Sunday, July 06, 2014

Good Evening Good News !!!! Sunday, July 6, 2014

Congratulations Larry Timmons !!!!  
Winner of Rikki’s Motorcycle Raffle !!!!!!

WOW WEEEEE   did you cool off last night???   Geezzzz it made it down to the 50’s !!!!   That was a shockeroo after all the hot.  What amazing beautiful weather we're having !!  I hope YOU are too !!

Iz won control of da weather for 4th of July and we had a purrfect day for the Tour !!!  It was so much fun .... and it’s so nice to snuggle with da hoomans when they ain’t all sweatty  !!   Us kitties never get all sweaty ....    Soon as I get the photos all loaded up I’ll share with you and in case you didn’t come on the tour for real ....  I’ll take you along on a tour with me in pictures !!!

Where In The World is Wally ?
Wally is a Rikki’s Alumni ......  can you tell Where In The World Wally Is?   Does this scene look familiar to you?  Take a guess in the comments below where Wally is  !!!  Let’s see who can win !!

This little birdy wants to grow up to be a peacock !!

if you’re not on facebook, it might not allow you view this link, iz sorry ....

Smoky Joe has it Right !!!
It’s been a tough though summer.   THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to send us all to Rikki’s 4th of July Picnic ... every single one of us get fed delicious nums on the 4th ......   now we’re looking at the pantry and it’s scary low .....   you can help us from right there where you’re sittin’ by clickin’   or with the help of your nice mailhooman Rikki’s Refuge, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960 OR you if you’re around Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA, can visit the Fredericksburg 208 Giant Grocery store or the Harrisons Crossing Giant Grocery store where they are having a special nums-raiser for the animals if Rikki’s !!!   Isn’t that nice ?

We continue to look for the purrfect ......
folks to join our outstanding staff ........  six lovely hoomans stayed thru the entire orientation yesterday .....  let’s hope this is a purrfect fit for at least a couple of them as they try out this week !!!!  It’s sure not an easy job, it’s always hot or cold, blistering sun or wet wet rain, heavy lifting, scooping six hundred pounds of the ... you know what !!!!   It takes real HEROES to stick with this day in and day out and we have some really outstanding HEROES here right now !!!!   Amy and Doug and Wayne and Brittney and Lauren and Jessy and Ivy and Cassie.  Give ‘em a hand !!!!!

The Animal ABC’s
V is for my Daddy !!!!!
You can follow the ABC’s here .....   and keep your eyes open ....  I hear there’s a book coming up !!

You can click here to see the full ABC's of Rikki's Refuge 

Hey Kidz Color Our Animals !!
Adults with a young heart have fun !!!    Print out and color our animals.  Make ‘em for real .... or make ‘em bright and fun !!   Send me a copy, scan and email to or mail in to Rikki’s Refuge, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960.  We’ll display them here, on line and at the Education Center !!!!  

Alumni Photos
Walker, a Rikki’s Alumni, relaxing in his new backyard !!!  I’d say he looks quite content, what do you think?   Send us photos of your alumni to share !!!  We love seeing where Rikki’s Alumni Cirtters are now !!   Send your photos by to or mail in to Rikki’s Refuge, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960.  We’ll display them here, on line and at the Education Center !!!! 

you share with me, and I’ll share with you
try this wonderful vegan recipe today
WOW WEEEEE  Would mom every be happy if somebody made some of this for her !!!!   What a great item to bring to Spiritual Night next Sunday evening at the Education Center .......  how bout it?  I bet if you do, I’ll get extra Fancy Feast!!

... with your support we’re able to help so many into their new furrever happy homes ....  and to give that life long home to those not quite so fortunate ...  Thank you for your support
Without YOU none of us would be enjoying this lovely life!!
Your donations have saved the lives of every animal featured here today !!!!   AND your donations are giving them happiness today !!!   Please make a donation in honor of the animals you have loved to give everyone here a happy tomorrow !!!  


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