Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Good Morning Good News !!!! Wednesday, April 1, 2015

So ... you see what happens when I leave Duke and the Dogs in charge of doing my puter work?   

Bright and Early Yesterday morning (now day before yesterday), I say, “So Duke, I got important business meetings in town today.  Everybody says they want to hear from YOU and from Calvin and from Petunia and all you guys, not just us CATS no more.  So can you like do Good Morning Good News today?”

Duke perked his ears up, “Hey Opie ... I was nappin ... nice sun today ... what’s up Little Orange One?”

I’m getting exasperated .... you know ... you hoomans want to know WHY it’s always CATS writing Good Morning Good News .... WHY the CATS are doing everything ....  how come the other guys don’t get their fair share? 

Yeah ... really ...  well this is why CATS RULE and Dogs .... well you know, I mean they are nice ... but ..., “Duke Dude," I said, "will you run the office today for me, I have to go to meetings in town, Timmy is coming with me to take notes.  Your adoring public wants to hear from YOU.  Will you please do today’s Good Morning Good News?”

Duke ruminated .... wait .... can he DO that ?  He don’t got rumens now does he?   Hmmmm ... anyway he said, “Yeah sure Orange Dude, in a while ... I think I need a nap ...  I’ll call a conference later and get all the doggies involved.  Ummm like what you want in Good Morning Good News?”

Now I’m running late and I’m really getting fed up .... food ... food ... yes I need to get fed up before heading to town ... it’s a long trip and I can’t eat while driving ... “DUKE !!!  You know ... tell your fans what’s going on at the refuge ....  tell ‘em what you’re up to.  Snap some photos for them.  Tell them how hard you dawggies work all day to support yourselves here.  Geeesh you’ve been here HOW many years and you don’t know how to run the place?  Is ONE Good Morning Good News THAT hard?  Seriously!  OK?  Can you do that?  Can you just get today’s edition out for me?”

“ok, ok Orange Dude ... chill ....  we’ll get to it .... go on to town ... go stuff your fat orange face”, Duke muttered as he put his head back on his paws and drifted off ....

See, see what I have to put up with?  You just can’t get good help these days.  And they want to know why it’s ME they hear from every day....  geeesh .......   

See, see what I have to put up with?  You just can’t get good help these days.  And they want to know why it’s ME they hear from every day....  geeesh .......   

And so I load up the goatcart with my briefcase, a case of Fancy Feast for a mid morning snack, my paperwork, a case of Fancy Feast for lunch, ....  well Timmy is coming to help ....

Whoa ....   double take just before getting out the gate ...  what is THAT?   

Oh my, it looks like Uncle Paul has bought us some gravel !!!!   He and Uncle Ron are working on finishing up the upgrades to Rabbit Rotunda and Uncle Paul is gonna start fixing up the holes in the driveway !!!  Yaaa Hoooo !!!!  

Thank you Uncle Paul for buying that gravel .......  and thank you for getting such a great big tractor to do hard heavy jobs round here ....  what a big help you are !!!!   I’m having trouble making nuf green stuff to feed everybody .... I didn’t know when I’d ever get any for gravel !!!!!

Did you know that YOU too can buy a load of gravel for Rikki’s Refuge?  We need lots this time of year.  It’s about $400 a load and we need big and small and all kinds.  We need it to fill in the holes in the driveway and to fill in muddy areas in all the Animal Neighborhoods.   Would you consider a load ?  Maybe half a load?

Uncle Paul gotted a brand new pretty green tractor !!!  And he worked all the day doing bush hogging .... that means mowing grass in city talk.    But ... uh oh ...  there was a terrible disaster .....

It was a warm nice sunny day .....   but a windy day too .....   and Uncle Paul’s hat blew right off and into the bush hog ....

Lucky it was just Uncle Paul’s hat .....   I’m passin round what’s left of the hat to take up a collection to buy poor Uncle Paul a new one ......     FeedMe?  Well we don’t have an Uncle Paul’s hat on the drop down ... but .... well ... Ummm ....  Uncle Paul like to see me well fed. 

So after that my Tummy Mummy, Nellie, took over tractor duties ....

See her sitting there in the seat?  She look so little on the great big tractor.

Like I’ve been saying ....   if you need it done ....  call out the leaders ....  turn the job over to a CAT !!!!

