Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good Evening Good News, November 28, 2012

On the Second Day of Christmas, look what came to Rikki’s,
two rabbits a mating

and a chukar in a cherry tree

Got time for a real giggle .....
Thank you for sending that to me Martha .... I could not stop rolling on the floor laughing !!!!!!

Well that’s it for tonight !!!

Don’t forget to VOTE
in the shelter challenge .. time is running out and we gotta win a week !!!!
and enter Rikkis Refuge in VA in the USA,
and always remind them that it’s Rikkis Refuge in VA in the USA and let them know that's it's easy, quick, FREE and no apps or sign ups, peoples hate those apps that keep sending out stuff AND that they can vote every day on every puter and phone they have !!!  

Office Angel’s are lining up
Only two rooms left ... The File Room and the Equipment Room .....
but lots of other smaller options to choose from

                        TIME IS ALMOST UP ....

Thank you,
     Nighty night,
        and dream bout me purring for you !!!
               Love, Opie

Good Evening, Good News - November 27, 2012

Oh my 29 days till Christmas !!!!!  
            assuming I can get this sent out in the next hour !

I think it’s time to start our tradition ...... 
            At Rikki’s we always do everything BIG .....  
                        We don’t celebrate 12 Days of Christmas .....
                                    We celebrate 28 Days !!!!!

You know the tune .... so sing along with me !!!!!   Meeeeeoooooowwwwwww .........

On the First Day of Christmas, look what came to Rikki’s,
a chukar in a cherry tree

Heee Heee Heee Laurie Reminded me of a Funny Story
She came out to visit yesterday and bring good things for us !!!  Somebody had wrapped the yellow rope around the gate.  You see the gate is two great big panels that come together and a chain goes round and the lock goes on.  Well there’s this big long rope on there too .....  Everybody wonders why ... till the first time they’re trying to close the gate on a windy day !!!!

When Laurie got inside and got her goodies delivered, she said, gee you sure make this gate thing hard!  After untying all that rope, miles and miles of it wrapped all around and tied over and over again ....  and getting to lock open ... and getting thru ... I had the most awful time ... running back and forth ... over and over ... trying to catch each piece of the gate to get it locked !!!!  

.... and Valerie said ... Oppps ... that rope is to HOLD the gate still while you lock it up so you don’t gotta run all over !!!!

Way back in the old days, in the dark ages before me, Opie, was borned, mom used to have to run back an forth and back and forth....  she’d grab one side of the gate - each side is 10 feet long - and fling it towards the center and then run for the other side ....  It’s pretty well balanced and if it’s nice and clam it just stays there and you can lock it up .... but if the wind blows ... especially with the big Rikki’s Refuge sign on it .....   it blows really hard all the way open ..... 

I wish somebody had videotaped her funny dance ... run ... fling ... turn ... run ... fling ... over and over till she was fast enough to get it just right and could catch both sides at the same time !!!!!   Heee heee hee 

.... and so one day, starting to get a little smarter from her association with very smart creatures ... namely cats .... she said Ah Ha !!!!  And she grabbed a leash out of the truck and tied it to one side of the gate .... then she could pull it to the middle ... and while still holding on ... grab the other side and lock up !!!!    Ah Ha the dawn of hooman thinking had begun ....

..... but that leash on the gate made some another hooman think too .... and one day mom came home and low and behold ... there was a doggy clipped to the end of the leash !!!!!   WOW was she ever shocked.   Seems kind of mean to just leave your doggy tied up on somebody’s gate ... but ... well I guess they saw the leash .....

.....  and that’s the story of WHY there’s a big yellow rope on the gate today !!!!!

When you’re visiting if the wind is a blowing, just grab it and hang on and it’ll help you close the gate !!!

I need some trained doggies like this !!!

Wanna know how a little act of kindness can GROW ?

Remember voting for Rikki’s Refuge in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good ?  Did you really think your vote would count?  Did you really feel like YOU could make a difference?

Well you did !! 

By voting you joined a group of people who CARE.  Who care about the lives of others.  Care about making the world a better place .... for everyone.

And together you WON!  And Rikki’s Refuge won a new Toyota to help countless animals ... and people ... over the years to come. 

