Friday, August 03, 2012

Good Morning Good News, August 3, 2012

How ya doin?  Just popping my head in to check on you !!!!

Oh today is an exciting day !!!!!   It's Friday.  And it's August.  Welcome to August on Planet Earth !!!!  What a great place to be!!!  Can't think of any place I'd rather be !!! 

And tomorrow is ....   nope ... not Caturday ... well it is .. but it's Opieday !!!!  It be my birthday !!!!   I be ONE year old !!!  My number ONE birthday !!!!  I be so excited !!!!  

And today be excited day too !!!!  It be poucon day at Dollar General.  Yeahh today!!  Friday.  they always do it Saturday before.  This week they be trying Friday, is that cool or what ????  

Now you can be getting poucon too and here's how you get your very own ....  go here
and over on the right a big down you'll see $5 Poucon, click and you can rint your own pucon !!!  I hope it be working on your printer, I can't get it on mine, booo. 
But I got something even better!!!  I gots a GreatGrandPa who likes the candy.  I smelled it and it's kind of icky but he think it smell like catnip.  And GreatGrandPa, he like a his catnip.  So he goes to the Dollar General store and he looks and he looks and thinks about one kind and then about another ....  and then he pick one to buy.  But he eats it all up !!!!   So he goes back and gets another one. 

This week he gotted FIVE hooman catnip snacks !!!  Yeahhh lots of nummy eating for him.  But better than nummy eating he gotted $5 off poucons for Opie too !!!!  And he gived them all to me !!!  I say, GreatGrandPa, you no wanna buy 25 candies and get 5 FREE?  And he say no Opie, what you think I am, you think I am pig, I am no pig, I can no eat 25 candies!!!!   So he gived me the poucons!!! 

That's $25 I can save for Rikki's!!!!   Is that good????   Buts you know how it is, they say you gots to have money to make money so I gots to have $125 so I can save $25.  This week - cuz so many of you be so good to all us aminals at Rikki's - wez doing pretty good on most da cleaning supplies. 

What I need the mostest of right now, right this day, be paper towels.  Now some people they ask, why you no use rags and wash them and reuse them.  Well I can tell you why.  It's cuz of what's called sanitation.  Yup, that's what it's cuz of.  If da hoomans cleaned up the goo and da ick with da rags, they have to be washing it and it be sitting round in a pile till it can go in da wash and it can be containment.  Containment is bad you know.  It means germs.  Germs is bad itty bitty bugs, they be so small you can't even see them.  Even smaller than the bad fleas.  And the contaminant germs  they be wanting to get inside of you.  Is that gross or what?  But that's what they do and then they make you sick. 

Yeah just thinking about contaminant bugs inside of me make be wanna gack.  And if a hooman cleaned up something gross and then didn’t wanna have another rag to wash they might ... just might ... be lazy ... I know most my hoomans no do this .. but somebody might ... and they might use it again and them one of those contaminant bugs just might get loose and oh ick I can no think about this or my breakfast gonna end up being something that needs paper towels to clean up.  But that’s why we think da paper towels is better for us to use.  Clean up and the icky gunk go in trash and go away.  So that be good. 

And do you know how many paper towels I can buy for everybody with $125?  

I tell you.   Hang on .... I be back.   

Hey you all, come here, Iz need borrow you ningers and toes .....    

Ok Timmy


... 5 ...10 ...14 .... 18 ... thanks buddy! 

Ok Socrates ... 
23 and .... 28 and .... 32 .... Thanks!!! 

Snickers?  You gonna let me count your toes?  You promise no bites? 
Ok !!  37 ...... 42 ..... 46 ..... 50 ....   And I not be done yet !!!    Thank you Snickers!  And thank you no bites.  Maybe you not be so bad cat afterall?  I can come to loft?  Ahhhhh  ok ok I sorry, you no say Hiisssssss to me!!!!     

Hi Baby Elliot, you no gotta wake up, just let me search thru all this fur and
.....  55 ..... 60 ..... 64 ..... 68 ....  Oh look!  I can counted mine too ..... 73 .... 78 ....   


Oh Velcro come help me 

....  83 ...... 88 .....92 ....96 .....  This be good, we getting there, but we no even half way yet !!!!  It be lots of paper towels. 

Utah!  Hi, I can see toes please? 
101 .... 106 ... 110 ... 114 .... .   

