Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good Morning Good News !!!! April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day   ---  I love my earth !!!!

It’s the best planet I’ve ever lived on.  I like to try and keep my earth happy and healthy.  How about you?  Are you nice to our earth?  We have a special fruit tree program going on.  We’re planting an orchard as a border between the Education Center and a neighboring house ... it’s nice to give both of us some privacy ...  they have a great huge fancy house and probably don’t want the piggies right up against their fence ....   so we’ve put in a bit of a buffer and we’re planting fruit trees there.  If you’d like to donate one in honor of your favorite planet today, for a donation of $50, we’ll be able to get and plant a fruit tree in the orchard !!!   Thank you for helping to keep our planet nice and green and for letting there be yummy fruit for all the animals !!!   www.RikkisRefuge.org/Donate

Get your Daily Vote in !! 
Help us win the grant to buy a pallet of cat food ....   please vote today and every day thru June 29 !!!   It’s easy, simple and FREE to vote ....   you just go to this link http://www.shelterchallenge.com/web/charityusa/nomineehome?userId=53331&nomineeId=17448
and enter Rikkis Refuge (no ‘ ... see ??)  in VA in the USA and that’s it ...  they’ll ask you to copy in a secret word ....  sometimes it’s a cool word ... like feast ... and some times it just a bunch of letters !!!!   But if you can copy it right .... than you’ve voted right !!!!   Thank you

Well ... she who bes the Great Rule Maker ....
didn't follow the rules this morning ...
and she got a good reminder why there is rules ....
(ps.  this is not an actual photo of the bear, just a representative of what he looked like, no time to grab camera!)

it was still dark when she went out .... or tried to go out .... to take out the trash ... she'd just cleaned the poopy boxes and was taking it out to the truck .... the rule says ... "Before opening the door in the dark, turn on the light and look out the long window next to the door .... look specially down near the bottom to see if skunks might be thinking about coming in for cat food .... it's real easy for them to come running in by her feet .... so far .... only opossums have, but still, it's a job to get them out and it just scares and worries and upsets everybody ... opossum ... cats .... hoomans .... but oh no .... she who makes the rules thinks she's above following the rules .... and so she just opens that door and starts out ..... and there was a baby bear looking in the window .... she did a back up real quick and shut the door !!!! No fair, I thought it'd be fund for the bear to come in and play with us ... he was just a little bitty baby bear .... His mama was in the driveway at the bottom of the steps and made a gerrrruuuppppmmmmhhhh sound and baby turned to look ... then she said geeerrrrrrooooooowwwlllllll hhhhheeerrrruuummmmpppphhhhhh reared up and headed around the house and off down the back yard ... baby flew after her .... mom decided to leave the trash by the door till it got a bit light outside. Heeee Heeee I think that's funny !!!!!

Meet Bubba and BeeBee
the oldest residents at Rikki’s Refuge ....
if we don’t count a couple of the hoomans !!!
Prayers for BeeBee today please.

Bubba (the shaggier guy on the left) and his wife BeeBee are very very elderly donkeys.  They came to Rikki’s last year when their owner passed away.  BeeBee has had foot and leg problems for many years now.  She needs special attention to her hooves to trim them just right so it puts less pressure on her joints ...  kind of like having orthopedic shoes !!   The farrier comes every month to visit her and make sure she’s comfortable.  She also gets meds for arthritis every day.

The doc is coming to see her today cuz one foot was really bothering her.  He couldn’t come at the end of last week, and lucky it’s gotten better now, but still needs to be looked at.  So paws crossed, she’ll do good with the doc today.

Thank you for your prayers for her and Bubba to have a long and healthy and pain free life.  And thank you, if you’d like to help her with her doc bill today ...  www.RikkisRefuge.org/Donate

Sanity Check
Did YOU pass ?

... with your support we’re able to help so many into their new furrever happy homes ....  and to give that life long home to those not quite so fortunate ...  Thank you for your support
Without YOU none of us would be looking forward to Spring!!

Love you bunches,