Timmy and me .... headed down the highway ......

..... always looking for venture !!!!

Our first stop ...  the bestest place in Fredericksburg !!!  Re-Tail, 3503 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22408 .....  just the purrfect place to shop .....  if you need a new tail .....  or about anything else too ....  I don’t know why Melissa calls it Re-Tail cuz you can get Re-Furniture, Re-Puters, Re-Books, Re-KitchenStuff, Re-Hats .... I mean anything you need.   

But uh oh ....  no new John Deer Hat for Uncle Paul .....   

You really need to stop in at Re-Tail and see what good things they have for you .....   you should see the ART department !!!!  Cool .....

You want da boy’s clothes?  Da girl’s clothes?  Da lady’s clothes?  Da man’s clothes?  Or even da clothes for your cat or dog !!!  Awww Yup .... we gotz ‘em all !!!!   You need it .... Re-Tail got it .... AND ....  at a fabulous price !!!

Be Be, this beautiful gals who’s up for adoption in our kitty room at Re-Tail, came to help unpack the new donations.  Way cool stuff is arriving daily !!!!

And LOOK !!!   Every thing you need for Easter.  HURRY and catch up on your Easter shopping AND save huge quantities of cash.

And you know what’s best about saving huge quantities of cash ?  You can use a little bit of that saved extra cash and buy me and Timmy lunch !!!!   Did you know YOU can feed BOTH OF US for just 50 cents ??  Yeahhhh   So how bout tossing one of those green papers you saved in the pot so wez can have da supper tonight?

Now while we’re talkin bout Easter we need to talk bout somethin important.  Please ... please ... never never never ever ever ever give real live aminals for gifts ....  most of those die way too young or get dumped at pounds and bad things happen to them.  Having a aminal to take care of means lots of work and lots of money for years and years.  So it be best to get your Easter Rabbits and Chicks at Re-Tail ..... please .....   let the live ones live where they are happy.

Pssstttt   gals ... you go way ....   I’ve got a secret for just the guys out there ........    Wanna know how to pick up chicks ???  Yeahhh !!!!!!   Well here’s a sure fire method !!!!! 

Oh Everybody can come back now !!

Have you signed your little ones up for our Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday?

Click here for reservations

It’s FREE but you gotta have tickets ... space is limited and almost sold out !!!!

And on Easter Day join us for a lovely service followed by nummy things.

Click here for reservations

It’s FREE but you gotta have tickets ...

Did you know that we have lots of stuff on E-Bay too?  Yeahhhh    Is that cool or what !!!!

Here’s the link to see ALL our E-Bay items .... and it tells you how YOU TOO can list an item on E-Bay and give a percentage of your sales price to Rikki’s Refuge !!!!!   It’s a fabulous way to convert your junk ... into our food !!!!   You can give it all or you can give 50% or even 10% ....  EVERY LITTLE PENNY helps us take care of the critters.   Remember .... just 25 cents feeds a meal !!!!   With 1300 mouths to feed each and every day .....  and most with more than one meal a day ....  well it takes lots of 25 cents to make it happen !!!!!

So much cool stuff !!!!!!

Well it was time to head off to my other business appointments ....  me and Timmy ....    bye bye Re-Tail ....   no YOU go to Re-Tail and you BUY BUY ...  K?

Headed home ..... almost dark .... after my hard day at work ....  we stopped in at McDonalds for a snack ....  wow was me and Timmy HAPPY ....   McDonalds still don’t got nothin mom will eat .... but they’re catering to MY kind these days

We got several sacks to bring home to our fine feline friends.   And you’ve always wondered how we can feed everybody for 25 cents a meal .... aren’t you ?   Stop off at McDonalds and pick up some nums for us on your way down for Easter .... or you can just gib me some of da green stuff and I’ll make sure to go out and get more ...

And finally, when I got home, all tired and after chicken bed time and after doing so much hard work all day .....   do you know what I found ?  Duke snoozing again !!  I hollered, “Merooowwww hey you lazy dawggie, I thought you supposed to be working like a dawggie all day today .....  I’m a CAT and I was out working like a dawggie so I could buy nums for YOU and your kind  ..... and did NO Good Morning Good News?  Can’t I trust you to do anything?”