Hello Vista, I ask mom for more nums if you let me count toes?  Ok! Thank you! 
119 ..... 124 .... oh these numbers is getting hard .... 128 ... 132 ....  MOM hungry!!!  Help feed Vista, I promised!!  

Oh Hi Gideon !!  You smelled the nums coming didn’t you?  I can count toes first?  Ok, I can count toes while you eat? 
Good thing I’m not counting ears or eyes, I wouldn’t get very far with you !!!!    137 ...... 142 ..... 146 ..... 150 ....   WOW 150 and I think I still have a long long way to go ..... 

KiKi, you wanna help? 
155 .... gosh so much fur, these toes be hard to find .... 160 ..... 164 .... 168 ... I can count dew claw too?  169 .... 170 ....  Oh, good, thank you.   
Beauty!  Beauty, you come.  Oh oh I sorry, I know I just little kitten and you is big doggy, I just asking for help.  
NO I not be ordering you around.  I know dogs drool.  Oh no no I didn’t say that, I SAID rule ...  you just didn’t hear me right ...  no need to snap little head off silly little kitty. 

I can count toes?  Yes I need to get $125 to buy the paper towels.  I know, I know da nice hooman like to help me buy things for the refuge.  I know, I sorry Beauty.  I know they didn’t no wannt help you pay for your leg surgery.  I don’t why?  Maybe youz not so loving and polite in asking?  Ahhhh no growl in my face please ... I been trying to helps you out. 

I sorry you gonna have to go to work when you can all run fine again and pay your own surgery.  No I don’t really think doc come and repossess your leg .... I hope not Beauty.  I be sorry.  Ok never mind, I no need your toes no how.  You go way now and leave poor kitty alone, I iz not snack. 

Ok, I ask for help for you, but bullying little kitten is no good advertisement for you! 

Here be Beauty story about her surgery she need to pay for, if you be wanta helping doggy who says she gonna eat kitty.   

Hi Jack, youz be nice doggy ... you can let me count toes please? 
Now where was I ?  Oh no, I no have to start over do I ....   170 ... here goes .... 175 .... 180 .... 184 .... 188 .  Thank you Jack ....  

Oh Hi William!!  You wanna help?  Well that be nice but I not sure I can figure out your toes .... 
Is that one or two on each foot?  Hmmmm well 189 ..... 190 .... 191 ..... 192 .. Thank you Moo to you too. 

Oh you want me to invite peoples to your baby shower?  Oh here it is then !!!!   
Click on the photo to go to the shower and learn about William and his four new brothers ... see the pictures as they grow and watch the videos as they learn to run and play !!!!!!

William was the first to come. The first to escape the veal market. Just a few days old and barely alive. When he felt better all he wanted was a friend. Well he got FOUR !!!!   Now Rikki's is raising five baby bull calves who'll have the chance to grow up and lead a life of fun playing in the fields and the forest. No meat packing plant for them!!!!! Baby cow formula is costing $69 every 2 1/2 days and will only go up for the next couple months. Please help out with your shower gift!!!

We'll be building a new cow barn just as soon as we can -- help out and buy a board or window!!

Oh I be sorry William, I see not many pressies for you.  Well you ARE cute, but you’re NOT a cat you know !!!!!   And look you made front page Rikki’s too!!!

So who else be around here? 

Mr. Mister oh thank you ..... 
digging thru thick fur .... 193 .... 194 ... 195 .... 196 .... 197   .... I think I’m getting close!!!!   Next hand please .... 198 ... 199 and 200 !!! 

Yup 200 big rolls of paper towels .... 

and all that if I can just fine the $125 green things .....  

You like to help me? 

You can come shopping with me today too ?  If you can give me one green thing to help me with the shopping I be very happy ..... 

If you can just drop one green thing or some pennies or what ever you can spare and not go hungry today I preciate it.  Soon as I collect my 125 greens I go buy 200 paper towels  -- oh that not just 200 paper towels ... that be 200 ROLLS of paper towels ... I no want you think I be stupid kitty and I get ripped of or nothing. 

And while I’m waiting on collecting for paper towels, I tell you something else.  You know tomorrow be my Number ONE Birthday !!!!   Yes it be.  I be big grown up kitty now.  I’ll be allowed to get my license and drive all by myself. 

