Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Morning Good News !!!! October 10, 2011

I’m Vincent D. Cat and here to make you happy! You are HEROES! You work hard every day and you deserve to smile every day! Those of you working to save us animals hear so very many very sad things. And there’s lots of very glad things too and that’s what we talk about here! All pawsitive all the time! I want my friends to be happy and smile and know there’s a lot of good - including YOU - in this world!! Be kind and pass it on! Please send me your Good New and Fun Stuff to share, personal or global. Let’s keep it fun and interactive!! After all, if we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane!

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Prayers and good healing thoughts, please
Auntie Catnip Candy, I love you so much. We're all praying so hard. You're the kindest, gentlest, most loving soul. Always a big smile, kind word and loving thought - no matter what. Always always thinking the best of everyone. Hearing your voice on the phone always makes me smile. Your voice is so full of sunshine. Rikki's without Candy is like Rikki's without sunshine. We all love you so much Candy. God please let all our prayers work and let a miracle bring Catnip Candy back to Rikki's happy, healthy and smiling.
That’s my brofur Napoleon in the picture with Aunt Candy.  Napoleon always loved Catnip Candy and visited with her when she came to Rikki’s.  Even when she didn’t have any catnip!  Napoleon passed away yesterday.  He'd been with us at Rikki’s Refuge for five years and four months. His man died and he was left by the family to be killed at a shelter. Fifteen years old, no one in family wanted that old cat.  But we thought he had a lot of life left, and we though he deserved to live it in dignity and full of love and happiness. And so he came to live out his retirement years at Rikki's Refuge.  I think he was very happy with us here these last five years.

Napoleon was one of the first run round kitties here at Rikki's.  He’d been indoor outdoor all his life.  Living in the 9th Life Center was not cutting it for him!  He wanted out.  He’s the only kitty ever who chewed holes thru the roof netting in the Day Room to get outside!!!  He’d walk on the top roof beam and then pick a spot and start chewing.  After catching him in the barn eating mice, bringing him back to the 9th Life Center, patching the hole and repeating, about a thousand times, mom caught on and decided he could go and come as he wanted to. 

Pretty much a loner till he was given that freedom, he then made friends with mom.  On warm nights he’d sleep out, saying the mousing was better!  When it was cold he’d come in to bed with us.  Since it started getting chilly at night this last week or so, he’d moved back in the RV with us at night.  He liked to sleep on the table next to the bed.  Every now and then he’d come on the bed to give mom a big kiss and whiskers up the nose at night, just checking that she was still breathing.  Soon as she woke up and gave him a few pats, he’d go back to the table and back to sleep.

We’re so sorry to see Napoleon leave, but we’re so glad he had such a lovely long and happy life.  20 years is a very happy old age for a kitty!  Thank YOU for making it possible for us to give a second home to kitties and dawggies like Napoleon.

Deb Barrett puts out a plea
Deb and Napoleon, photo taken two years ago

Dear Friends of Vincent,
Vincent is missing his Brofur Napoleon and he is also missing his Auntie Candy who is still in the hooman hospital here in Va.  It is going to get cooler and colder here soon. To honor Napoleon and his Auntie Candy.. would everyone PLEASE donate at least $1. This will help buy canned and dry cat food for all of Vincent’s brofurs and sisfurs at Rikki’s. Vincent has so many fan and friends... if every single person just gave $1.. think how much food that will buy. This is to honor Napoleon and also his Auntie Candy whom he loves so very much. You can donate on-line  or at Rikki’s Refuge, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960. OR if you live close enough you can bring your canned and dry food to Rikki’s and see Vincent! PLEASE help Vincent and his friends.
Vincent's friend and volunteer.

Congratulations to Judith Peele !!!
Judith opened our division Wild and Feral two years ago.  It’s been a stunning success from day one.  Today is not an un-typical day.  Judith called in to report that Wild and Feral speutered 21 female cats TODAY!  None were pregnant, though some in heat, so it wouldn’t have been long. That means 84 kittens NOT going to the pound after the first “cycle”.  Did you know each female cat can have up to 4 litters a year, with 3-6 kittens each time, and their kittens can get pregnant before they’re six months old?  You’re getting way higher than I can count with 14 fingers and toes, but you’re hooman, do the math !!!!!   Thank you Judith for loving kitties so much that you’ve devoted your life to saving us!

Everybody REMEMBER to SPEUTER - it's the kind way - it's so much better than letting our kids be killed in the pounds!!

You ARE coming, aren’t you?
Fall Furr Festival Saturday, October 15th

What’s with the saddle?
Beauty said to KiKi

KiKi is doing wonderful. She's still mad about having to be on a leash when outside. Only another week.

Poor KiKi has been going totally crazy locked up inside!!!   After such major surgery she needs to rest and be quiet and not hurt her stitches or make herself bleed.  Don’t even think about a cage or crate, the turns and jumps and bangs and flips it over and over and over.

So she tried a small room of the 9th Life Center by herself so nobody could jump on or sit on her belly and hurt her and so she can’t go outside and run or jump.  So she busted thru a wall and got into room A of the 9th Life Center to be with the kitties there!!!!  She doesn't like being locked up in a small space alone.

