Friday, January 11, 2013

How to build a sanctuary

A Little bit of MAGIC 
    And a whole lot of LOVE !

22 Species
  1295 Animals
     and YOU !

From this ...... 

   to this .... 

How do you create a
     no kill sanctuary ?

One animal at a time

One donor at a time

One volunteer at a time

In the beginning
     there was one cat
          his name was Bobby

Our first call for help
     Our first vet bill
          Our first adoption

Bobby had been hit by a car and
     He needed surgery
          He needed care
               He needed love
                    He needed a long recuperation 
                         He needed a loving forever home

YOU were there
     YOU paid his surgeon
          YOU gave him food
               YOU SAVED HIS LIFE              

Then came Goldie
                         Sick, oh so sick

Our first forever resident
     Our first terrified dog
          Our first challenging rehab patient

YOU were there for her
     YOU gave her medicine
          YOU gave her food
               YOU GAVE HER A CHANCE

She lived at Rikki’s Refuge for 9 happy years
     She learned to love
          She learned to trust
               She made friends
                    She was friendly

Again and again
     They had no hope
          They had no chance
               They had no love

YOU were there
     YOU changed that
          YOU gave hope

YOU gave love

YOU gave life

Repeat .... every day for 15 years
     Repeat .... for 5,376 
                            domestic and farm animals

          Repeat .... everyday for 1,295 
                                                daily residents

               Repeat .... for countless wildlife

                    Repeat .... and save one more




YOU GIVE .... Doubling Your Dollar

YOU GIVE .... USA Tax Deductible Contributions

YOU GIVE .... Money

                    YOU GIVE .... Meals

                         YOU GIVE .... Beds

YOU GIVE .... Medicine


YOU are there because ....
     YOU Care
          YOU Know it matters
               YOU Value every life .... 
                                         every single one

YOUR $1 becomes $2 and feeds 8

     $5 becomes $10 and feeds 40
          $12.50 becomes $25 and feeds 100
                      $25 becomes $50 and feeds 200
                           $50 becomes $100 and feeds 400

  $125 becomes $250 and feeds 1,000
      $250 becomes $500 .... a meal for everyone !

$500 becomes $1,000 and feeds 4,000 meals
     $1,000 becomes $2,000 and feeds 8,000 meals
$2,266.25 becomes $4,532.50 and ....

feeds EVERYONE for a WEEK !


     for making Rikki’s Refuge what it is today
          for caring about the animals
               for loving the animals
                    for helping to make the world a 
                                    better place .... everyday
                         Thank you for being YOU !

Every penny counts
     No donation is too small to help

          It takes all of us working together !
               Together we make the difference

Thank you for your support  !!

We love YOU because

     YOU are kind
          YOU care
               YOU are generous
                    YOU are loving
                         YOU MATTER TO US

From all of us, 
Wishing you the Best Holiday Season Ever !