Monday, June 03, 2013

Good Morning Good News, June 3, 2013

Socrates here .... I'm Vincent's cousin and I live at Rikki's Refuge.

Vincent asked me to move in to help Opie run the Refuge.

Cousin Vinny was very talented. He could wear several hats at a time.

Opie's a good kid, but still young and inexperienced ... so I'm here to help out and to spread the word of the wise ....

Please .. please ... speuter EVERYBODY !!!

It's the single most important thing you can do to save lives.

My poster here is FREE FOR THE ASKING to anyone, just ask for a pdf copy that you can print out and hang everywhere -- be sure there is one in EVERY shelter, EVERY vet hospital, EVERY pet supply store, at EVERY adoption site. Print them out in post card size and hand out to kids in schools. Please help me spread the word.

Team up with me and Opie and Vincent and be a Socrate's Soldiers and help me save animals by spreading the word. Thank you !!

And love, Socrates

PS I have three legs. Well don't we all. But I ONLY have three.

I lost my 4th in some kind of accident that's been wiped from my mind. My former owner would "put the cat (that’s me) out at night" and being a rather horney little devil cuz I hadn't had the chance to go to the speuter clinic ... I was out catting about and came home with a crushed leg and torn up ear one morning.  Couldn’t remember a thing ... must have indulged in too much catpnip at the local hang out. 

Getting speutered really made me wise up. Now I want to help everyone else get speutered. It's really good for you. Trust me ... and sign up today !!!! Love, Socrates

I’d like to introduce you to a Million Dollar Baby !!!  

It takes an average of $47 a cat and $63 a dog to care for them every month.  That’s their usual preventative care, feeding them delicious nums, keeping their houses nice and clean, and giving them all the kinds of things you’d expect to get at home. 

But then the unusual happens .... and sometimes it costs big bucks.  And that’s how some of our residents make it into the Million Dollar Club!!!!   We’ve had lots of Big Buck things happen lately.

Meet Sampson, poster child for our Double Your Donation - Vanquish the Vet Debt special program.

When he came to Rikki’s, he scrunched way down on his back legs and kind of scooted along.  At first we thought he was scared and slinking.  But the legs stayed scrunched up when we picked him up.  And he was super friendly and lovey.  Hmmmm  pulling gently we couldn’t get the legs to straighten out.  Off the see the doc he went. 

And the news was bad.  Both knees were deformed, his kneecaps out of place, he’d never walk normally, and as he grew, he’d probably be in pain with every step he took. 

Well that just wouldn’t do.  He’d need complicated difficult surgery on both knees.  But he was underweight and too frail.  Being an expert at it, Opie spent a month teaching Sampson how to eat well .  And when the time came he was ready for the surgery.

The doc went to work on the first knee ... and it was even more complicated than it looked from the outside ... and it took a long long time to get it all right so the leg would work properly for the rest of his life .... and by the time one knee was done, he’d just been under anesthesia too long and the other knee couldn’t be done that day. 

So after a couple weeks of healing and recuperating and physical therapy Sampson started to walk real lopsided .... one knee working like it should .. and the other all hunched up.  He’d started jumping a little, but really awkwardly and often missing his target. 

Now he’s had the second knee fixed too and he’s successfully healing ..... and he’s left a great big huge debt behind.  

But you know what?  We think it was worth it?   Don’t you?  Is there any better way to spend your money than to see a kitty made whole and happy and pain free?  A kitty who now can go on and get adopted into a wonderful loving forever home and live a happy normal life !!! 

Isn’t it wonderful what we can team up to do?  Would YOU like to have YOUR donation DOUBLED to help pay for Sampson to walk and run and jump and play normally, for ever after?  Just click here and that is exactly what will happen !!!!   

Next you’ll meet Pepe .....  the poor old dog nobody wanted .....  except Rikki’s Refuge.

Read all about our Double Your Donation - Vanquish the Vet Debt special program here

Thank you SO much for helping us out at this most difficult time.

Love you bunches,

2013 is the Year of the Purr ....

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