumpkins and we don't have to buy so much feed AND you'll be giving the animals a special treat.

PLEASE SIGN UP TODAY to help us with the Great Pumpkin Haul.

Northern Virginia?  Sign up with Fred: or 703-568-7205

He needs folks to show up to help load vehicles and
folks with vehicles, pick ups, bigger truck, trailers, SUVs to deliver to the refuge

He's got at least three churches lined up and ready to give their pumpkins to the animals after Halloween.  This haul will happen on Saturday November 4th and possibly the 5th if we couldn't collect them all on the 4th. 

The NOVA Pumpkin Pickers will be starting early on the 4th in North Alexandria (Seminary Road), move on to McLean/Vienna (off Rt. 7), and south Alexandria (Ft. Hunt Road) and end at Fairfax/Chantilly (right off US-50).  contact Fred to help with these locations or 703-568-7205

Paul and Cindy will be organizing the great Pumpkin Pick at  St. Thomas in McLean, also in Northern Virginia.  If you'd like to volunteer to help them load and or drive, please contact Paul at   They'll be working this site on Saturday November the 4th, and possibly the 5th.

Do you remember the many loads of pumpkins from last year?

We get the majority of our Central Virginia pumpkins from Miller Farms in Orange !

This year they want us to pick, load and haul pumpkins on October 31 and November 1 -- and that is Tuesday and Wednesday ....   so please HURRY to sign up ....  come and pick, load and/or drive. 
Contact our coordinator at



The very first ever pumpkin run almost 20 years ago !!!

The 2nd Annual Fredericksburg Thrift Shop Shop Hop is back! November 4-19.

There are 8 stores participating this year.

Rikki's very own store, Re-Tail will have DAILY SPECIALS!  

YES you read that right .... SPECIALS every single day of the hop !!!!

SIGN UP TODAY for ThanksLiving at

SIGN UP TODAY for the Thanksgiving Day or the Christmas Day TOUR at

BIG or SMALL we save them all !!!!   This little duckling and her mom strolled up yesterday for some cracked corn.  It's awfully late in the year for mom to be sitting on eggs.  She hid her nest from us and obviously only hatched one baby.  They are now in a nice warm safe area so baby can thrive. 

I totally rely on YOU in order to feed and care for everyone.  Won't you please help out? 

$1 feeds four meals !

$25 is a HUGE help !!

Just imagine what we can do with $100 !!!

You can donate on line at
Or by check at Rikki's Refuge, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960
Or send an Amazon Gift Card - these days, so much can be purchased there cheaper than in a store.  Of course we can't make great big huge bulk savings deals on Amazon like we can at the store.  So when you send the funds to buy food, we get to buy lots and lots more for your donation !!!!

No matter how you want to help ....  won't you just HELP today ?

                       DON'T  YOU  THINK ?


Opie at his very important private perfect sized desk !

Don’t forget to SAVE A LIFE TODAY !
Rikki’s Refuge
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960

And please come see me soon !!

In the mean time, Keep up with us on Facebook and you'll get the minute to minute details about what's going on at Rikki's Refuge .... you'll be the first to see the new residents .... and the first to know about up coming events !!!

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