Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good Evening Good News, November 28, 2012

On the Second Day of Christmas, look what came to Rikki’s,
two rabbits a mating

and a chukar in a cherry tree

Got time for a real giggle .....
Thank you for sending that to me Martha .... I could not stop rolling on the floor laughing !!!!!!

Well that’s it for tonight !!!

Don’t forget to VOTE
in the shelter challenge .. time is running out and we gotta win a week !!!!
and enter Rikkis Refuge in VA in the USA,
and always remind them that it’s Rikkis Refuge in VA in the USA and let them know that's it's easy, quick, FREE and no apps or sign ups, peoples hate those apps that keep sending out stuff AND that they can vote every day on every puter and phone they have !!!  

Office Angel’s are lining up
Only two rooms left ... The File Room and the Equipment Room .....
but lots of other smaller options to choose from

                        TIME IS ALMOST UP ....

Thank you,
     Nighty night,
        and dream bout me purring for you !!!
               Love, Opie

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