Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Good Morning Good News, December 12, 2012

Well it sure is Good News Today !!!
       Morning from all 1289 of us who are thanking YOU this morning for our breakfast nums  !!! 

Sterling Silver Pendants and Pins
Handcrafted Rikki’s Logo Jewelry
Limited Supply
40 Sterling Silver Pendants with chains and 20 Sterling Silver Pins
Pendants and Pins measure ¾” diameter with precision detail
Photos cannot capture the beauty of these pieces handcrafted for you especially by
Michael Gallagher Jewelers
Includes lovely velvet jewelry box
Sterling Silver Pendant with 18” Sterling Silver chain, Christmas Special $50
Sterling Silver Pin ideal for lapel, tie pin, hat, or two for cuff links, Christmas Special $42
S&H $7.99 continental USA, rush, overnight, and foreign additional
Reserve your unique piece of Rikki’s Logo Jewelry today !!

actual size of pendant and pin, ¾” diameter - all silver, raised areas appear darker in photograph

so please do your voting !!!
That simple little act, bring 4,000 meals to the critters
Please vote with us daily in every session of the

Help the animals win money to buy food with your easy, simple, free votes !!
and enter Rikkis Refuge in VA in the USA,
and always remind them that it’s Rikkis Refuge in VA in the USA and let them know that's it's easy, quick, FREE and no apps or sign ups, peoples hate those apps that keep sending out stuff AND that they can vote every day on every puter and phone they have !!!   Every day !!

It’s Turkey Time !!!!
Four more Turkeys have escaped the holidays and will spend their lives in peace and happiness at Rikki’s Refuge No Kill Sanctuary !!!  They’re arriving today at noon !!!! 

Click their picture if you’d like to help feed them for the holidays !!!!  $9.99 buys a 50 pound bag of delicious Turkey CHow !!   Thank you for your support helping the animals of Rikki’s Refuge.

But THEY aren’t the 2,786,315 feet
      coming to Rikki’s Refuge today !!!
I’m headed out now .....  praying the final two pieces of paperwork will be in by the time I get there ... and if all goes as planned ... when you next hear from me .... the Umbrella of Protection for the Animals which Rikki’s Refuge provides will be BIGGER by 2,786,315 feet !!!!  

At close of business last night two vital documents were still not in hand .....  they should be easy to track down this morning .....   Keep your paws crossed and prayers coming for all to go well ....

And think about coming out to visit our new “feet” for a small House Warming of close friends at noon Saturday.  Let me know if you’d like to come !!!

And now Let’s SING .....
On the Fifteenth Day of Christmas
Look What Came to Rikki’s,

Peaceful Pigeons,

Peacocks Plotting,

Humans Helping,

Temperamental Turkeys

Pouting Pussies,

Crotchety Creaking Canines,

Grumpy Geese,

Kicking Kittens,

Guinea Fowl Freeloading,

Lizards a Lazing,

Guinea Pigs a Gnawing,

Elderly Equines,

Burly Bossy Bovines,

Rabbits a Mating,

and a Chukar in a Cherry Tree.

that makes OUR Christmas BRIGHT
Please put a penny in our old cat’s hat!

Thank you, Vincent D. Cat and Duke Thomas Peabody

Seez you all soon,
               Love, Opie
PS click on Vincent or Duke above to help me feed all the animals!!!!  Thank you .....