You know Toyota is gonna equip my new Highlander with hand controls so I can drive all by self !!!!!   Is that so cool or what!!! AND guess what?  They are giving me a towing package for free!!!!  So we can get a trailer - I hope I hope I hope - and it be making it easier to haul big big big aminals around and to go pick up great big huge supplies of nums !!!!  Oh this be so exciting, no?  And Toyota say my Highlander be coming in about six weeks!!! 

We’ll be having a party in Fredericksburg when my new Toyota comes -- I hope you can come with me !!  Can you???  

So tomorrow be my Number ONE Birthday.  GrandMom asked me what I wanted most in all the world and I said to see all my friends get fed.  So she ordered one great big huge tuck load of food.  And she be getting it for only $8.42 a case!!!  Is that a bargoone or what ????   Big bargoone!!  If you like to chip in and get a case for use it only be $8.42 and you even allowed to gets more than one if you like !!!!  You can join my birthday picture when you get me a case of nums !!!!    

Thank you .....   So what’s else I gots to tell you for today?  I not gets nuf time to talk to you lately.  I bez way busy doing da tax thing. Ick.  But I almost done .  I worked all night lots of nights and now I only gotz like 6 more forms to fill out the data and make sure it all balances and several essay answers about why Rikki’s should be allowed to exist another year !!!!   I be so glad when this be done and I promise Grandma we’z gonna do out accounting work every month instead of taking time to feed everybody .... WHAT wait a minute!!!  I no agree to THAT!!!!  

You voted today?  Did you?  Remember to vote every day.  It be really important.  Help me win $1,000 - it’s easy and FREE and just take you a minute or two every day to help me.  You go here
and you putz Rikkis Refuge in VA in USA as your FAVORITE shelter and then youz do the voting thing !!!!!   Thank you !!!!!      

What you be doing on August 17th?  Did you know that’s Black Cat Appreciation Day and August is Black Cat Appreciation Month? 

Do you know what we try to do during Black Cat Appreciation Month? 

We try to dispel bad and silly superstitions about black cats. 

Do you know why? 

Cuz lots of black cats die in shelters without even getting a chance.  they are the least likely to be adopted and so the least likely to even make it to the adoption room at many shelters. 


Superstition.  That’s all. 

Under their coat theyz exactly like the rest of us!!  Purry and nice.  So adopt a black cat today and find out for yourself!!!  AND join us for Black Cat Appreciation Month please.  Join the event the more members we have -- FREE to join - the more media support. 

Last year we got support around the world with over 35,000 members.  It was picked up by radio, TV and shelters everywhere.  The number of lives saved was countless.  Shelters the world over worked to dispel the notion that black cats are bad and helped them find homes in record numbers.  Please join and help us again this year.   

Oh oh oh oh and more news .....   Auction coming up ... yes it is ....  If plans go as plans got made ... on line auction opens on Aug 11th.  All goodies need to be in by Monday Aug 6th so Melissa can get them ready to go on line.  Questions: 

Wonderful things like a handmade bird house
by Rene will be available for you !!!!  

HELP -- I no got smart phone. Please help me. Send me smart phone OR check this out and tell me what happens !!!!!

Did you see the pretty quilt?
It have 20 world famous original autographs on it too !!!!   It was just about the last thing Elizabeth Taylor signed before she went to Rainbow Bridge and so I think it might be very very valuable. 

You can look here to see all the autographs and see more of this beautiful quilt.  Tickets are ONLY $1 that’s ONE green thing and you could get to take this lovely quilt warm!!  Check it out now !!!!

SAVE SAVE SAVE and help me buy just the supplies we need at Rikki’s Refuge !!!!   These are the best priced cleaning products and it’s easy to shop on line and you save save save
Here’s the Wish List of Keeping Rikki’s Clean - there’s enough items here to keep us clean for a year !!!!!   At least of the items you can get on line at Dollar General.  Check out these prices !!!!

But they don’t got no paper towels on line.  Such a shame.  Maybe they be too big cus what I need would full up
the tuck !!!!!

So I just gotta snitch the truck keys from GrandMa and be going to Dollar General all by myself to be buying the paper towels !!!!!

Ok, I think I have go now.  Gotta count them green things so I can go to the poucon store now .....  Thank you ....  help me count to $125   .... cuz
I LOVE you !!!! 
             the almost big boy ONE whole year old kitty