KiKi says our doc is crazy to make her stay quiet, she's perfectly healthy and ready to run the fields .... LET ME OUT ..... If you're not busy, and get a chance, come out and walk her. She's allowed to walk on leash but not supposed to run or jump and can't be out on her own.

After her wall eating episode, she’s staying in the 9th Life Center where the old doggies sleep.  And she’s very happy with them.  We just have to be so careful going in and out of the door so she doesn’t get outside - where she wants to be.

The 9th Life Kitties that go in and out and in and out all night long keep getting a BIG surprise. The dawgies who sleep in there hardly move all night. They just go nighty and don't move till the sun comes up. The kitties are in and out all night when mom goes over to check on patients. 6 or 10 or 20 go in and another 6 or 10 or 20 come out. Usually mom opens the door and it's all quiet and they just have to jump over the dogs laying around everywhere. But now, mom opens the door and there's a great big snuffling snorting bouncing wagging conehead trying to push out the door!!

You should see some of them kitties back peddle down the ramp! KiKi is doing great!!!   She just can't wait for the day she's allowed to stay out at night again. She hates being forced to sleep with the old doggies - she wants to run the fields all night long!!!  But she’s a lot happier with them than by herself.

I've been avoiding the issue of the pathology report. I know you want to know. I'm sorry. It did not come back what we wanted. We are praying that every possible unwelcome cell was removed by the expert hands of our Dr Meredith Vargas and KiKi's body is free and clean of anything bad and damaging. Doc said, "Well, do what ever it is you do with those animals!! Rikki's has some kind of magic that keeps them alive way past expiration date!"

And that’s what we’re counting on!

Thank you Laurie and Melissa
for taking Rikki’s to Saturday’s Warrenton event!!!!  Getting the word out about Rikki’s is real important.  It’s a proven fact, those who don’t know about Rikki’s have never helped out!!!  Spread the word so new volunteers can come and help with all kinds of things, including going to fun events.  Lots of folks would be willing to donate a can or two of food for the animals if they knew about them!!!

Thank you Kim and Kathy
for doing the yard sale this weekend to help raise some money to pay the medical bills.

Do YOU have any nice items that can be sold to raise money for Rikki’s Refuge?  Yard Sales, Auctions, E-Bay, and our new store in Culpeper!! 

Thank you Dennis and Crystal
Who have set up and are caring for our booth at Minuteman Mall, in Culpeper at the intersection of 29, 3 and 522.  Look on the chart for DTP (Duke Thomas Peabody).  Antiques, crafts, collectibles - with an animal twist.  Got any good stuff?

In memory of

Shopping Alert !!!!
Giant Grocery Store has their own brand of cat food Companion on sale for 59 cents for 13.2 oz - this is a really really really good price --- hook up your goat cart and go shopping PLEASE ..... Winter is coming, we're adding fat and fur, eating 22 cases of canned cat food a day!!! Please help us fatten up!!!!

We’re in need of canned dog food too!

In Search of ........
Gerbils anyone? Cats need not apply!!! Males and females. That's all the message said. I don't have a safe area for them at this time. Anybody can help? Call Isis 540-455-3879 Fredericksburg/Spotsylvainia area of Virginia USA I believe.

Un-nueutred goat with horns looking for home, Fredericksburg Va USA - that's all I know - if you'd like to adopt call Doneene 540-656-2399 

Hand raised farm pigs, about 6 months old, very friendly, two neutered boys and a girl - need a home before end of October. A wonderful 16 year old girl I know, Sarah, worked at Montpelier’s "working farm" over the summer and they were raised there. They go to auction for bad things at the end of this month. She wants desperately to save them. She's arranged everything else, she just needs a place for them live, her city yard is too small.  I so much want to help her. I would need money for construction materials, volunteers to build an area and funding to keep feeding them. I can't just put them in with other pigs, it can take time to acclimate and they can fight real bad and seriously hurt each other. Do you have room for three pet pigs??? Orange, Virginia, USA  contact

Orange County Animal Shelter
located next to the Sheriff's Office on Rte 625/Porter Rd, has lots of cats and dogs in all sizes, shapes and ages.  There’s a perfect one there waiting just for you.  I saw her holding up a sign with YOUR name on it.

Doing an event where you could spotlight a few adoptable cats or dogs?  Can you foster one or more till they find their forever home?  Can you help clean cages and kennels one day a week ... or month?

They’ve worked hard to reach their goal of no kill, with literally dozens of cats and dogs being turned in daily, they desperately need YOUR help to keep this status.  Please help.  They don’t put out those heart wrenching please with photos of animals they are threatening to kill by tomorrow if you don’t take them - but they are asking for your help, begging for your help, everyday.

Help Rikki’s Refuge and help Orange County Animal Shelter keep Orange County Virginia a better place for all.

Address: 11362 Porter Road, Orange, VA.    Phone: 540-672-1124
Here’s a partial list of your new friends:

I Love YOU,

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