Wednesday, December 07, 2011

All about Animals

Rikki's Refuge provides a loving home to 1289 animals like Fred and Lucy EVERY DAY - yes, that's 1289 little friends too feed each and every day. And we need your help to do it!!!

The Twins, Fred and Lucy
Saved by Rikki's Refuge. Fred and Lucy were born wild on the streets of a military base. They, along with their mom and dad, and several older siblings were rescued and saved.

Fred and Lucy were born wild on the streets of a military base. Reproducing rampantly in an area where stray and feral cats were being killed. One of our volunteers worked to save them, trapping these two, their mom and dad, several older siblings and many aunts, uncles and cousins!!! Fred and Lucy are happily in a furrever home together now!! Others will be ready for adoption soon. The older ones may never be friendly enough for adoption, yet they will be welcome to live their life out in peace and happiness at our peaceful sanctuary. And nobody is having any more babies!!! Your vote for Rikki's Refuge in this contest helps us to continue saving lives!!

Vincent Gets an Ultrasounded
Vincent came to Rikki’s Refuge as a young kitty after a serious injury. His handicaps and daily needs require far more care than the average kitty. His problems make him unadoptable into a normal home.  He’s lived in peace and happiness at Rikki’s Refuge for almost 13 years now reaching the rank of Humane Education Spokes Kitty.  Vincent travels to schools teaching about the differently-abled, kindness and compassion.  His loving attitude has won him many fans and friends.  Even though his accident left him with a number of medical issues that need constant attention, Rikki’s Refuge provides a loving home like environment to him, and 52 other very needy kitties in their 9th Life Center.  The refuge has  many other houses and areas where the other 1,236 residents live.  Many permanent residents and some just visiting until their forever home is found.  Due to so many loving volunteers, Rikki’s Refuge is able to operate on a shoestring budget of only $1 per day per animal!!

Mr. Mister
This is Mr. Mister and he’s very happy to be alive.  Many shelters kill kitties that test positive for FIV, a virus kittie can harbor and spread thru activities associated with reproducing.  Once neutered/spayed FIV kitties live long and happy, healthy lives.  Rikki’s Refuge works with many shelters throughout the United States helping to save as many kitties as possible.  About 60 kitties with the FIV virus live at Rikki’s Refuge each and every day.  With the stigma of FIV being a little less these days, a few will get adoptive homes.  The others will have a home at Rikki’s Refuge forever!!!  YOUR support makes this possible.

Chubbs, has it HIS way
Though Chubbs isn’t exactly a barn kitty, he is in charge of any situation.  He failed at shelter life, smacking his attendants to get out of a cage.  Chubbs does it HIS way.  Human, get out of MY way.  He enjoys a pat now and then but is not one for snuggles.  Kitties with purrsonalities like this often end up dead at conventional shelters.  It’s highly unlikely you’ll get adopted when you snarl at anybody looking at you!  Thankfully, with your support, Rikki’s Refuge is able to give love and life to unconventional kitties!!!  Kitties like Chubbs can live in our family unit for the rest of their natural lives and never fear being put to death cuz they have their own ideas on how a kitty should behave!!

Chaco Taco
A rare and expensive Havana Brown, Taco will live his life in peace at his tranquil sanctuary Rikki’s Refuge.

An accident left Taco minus his tail and incontinent.  A trait that generally leaves cats unadoptable.  And hence gives them little options but to be put to death.  Lucky for Taco, he was at Winging Cat Rescue and they work with Rikki’s Refuge Life Care Sanctuary.  Now Taco will spend the rest of his days in tranquility at his peaceable kingdom, Rikki’s Refuge.  Your support of Rikki’s Refuge gives animals like Taco a second chance for life !!!

Deemed unadoptable due to a seizure condition, Huckleberry was slated for death.

A sanctuary is so often that missing loop in the animal rescue business.  Rescue, rehabilitate, foster, adopt.  But what happens when someone is essentially unadoptable?  It can be a medical condition, a personality issue or just their age.  What happens then?  Usually it’s too sad to think about.

Rikki’s Refuge was founded for animals just like that.  The throw aways, the special needs, the ones nobody else wants - those are the ones we take in and we love in a home like environment for the remainder of their natural days.  It’s a big family!!  22 species, 23 if you count the human caretakers!  1289 mouths to feed, each and every day.  A few will find lovely adoptive homes.  The majority will live out their lives in the peaceable kingdom of Rikki’s Refuge.

That’s what YOUR support does!  It gives LIFE and LOVE and HAPPINESS to thousands of animals.  Animals who had no other option!

Huckleberry is a big gentle boy.  All he ever wanted was love and Fancy Feast.  When his seizure disorder was diagnosed his owners left him behind.  Not wanting the bother of giving him medicine.  Not wanting the expense of vet visits.  It was easier to leave Huckleberry at a shelter to be put to death.  This lucky boy made his way to Rikki’s Refuge where his special needs are just another part of the day and he’s loved for who he is!  A big sweet loving boy, who will love you back for hours, sitting in your lap and purring.