Ok, so you did good.  BUT it didn’t stop there.  GreatGrandPa was so impressed with YOU all and so impressed with the good Toyota was doing, that when he needed a car, he bought a Toyota.  Hoping to thank Toyota for their kindness to 100 Charities each year, hoping to encourage them to keep up their good community outreach programs.

Ok , so he did good.  BUT it didn’t stop there.  GGP is red green color blind.  This is a very common challenge faced by almost 10 % of our hooman population.  10% !!!  Just about everybody knows somebody who deals with this challenge everyday. 

To those of you with standard color perception, reds stand out.  Like traffic lights, stop signs, numbers on the dash of your car ......   To those without that perception, it all blends into the background making some every day task really difficult.  It’s a silent challenge.  Nobody knows what you’re dealing with unless you vocalize it. 

So what’s this got to do with voting for Rikki’s???

GGP’s new car had a lot of red on the dash; red speedometer needle, red LEDs for the fuel gauge, red odometer, ....  Now stop and think, just think about driving a car in which you had extreme difficulty seeing your speedometer, your fuel gauge, ......  Pretty scary, huh?    Yeah, you can seek out a manufacturer and model that doesn’t use red.  That’s pretty hard to do.  Go out there and look at cars.  And not one single manufacturer has an color challenge optional dash ....  wow ....   And nobody we talked to had ever altered on to be comfortable and easy to read .... wow.

The guys at Extreme Performance in Palm City, Florida, USA said WOW ... we CAN do that for you !!!!  And they put their heads together and they experimented and they DID IT !!!!   They altered GGPs dash to make it so much easier to read.  When I thanked them (yup, ME, Opie) on facebook, lots of people say it and said WOW HOW COOL OF YOU !!!!   And it really made them think. 

And you know what they thought?  This is what Zach at Extreme Performance told me today.  “You know, I never thought about it.  We fix things for people for what they WANT not what they NEED.  I never thought about doing things to help people with what they NEED.  Just giving them the things they WANT.  But how satisfying, knowing that we can give them something they really NEED.  We’re going to take pictures of this car and share it, and let people know we’re here to HELP them get what they NEED to make their lives easier.  It feels so good to know we can offer something that people really NEED.  I wonder how many other things we can do for folks?”

WOW ......  can you see the domino effect of YOUR vote for Rikki’s Refuge?   When other custom shops see the possibilities, they’ll want to help too.  It’s a win win, business for them, help for others.  When having your car customized for color perception is routine ... it will spread to other areas of life .... and think of the hundreds, the thousands, the millions that will have been helped to have an easier life !!!

Is that totally AWESOME or WHAT ???  You have so much power at your finger tips ... just a few clicks ... and poof ...  YOU can change the world !!!!   YOU really can, with the smallest act of KINDNESS !!!!   Never, never stop sharing that extra little bit you can do !!!!

And on that note .... have you voted today?
vote in the Shelter Challenge, it's very easy, they just go to
and enter Rikkis Refuge in VA in the USA,
and always remind them that it’s Rikkis Refuge in VA in the USA and let them know that's it's easy, quick, FREE and no apps or sign ups, peoples hate those apps that keep sending out stuff AND that they can vote every day on every puter and phone they have !!!  

Christmas Auction a HUGE success 
Thank you all for participating, those who donated items, those who bought items.  YOU make the good in the world happen !!!  Thank you !!!!

Lastly if you can help with our
                        Please do - DEADLINE Friday, November 30, at MIDNIGHT

       YOU HEARD ME RIGHT  !!!!!!

ITS BEEN a WHILE ........

Have YOU heard the news?

For years, our office workers have COMPLAINED of being over crowded

Finally, we FOUND the solution
(photo prior to moving to Rikki’s Refuge)

We’ve worked and worked on this Office Expansion Program for MORE than a year

And the TO DO LIST is still long

The donations have STOPPED coming in

And now we’re searching for OFFICE ANGELS
to help us carry on our good works.

        friend, supporter, donor and adopter has offered up a

Dollar for Dollar .... 
            every penny you donate ....
                        will be DOUBLED, up to $7,500 and through
                                    the end of NOVEMBER  ....  
                                                so HURRY and WATCH YOUR MONEY GROW !!!

AND YOU get the bonus of being permanently MEMORIALIZED !
            REMEMBERED FOREVER ...
                        FOR YOUR KINDNESS !

