Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!! October 21, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!!

Today I be a panda !!!!

What be you ?? Rikkis Refuge of VA, USA

Send me your good news !!!! I love to hear from you !!!!

Bridges Built to Help Borneo Orangutans Meet Mates
Endangered orangutans on Borneo island are using fire hoses slung across
rivers by humans to help them move around isolated forests to
potentially meet new mates and boost the species' chances for survival,
an environmental group said today. Malaysian authorities are building
more of the makeshift bridges after some orangutans were spotted using
them over the past year

Environmental groups and wildlife authorities have been hooking up old
fire hoses strung together between trees on different sides of rivers to
help orangutans — which cannot swim — swing or walk across them. The
first bridge was set up seven years ago, but it was only last year that
an orangutan was captured on camera using one of them. Witnesses have
seen others doing so since then, prompting officials to build more
bridges. "It takes a while for the animals to get used to it.

First Census of Ocean Life Uncovers 6,000 New Species (Oh No how am I
going to make room for all of them at Rikki's?)
Taking a census of marine life is not as easy as knocking on doors. But
after a 10-year effort that included diving into icy waters, guiding
robots into pitch-black depths and laying out a vast network of
microphones to spy on migrating fish, scientists today unveiled the
results of the first-ever accounting of the ocean's creatures, including
some 6,000 new species.

The Census of Marine Life, found strange new beasts such as a hairy
white crustacean nicknamed the yeti crab, and uncovered several species
though to be extinct. It also compiled a kind of White Pages of the sea
listing species and their "addresses" in the underwater kingdom. The
project "far exceeded any dream or vision that I had," census co-founder
Jesse Ausubel.
-- The first animals known to spend their whole lives without oxygen.
Rare creatures called loriciferans, they may resemble early life forms
that thrived before Earth was rich in oxygen.
-- A new species of lobster that measures 20 inches long and weighs
nearly 9 pounds. Finding such a huge and showy creature is "like finding
a new species of bird in Europe," said marine ecologist Enric Sala, a
member of the census steering committee.
-- A clam that was thought to be extinct until scientists stumbled
across it near the coast of Colombia. The clam is a living fossil that
thrived when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

Interesting Statues of the World ... and more ...

I'm all ready for the Haunted Forest, Catruday night at Rikki's, right
after the Fall Furr Festival - read all about it in the Free Lance Star
today !!!!

I hope to see your there !!!!


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