Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm Sorry ..... says Dawn

Hi !!!  My name is Dawn.  I sorry I was very bad and I had to go to hospital.  I glad I don’t hurt no more and I gonna be ok.  It was real scary. 

I can explain .....  I mean the dawgie made me do it.  Honest.  Beauty found that old tarp and drug it over and said, “oh look ... I gots the best nums!!!  I let you have some if you give me your dinner.”  And so I let Beauty have my dinner and I tried eating that tarp.  It wasn’t even very good.   And it was really bad inside.

Opie says the rules round here is you gotta pay your own way.  Geee I didn’t know, I never helped him get nums for me and my brother either.  I sorry Opie.

Now I need a job so I can pay my hospital bill.  Will you help me please?  I can’t come to work for a few more days cuz I have to be in hospital to make sure I gonna be ok. 

Soon as I get out I can come to your house and ........ uhhhh .... what kind of job I can do?   I can keep your feet warm!!  I can purr for you.  I promise to love you.  Can my brother Dusty come too?  I don’t like to be away from my brother.  He’s coming to visit me in my hospital cage.

If you can help me by giving me $1 for my hospital bill, I purr for you.  That be good deal you think?

You can help me thru my chip-in:

or at Rikki’s regular donate page, and just make a note it’s for me:

or you can send a check to: Rikki’s Refuge, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960 and write for Dawn on it.

Or you can call Culpeper Animal Hospital at 540-829-9085 and put a donation on Rikki’s Refuge’s bill there, we don’t have separate bills, but just tell me you did that and I’ll make sure it counts for my bill.

I’m here at Rikki’s Refuge with my brother Dusty cus we got caught out in somebody’s barn. 

They said we were wild and dangerous cats.  They were going to kill us cuz they said we didn’t deserve to be fed and we don’t learn too quick and never got that mouse catching thing. 

They said we’re ugly and clumsy. 

Here at Rikki’s they call it special needs and they understand when we need extra help.  They are very nice to us and we’ve made friends with hoomans now.  Rikki’s promises never to separate me and Dusty.  That makes us happy, cuz we lost all the rest of our family. 

Thank you for helping me,