WOW this is more like TRIPLE YOUR DONATION !!!!

Join us in the dream of making the world a better place
          One animal at a time
                   Become an OFFICE ANGEL
It’s easy, it fits any budget, and you can start TODAY !

The POSSIBILITIES are endless ....

BUT only FIVE of you can name a room!
          After yourself or in memory of a loved one!

ONE person can name the largest room, the Board Room, where meetings will take place, big projects will be planned, educational materials created .... and a few 9th Life kids, like Snoop,
will hang out to help.  For a tax deductible donation of only $2,118.09 this can be YOUR room forever !!!   

YOUR name plate will be a permanent fixture in this room, 18” long and 5.5” high, full color - include your favorite picture, inspirational quote, name ......  YOU NAME IT, you get anything you want !!!  Full color photo quality.  Need help putting it together?  At no cost, our artists will help YOU with the design.  Here’s a quick rendering of the POSSIBILITIES that await you !
Hurry, be the FIRST to claim the Board Room. 
SOLD !!    Congratulations Martha Girdany !!!!!    
It's too late for you to buy the Board Room .... 
but you still have options, keep reading ....

Pick the medium room,

The Studio, where we’ll be set up to take great adoption photos.  And where a few 9th Life-ers will hang out when the flash bulbs aren’t going off !!!   For a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation of only $1,412.06 this can be YOUR forever room!!!   Imagine the POSSIBILITIES !!!  Our artists will assist you with your chosen design, 18” long and 5.5” high, full color - including your name, favorite picture, inspirational quote ......
Supporting the Studio will give countless animals that purrfect forever home, year after year after .....

Hurry this is a ONCE IN A LIFE-TIME opportunity !

Pick one of the THREE equal sized rooms to call your own ! 
            For only $706.04 you chose the name of one of these rooms. 

YOUR name. 
            A loved one’s. 
                        Your favorite companion, cat, dog, horse, rabbit ....  
Turn it into a permanent MEMORIAL. 

The ideas are endless.  Whatever YOU choose, will live on FOREVER as your kind and generous donation saves lives every day.  Your NAME PLATE will be 18” long and 5.5” high, full photo quality color.  Design it just how YOU want it, or let our artists help you (for FREE) !
Pick the room you want to NAME !

Control Central   --- SOLD to Mary Walker
            Where Snickers will rule from the top of HER desk !
sorry, you're too late to claim Control Central 

The File Room
Where all the important documents will be safely stored
in already donated (and virtually impossible to open without opposable thumbs)sturdy strong file cabinets.  

And space for a few 9th Life-ers
        who hate living in a big room with lots of  “friends” and
              who promise to never, ever think outside their box!

The Equipment Room
            Where the necessary equipment can live
                        and no one will be permitted to attempt faxing hairballs,
                                    performing liquid experiments with the scanner
                                                or gacking on the keyboard !  
            A couple 9th Lifer-ers without jumping abilities
                        will have warm and fuzzy beds in here. 
            After all, the hoomans working need SOME companionship!

Any one of these rooms can be YOURS for just $706.04 !

BUT it doesn’t STOP here !!!

The possibilities are endless.  And REMEMBER, I promised you something for every budget. 

If the idea of your NAME MEMORIALIZED FOREVER has you drooling ....
     but your purse has you crying ....


Name a CLOSET !!  Two available for the very affordable rate of $250 - complete with YOUR NAME PLATE in full color, 10” x 8” !!

Claim an EXTERIOR DOOR for only $125, and you have 4 to choose from !  Your name plate will be in full color, 7” x 5” !!

Or buy one of the 16 available WINDOWS for a kind donation of only $100 !  Or one of the three INTERIOR DOORS for a generous donation of only $75 !!   Your full color name plate will be 5” x 3.5”.

I’ve GIVEN you 30 OPPORTUNITIES, something to fit MOST budgets ......
         Look at what else I HAVE FOR YOU !

     With ANY donation, from $1 to $1,000,000, YOUR NAME
           will forever be on a plaque mounted on the outside of the OFFICE TRAILERS,
                where you will be REMEMBERED every day !!!

It’s easy and simple.  And if you “bought” a room or window or any other part of the trailers - you ALSO get your name on the OFFICE ANGEL PLAQUE !!!    DOUBLE YOUR FAME !!!

