Saturday, December 19, 2015


Brrrr it’s COLD out there today !!!  It’s been feeling like winter and like Christmas is coming lately !!!  

Are YOU getting ready ?  Have you made YOU Christmas List ?  Have I been naughty or nice ?  Shut up Duke .....  you tell on my ... I’ll tell on you.  Yup Iz been real nice !!!!  Duke too ....  all us aminals .... and  wez really hopin to be on your Christmas List !!!

You know all gifts to Rikki’s Refuge are tax deductible ....  so do those numbers now ....  and see what will make a difference to YOU ....  would you rather give it to dem hoomans in government or help the aminals to have a happy life?  Gee that seems like an easy choice, huh?

VOTE VOTE VOTE --- TODAY AND TOMORROW ....  only two days left !!!  Tell all your friends ....  there is TWO THOUSAND dollars at stake ....   and that’s a great big huge number ...  Please make it happen !!!!

Here’s somethin fun, nummy and helpful to the aminals TODAY

Get in the spirit by wrapping !!
Saturday       12/19      1:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Sunday         12/20    12:00 PM - 800 PM
Tuesday       12/22       3:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday  12/23      3:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Saturday   12/19    10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sunday     12/20   10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Pick a shift and HELP THE ANIMALS --- email the volunteer at YOUR store TODAY !!

Yeah Yeah Yeah ...  I’m trying to get in the Christmas Spirit ....  but ya know ... every year Santa brings us lots of broccoli .....  and it’s more than we can eat all at one time ....  so those darn pigs end up eating most of it .... I mean you just can’t save broccoli for 11 months and divvy it out so we get some every day. 

So what happens?   We feast for a month or so .... and then don’t get much good and fresh for months ....  Wouldn’t it be cool if Santa could just bring a little bit of it every month.

I mean if somebody would just make a $30 donation every month .....  we’d always have fresh broccoli for breakfast !!!!   Nummy !!!!

You silly emu .... you’re just a bird brain ....  of course they can ....  and I’d like to get to eat well EVERY month .... not just during Christmas when hoomans is feeling happy and generous. I'm Baby and I'm the biggest kitty in Cat House number one .... come on our Christmas Tour and you'll meet me !!!

I'm the ruler of Cat House 1 .... and I'll tell you how this works.

Some of our hooman friends DO know how to help us every month.  It’s called Recurring Monthly Donations .... they can sign up ONCE and without any notice, any pain, any more work .... 

Just CLICK and scan down till you see RECURRING DONATION 3 minutes of YOUR time ....  give us happiness each and every month !!!!  

You have no pain, we get all the gain !!!  And you’re building up that tax deduction all year round !!!   Now if that don’t sound like one of them WIN WIN things ....

And if you check out the Drop Downs at you’ll see PUPPY PALS where for ONLY $15 you can make a monthly recurring donation and that will feed ALL us doggies canned food for the day.  We LOVE canned food .... but when there’s not enough money ....  we only get crunchies. 

I mean I’m not complaining or nothin.  I’m so thankful that you feed me and take care of me.  But it really is nice to have that nummy tasty soft mmmmmmm good canned food too ....  specially as I get older ....  

And for ONLY $63 a month .... YOU can provide ALL the care -- I mean everything -- food, housing, loving care, sanitation, preventative meds -- EVERYTHING for one doggie for one whole month !!!! 

I think that’s what I’d like for Christmas !!!

Hey you dog face !!!!  Tell 'em about VINCENT VITTLES on the drop down too .....   for only $15 YOU can feed one cat house canned food for the day too .... so sign up and feed one cat house for one day each moth !!!!   If only 30 of you signed up for each cat house ....  that's be all our nums every day !!!!    Opie.   


We love to play.  When you visit us on a tour, you might think we do nothin but sit under the trees and chew cud ... but that’s not true ...  in the morning we love to play ....  and after we’ve digested our cud .... we love to play again in the evening.  We get accused of being lazy a lot .... but that’s just not true ...  we have to relax and let out stomachs do the work ....  and then we team up and PLAY !!!!

Christmas Tour and Reception to reserve your tickets
Come to one or both !!!  We look forward to showing you what your kindness has built !!!


Please come out and see us tomorrow and next weekend !!!

Rikki's Refuge has giving trees up at several stores throughout Central Virginia. These trees will be decorated with ornaments that feature pictures of some of our animal ambassadors, along with some background information about each one. By way of these ornaments, each animal will be requesting what he or she most wants to get from Santa this Christmas for themselves and their friends at Rikki’s. (Not surprisingly, it’s usually something edible) **If you would like to donate to Rikki's Refuge but cannot get to one of the listed stores, here are some links for you to use: Paypal: Opie’s Corner Store:  Mail a check or money order: PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960

Angel Tree at Re-Tail

Angel Tree at Giant Hilltop Center

Angel Tree at Petco Harrison Crossing

Hi, my name is Crabby Patty.  You know why?  The shelter where I was said I was crabby all the time and not very nice and nobody would ever want me and I should be disposed of.  Yeah ... disposed.  Like trash.  Thanks a lot.  And you wonder WHY I was crabby?

That and my butt hurt all the time.  I have what is often called manx syndrome.  It means cus the end of my spine isn’t formed right it affects my .... mmmm ... you hoomans are sensitive about this stuff aren’t you?  Well let’s just say my butt isn’t formed quite right and it means with out proper care three times a day, I’ve got problems and I hurt .... yeah ... like raw bloody HURT ....   Just imagine if every time you sat down it hurt ....  every time you walked around it hurt .... and every time you went potty it hurt so awful bad ....  you’d be pretty crabby too I bet.

But when I get my medicine and I get my soothing ointment on my butt 3 times every day, then I feel good, I don’t hurt .... and I’M HAPPY ....  I’m so glad to be at Rikki’s ....  if I never told you THANK YOU .... you didn’t just save my life ....  YOU made it all worth living.....   cuz it’s no fun to live in pain all the time.  When I’m taken care of properly, my butt heals and nothing hurts and I feel so good .... I thank my hoomans for helping me ....  you didn’t just give me life ...  you gave me a happy pain free life !!!

All my friends want is nums for Christmas ... yeah ... I like nums too ....  but I really like my medicine ....  I need about $22 in medicine every month .... and a hooman to help put it on my butt ...  I tried once ... but without thumbs I had to squeeze the tube with my teeth .... and it got all holes in it and gushed out all over ....  so I have to ask for kind and gentle help ....

For $22 a month on one of those recurring donation things ....  YOU can make my butt comfortable ALL MONTH LONG !!!!

thank you !!!!!  

Friends Don’t Let Friends Spend Christmas HUNGRY !!!

We are so grateful for you. Please remember Rikki's Refuge in your year-end giving.


Thank you for being there for us !!  YOU have made our very lives possible thru your kind and generous donations !!!! 

Don’t forget to SAVE A LIFE TODAY  
Rikki’s Refuge
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960