“oh, oh Hey Orange Dude”, he said, barely lifting an eyelid, “we were gonna invite people for the Easter Egg Hunt and the Sunrise Service and Breakfast ..... but .... well ....  I did get a few photos .... 

... “then we made some nums for Easter .... but .... we ... uh kind a got cited bout eatin the cupcakes” ....

... “and ....   then the mess looked like it’s take long time to clean up and that take energy and so”   .... 

“Oh look ....  did I hear a ball go by .....  

Seriously?  Seriously Dawggie Dude?   Well I think the wisdom of the day should be .... if you want to get the job done ....  ask a CAT .....  and that’s why Cats have ALWAYS Ruled Rikki’s Refuge ..

.....  and you DO know what April is .... don’t you ??   Tune in tomorrow if you need a clue !

....  Well ... It’s not just the DOGS conspiring against me to get this edition out to you on the first ...  no sireeee  .....   ever feel like the whole world is up against you ????   

When you gotz da whole world on your shoulders like us CATS at Rikki’s Refuge do .....   gee ...  it’s just one thing after another ....   and do the DAWGS help out?  Oh no ... they’re off chasing their tails !!!!   Don’t see many CATS doing that .... DO YOU???

So ......   when I got things all up to date for you ....  the pooey internet wouldn’t work and I couldn’t get it formatted and posted .... it kept doing silly things .....  I was fighting with it ... when a peacock problem came up ....  not to worry ... it’s all resolved now ......  

Then a local citizen call came in way past chicken bedtime about one of the ferals they feed being injured .....  They’d told us about him and have been trying to catch him ... well they just had.  

And so Tom happened !!!!  

He’s not so bad, but he is scared and not used to being touched and was trying to bite cus he was in pain.  He’s got ear mites and fleas and had oodles of ticks .... so horribly bad that he’s torn up his head and ear and neck really bad, just ripping at it with his claws cuz it itches and hurts so bad.  

Poor baby ....  it took da hoomans a couple hours to calm him enough to work with him and start getting things cleaned up.  Cleaning up the infection, picking the dirt and leaves and twigs and gravel out of his wounds.  Disinfecting it.  Disinfecting the wounds the hoomans got trying to help him.  Working on him some more. 

Poor guy.  I tried to tell him hoomans only be doing that “it’s be good for you” thing .... but he wanted to prove them right for saying, “oh poor baby, this hurts me more than it hurts you.”  

Anyway, he’s doing ok, in one of our hospital cages now, feeling better and starting to heal up.  He’s gonna have to go to the Speuter Clinic next for a little nip and snip and then maybe when he’s all well he can go home to his colony.  And if he can’t for any reason, he can join ours !!!

Sometimes lives just get in the way of puter work !!!! 

That’s sort of the way it is at Rikki’s Refuge.

And so ....  I’m gonna remind you about what APRIL is ....   just in case you forgot ....   It’s

The age old battle of the Species. 

And it has a very special meaning at Rikki’s Refuge.  It’s a VOTE to see who will Rule the Roost .... and the Refuge ...   Me, Opie, the fabulous Orange Dude ....  or Duke, my bestest Dawggie Buddy ... I mean he is a good sort ... it’s just when it comes to leadership .....  You know us CATS RULE !!!!

You pick who’s gonna Rule Rikki’s for the next year ....  ME and the Cats ....  or Duke and the dogs ....

Us cats have held the ruling position from the beginning .....  yet you’ll see that we’re only 50% of the population of Rikki’s Refuge ....  we very graciously raise the money to feed ALL of us ....  all of US cats and all of THEM Dawgs and everybody else ....  cows, pigs, goats, chickens .... even guinea pigs .....  Yeahhh WE have taken care of EVERYONE for over 16 years .....

Can you count on us to do it again?  YES you can ....  and if you believe in the POWER OF CATS and our ability to keep Rikki’s Refuge getting better and better each and every year ...  well then click and .......

If you think me and my dad Vincent before me did a lousy job and you think we should be turned out in the cold and let the Dawgs chase us up trees .....  and force us to eat mice ....  well then ... click and vote ME out ......

And just see if Duke will purr for you ......

Well it’s up to you !!!!  

You choose the WINNER !!!!!

Be the first to cast a VOTE for CATS or DOGS !!!!!