WOW that’s a TWO for ONE deal !!!

Here’s what your kind and generous, tax deductible, donation gets for YOU.

     Give the gift of MEMORIALIZING a friend for Christmas !! 
          If you make your donation by MIDNIGHT on November 30, 2012,
          our artists will work with you to ensure that your name plate or block is
          finished and delivered to you - or your friend - in electronic format by December 15th !!  
                        Looking exactly as it will on the side of the office trailer that you helped build!
          This offer is good for all selections, except the name list.  READ ON for more details !!

Receive a beautiful space, all YOUR OWN, in bright, photo quality color.  A photo, you, your cat or dog, a loved one, or even your favorite Rikki’s photo, graphics, inspirational quote, memorial message to a loved one, AND your inscription and name --- all laid out just the way you want it.  All that comes on every space 6” x 3” or larger.  On 3” x 3” spaces you receive your inscription and name.  

Size of YOUR space             Donation (minimum)              Includes
12” x 12”                                   $5,000                                      Photo and/or Graphic, wording, inscription
                                                                                                      and YOUR NAME as an Office Angel
12” x 6”                                     $2,500                                      all of the above
6” x 6”                                       $1,000                                      all of the above
6” x 3”                                       $   500                                      all of the above
3” x 3”                                       $   250                                      Inscription and YOUR NAME as an Office Angel
3” x 1.5”                                    $   100                                      YOUR NAME as an Office Angel
Listing                                       $        1 or more                       YOUR NAME, in a block list, as an Office Angel

Hey, you could even ADVERTISE your BUSINESS here !!! 
            Just think, our volunteers will see your reminder EVERY DAY FOREVER !!!  

WOW that could be a quadruple whammy!!!

Trying to decide where to put your HARD EARNED MONEY
            and where you’d like to see it go?

Funds from this OFFICE ANGEL campaign will be used to
            expand, improve, and maintain our facilities,
                        beginning with the completion of the Office Trailers and
                                    getting our Occupancy Permit !!!

We still need to install the decking between the trailers, the stairs, the ramp and electricity ..... then we’re ready for our FINAL INSPECTION and our long anticipated dream will be a REALITY !!

You’re good at that, you know !! 
            Turning our dreams into realities !!  
                        Thank you, for always being there !!

Check out this list and donate your favorite part !!!

Deck finishing parts:
The Entire Ramp       $669.50
The Stairs                   $515.00
Bucket of Screws      $  56.77  --- MOST for your money !
6” x 6” Support           $  11.97
Joists                          $    9.13
Deck Board               $    8.95
Joist Hanger              $    0.98 --- Why not buy a handful ?

We’ll need to run 300 feet of electrical cable and that requires a ditch !!! 
Buy a foot of
Trench                         $4.50
Wire                            $3.00

Don’t like making decisions? 
            Just make a tax deductible donation and let Vincent choose what to buy !
Please help me help my friends at Rikki’s Refuge. 
     Together we’ve built a dream. 
           Together we’ll watch that dream grow.
                 Together we ARE changing the world ....
                        ONE ANIMAL AT A TIME !!

Thank you for being MY Office Angel !!!


Call me if you’d like to put a donation on your CREDIT CARD today !
540-854-0870 x5 and a safe and secure volunteer will call you back for the card info details

Mail a check or money order to:
Rikki’s Refuge
I’m an Office Angel
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960

On-Line go to our website:
Choose the drop down Office Angel option

THANK YOU for being an OFFICE ANGEL .....

YOU mean the world to me and my friends at Rikki’s Refuge.

Thank you, and I love you, for your support.

Forever yours,
     Vincent D. Cat

Reservations on Rooms, Windows, etc. as well as Doubling Your Donation, are on a first donated, first received basis.  The first $7,500 received BEFORE midnight November 30, 2012 has been pledged to be doubled.  Placement of blocks on the exterior plaque will be at the option of our design artists, and layout may differ from the sample image shown.  Names in the Block List will be listed in the order your donation is received.  I’m sorry, but I cannot apply this to past donations, so please don’t beg me to !!!!

OFFICE ANGELS    --- updated 11/25/12 1:08 pm

Laura Kovalik
Mary Walker
Deborah Paradis-Keith
Martha Girdany