Thursday, May 30, 2013


Rikki’s good friends Bruce and Nancy came for a visit recently.  They hugged and kissed everybody.  We were so happy to see them. 

After looking around for a bit ... they said ... 

So Wonderful to see everybody again!  And just look at all the new and improved things for the animals!  Every visit it all looks so much nicer and better and more space for the animals.  We especially like how you keep redesigning the spaces to be more and more animal friendly.  All the little touches of home!!  So very nice !!  It sure looks like everybody has just what they need and want to be right at home!  We love visiting Rikki’s.

BUT ......    we’ve never seen so many cone heads on a single visit to you before.

We’re sure happy to keep seeing the same old faces, year after year. 
BUT ......    that looks like a lot more medicine bottles lined up for them. 

They pitched in and helped out for the day.  Scrubbing litter boxes, loving on kitties, washing dishes, walking dogs, mucking barns, brushing horses.  And when all the hard clean up work was done for the day, they went off to run some errands for us.

One of their chores was going to the pharmacy and picking up the supplies we’d ordered.

The nice pharmacist told them all about all the supplies we order to keep the animals healthy and happy.  He told them how the monthly orders were growing all the time.  It was good the animals got so much care.
BUT ......    the bill was way over $900 an order, and even a wee bit late this time, and Rikki’s was now often ordering every 3 weeks now instead of every month.

Their next stop was the post office, where they picked up the mail.  And it was a BIG batch of mail they found stuffed into that itty bitty post office box.  There were donations, and presents.

BUT ......    there were lots of red stamps .... and the big red line on the bank account ...

And when they got back to Rikki’s they said,

What do YOU need the most ?

And we said, please, help us, help us to


And so they went to their car ... and they conferred for a bit ...  and they pulled out their check book .,. and they studied and they cogitated.

And when they came back they said
      We can give you $15,590

BUT ......    that’s really only half of what it looks like you need right now.  We really wanted to double that ... what with seeing all that red ....

BUT ......    being there’s only two of us and all, I’ll tell YOU what we’re going to do, we’re going to sponsor



Come on everybody - help us help Rikki’s - We’re DOUBLING ALL DONATIONS now, up to $15,590 ...

Let’s wipe out the RED at Rikki’s and put them back in the black !!!!

Together we CAN do it !!!

.....   as they rode off into the sunset, they waved good bye for now, and they waved that check ....  and they said you just call us when you’ve reached the goal .....  I know YOU CAN DO IT ... DOUBLE OUR $15,590 ... and our check will be in the mail .....  

And this is where YOU come in.

I need YOUR help to Vanquish the Vet Debt ... Right now ....

EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS .....    HURRY ...   press the button NOW !

Or if you prefer you can mail a check to

Rikki’s Refuge
Vanquish the Vet Debt
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960

If you can donate $1 ... or $10 .... or $100 ....  Together we can reach that goal to double ...


          ACTING NOW
                    TO HELP THE ANIMALS  !! 


Nancy said...

Hope this amount, though small, helps to put one more dent in that vet debt! Sent with love and prayers to all at Rikki's xoxo

momsbusy said...

sent a little bit to help out. wish it was more. maybe next month i will be able to do more. bless bruce and nancy for matching all the money donating to "vanquish the vet debt". praying the goal will be reached and surpassed!