Sunday, October 13, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! October 13, 2013


Morning !!!!   How are you?  We’re having some wet really fall weather right now.  Starting to miss those late summer days ....   We’re working hard to get everything in tip top shape here at Rikki’s Refuge in time for the winter.  Do you have any handy skills you’d like to practice here?  Fixing fences, painting, weatherproofing ??  Drop me a note if you’d like to help out around the farm,

LAST day of the Shelter Challenge
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You’re voting to feed the cats and dogs and everybody else at Rikki’s Refuge
Winning contests is a big part of our budget
Please help out !!
Your clicks translate into food !!!
You DO NOT have to use Facebook for voting --- you can use any EMAIL ADDRESS instead !!!   OR vote without signing in !!!

Remember to always vote “Rikkis Refuge, VA, USA” ... if you’ll please, please log in every day and vote for me you’ll be helping me to win food for the animals !!! 

Meet one of our obscure residents
Herbivore Tractorivoris
This resident, who’s been with us for years, has ancient origins.  The last of the descendents of the herbaceous titanosaur crossbred with mythical transformers and the family of herbivore tractorivoris was born.  Our herbivore tractorivoris is called Blue.  And sadly Blue is ill and needs some serious surgery.

Blue joined us many years ago. 
When we found him sitting by the side of the road, looking dejected, unloved and no longer wanted with a big ugly FOR SALE sign plastered on his freshly painted body ....  we said, “Oh, Blue, we’ll raise the money to save you and you can come live at Rikki’s Refuge ....  if ... you’ll help us out.” 

Thanks to wonderful donors who helped us help Blue, he came to live at Rikki’s ....  about 12 years ago ....  And you haven’t heard much of Blue since then.

Though Blue is always busy at work ....  it seems someone else always gets the credit.  Blue sympathizes with Candy, our horse who was a jumper and Blue Ribbon Winner.  When she was injured winning ribbons for her hooman, she was abandoned and left to die ... while the former owner carries Candy’s ribbons about and basks in the glow of the Blue Ribbons ... Candy enjoys the love and home she's found at Rikki's Refuge. 
Candy showing off the only Blue Ribbon she ever got to keep.

Poor Blue is always hard at work ....  while the hooman riding along seems to take all the credit.  With over 100 acres of fields to keep in tip top shape ....  you can often see Blue off in the distance chomping up grass and weeds and thorns and thickets ......

Being multi-talented, at night Blue transforms into a lovely sleeping platform.
Never a complaint, no matter who wants to nest down for the night.  Blue has such a lovely calm disposition.

When the need arises, Blue uses his transformer skills to convert into just the tool needed for the job.  Off with the bushhog and on with the backhoe ... when ever diggin is needed.
Fixing water lines so all the animals get good clean fresh water every day.

Planting trees that will one day feed apples to everyone ....  except me, cuz I’m a cat and I don’t eat apples.

Need to pick up something?
You can count on Blue’s transformer powers to scoop up what ever you’re looking for and cart ‘em off.

Way way back in ancient times, when Rikki’s Refuge was just a fleeting dream, way before we knew how many animals we’d end up being responsible for ....  way before Blue joined us ....  the goats and geese had the job of mowing
Seemed like the trees and the flowers always tasted better then the grass ....

Even when we offered the goats some help
The grass stayed long and made the jobs of caring for all the animals harder.

It’s mighty hard to chase down somebody who needs meds when the grass is high enough to hide in.

There’s an awful lot of Rikki’s that needs to be taken care of.
... lots of fields that need mowing, holes to make for fence posts, hauling gravel to smooth out the driveway, digging up to fix broken water lines, planting trees ... and so much more ....  Blue is known to work all over the great big refuge!

But now Blue has a terrible obstacle
and we need your help to get over it.  Blue needs new shoes!  After all these years of running thru the fields of thickets, of scooping up spiky gravel, of hauling fallen trees, after miles and miles .....  after dozens and dozens of repairs, patches, new tubes .....  

Blue can’t run any more

Not till he gets new tires.

Naw.... says Blue ....  Nothing that fancy .....

And I don’t think these are going to work.

YUP !!!  I think it’s gotta be more like this !!

We’ve shopped for tires for Blue ... and think we’ve found the best deal.  A good quality that should last for a while ....  hopefully another 12 years ....  but not the best or most expensive by a long shot .... and the pair, mounted and filled with fluid (for weight and traction) will be  ....  $970 ...  Yikes -- this is the cost of major surgery !!!

Will you please help us get Blue out of the hospital and back to work?  


Blue’s Great Great Great ... Great Great Grandfather, Brown, a herbaceous titanosaur
You can see some of the striking family resemblances. 

Please don’t let our Blue become extinct ....  help us afford the surgery for new tires that will give Blue many many more years of life and service around the refuge !!

Thank you so much for your donations to save Blue !!

socially ostracized kitties who have the fiv virus, this group would have died in a Florida shelter if wonderful volunteers hadn’t arranged for them to make it safely to Rikki’s where they are now living happily ever after

... soon as I’ve raised the money to get Blue back on his feet and mowing in the fields ... I’ll tell you about my new book !!
It seems such a shame to have to spend a whole pallet of cat food on shoes for Blue ....  but it’s an absolute necessity to keep Rikki’s Running. 

Love you bunches,

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