Thursday, November 25, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!! And Happy Thanksgiving! November 25, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Mommey said I have to bow my head and say what I'm thankful for before
she'll open my Fancy Feast today.

I'm thankful for YOU.
I'm thankful to have HEROES who care.
I'm thankful you all worked and made Rikki's Refuge.
I'm thankful I got to live.
I'm thankful I got to live at Rikki's Refuge.
I'm thankful all 1,258 of my friends got to live at Rikki's Refuge.
I'm thankful for you helping to make Rikki's Refuge grow so more friends
can be thankful to live.
I'm thankful for every one of you who helps animals everyday.
I'm thankful to every one of you who helps the handicapped.
I'm thankful to every one of you who helps the elderly.
I'm thankful to every one of you who helps the ill.
I'm thankful there are so many good hoomans who care and who help make a
difference in the world.
I'm thankful mom is holding my breakfast can of Fancy Feast.
I'm thankful mom has opposable thumbs.
I'm thankful she's opening that can right now!

Num num num

Only 25 more days to vote!!! You can do it, you can, you can. It was
about this time last year when we all got together and said WE ARE GOING
TO WIN and we surged ahead and took Virginia by storm.

Now let's gang up and take the planet!!! Vote Vote Vote Rikkis Refuge VA USA

It really pays off !!! So we lost to #7 yesterday - we can regain it AND

Big News

Good News

Drum Roll
YOU made the most number of votes during week 9 and we WON $1,000 from
the Animal Rescue site. It's not showing up on line yet, but in
yesterday's reminders to vote it was announced!!!

Happy Dance !!!!!

Rachel's Thanksgiving
This is Rachel. Yesterday. The 10th anniversary of going to her
forever home.
Rachel has a lot to be thankful for.
Rachel is thankful to YOU for making Rikki's possible.
Rachel is thankful that mom was driving down the road one cold and
dreary day in the early winter of 1999.
Rachel is thankful that mom noticed something out the corner of her eye.
Was that a dog in the ditch?
Mom stopped and got out to check and there, poor Rachel lay, too sick
and weak to walk, half frozen in the sleet.
Mom picked her up and knocked on doors.
One person said, that dead dog's been laying in there for days.
But she wasn't dead. Not yet. But Mom thought she would be soon.
Mom took Rachel to the first vet who said, poo why bother? She's got
pneumonia, mange, she's ancient, she's just a used up old hunting dog.
Mom looked in Rachel's kind eyes.
Rachel's tail wagged, just a little, it was all she had strength for.
Mom walked out and went to another doc.
That doc said, what a waste of money, don't bother.
But the third doc was a lady doc who was kind and loving.
Her name was Anita Walton, and she said, oh poor baby, maybe we can give
her a few good months, maybe a year.
And she went to work.
Rachel had to be operated on right away even though she was so sick.
There was a dead litter of puppies stuck inside her.
After a couple days Rachel came home to Rikki's.
She was now one of Rikki's very first residents.
She was still very very sick and very very weak.
Mom hand fed her, and carry her outside to potty.
And each day Rachel got stronger.
Mom was so thankful the day Rachel could stand.
Mom was more than thankful the day Rachel began to walk.
In a few months Rachel was walking around the farm wagging her tail.
Rachel was thankful to be loved again and to have a home and a chance.
Rachel was very old, they said 12, maybe 15, don't expect her to be
around long.
Mom was thankful to give Rachel the best six months of her life, or year
or ....
A year later Pat and Dan Phelps came to visit.
They looked into Rachel's eyes and they fell in love.
They were thankful to be able to give an old gal a forever home.
Rachel was thankful to be adopted.
Rachel looked out the window with sad eyes but a wagging tail as they
drove away.
Everybody at Rikki's cried to see her go, so happy and so sad all at the
same time.
So thankful she'd be loved and cared for, for ever and ever.
And another year went by and everyone was thankful Rachel was still
alive and doing well.
Rachel was so thankful for all the love and help and kindness she'd been
given that she began to share that joy.
Rachel would go to nursing homes and give love to everyone.
Everyone was thankful when Rachel would come to visit.
And the second anniversary of her adoption came and went.
The hoomans were thankful, and they held their breath.
Rachel is thankful that she has now spent ten years in her loving home.
She is thankful to have been cherished every single day.
We are thankful to Dan and Pat for loving Rachel as she's gotten older
and older.
Rachel's muzzle turned gray, then white.
Her vision isn't what it used to be.
She has arthritis.
She sleeps a lot.
And when she's awake she thinks about how thankful she is to have had
Rikki's to save her those ten long, long years ago!

Beloved Rachel, may you spend many many more happy Thanksgivings with
Dan and Pat!

My Revival rep wanted you all to know Revival Animal has a sale on
pyrantel wormer and fish and bird antibiotics thru the end of the year
if anybody needs any!

Cheryl's Thanksgiving quote: ‎"A modern Thanksgiving would celebrate two
things:The people in our lives who give us the support and love we need
to make a difference, and the opportunity to build something bigger than
ourselves, something worth contributing." Author Seth Godin.

I hope you can have a turkey, like we do, for Thanksgiving!

Mom's showing old family movies again. This is her grandpaw (skip the

Well gotta run. Ok scoot. See ya round!
Love you,

PS If you don't want your Daily Good News, just let me know! A couple
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If Good New don't make you happy - I could always start Bad News, but,
as you hoomans say, why reinvent the wheel - that's what you've got tv
and newspapers for !!!!!

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