Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! May 28, 2013

Don’t you wish it was that easy?

Just wake up and smell the coffee ....  and at the same time, without lifting a finger, the phone or getting on-line, be helping the animals too?


Drink Rikki’s Roast and a portion of every cup helps to save animals!!  Is that cool or what!!  And for a limited time .... 25% off orders of $15 or more -- RIKKI'S ROAST COFFEE - use MAY25 as the coupon code -- Wake up and support the animals !!

So many wonderful friends
Thank you so much to those of you who bring supplies to keep the refuge running.

When you feed and clean up after almost 1300 animals every day ....  it takes a lot of clean up supplies !!!!    Rikki’s Refuge needs 83 gallons of Laundry Detergent per year, that’s 7 gallons a month or about a quart a day !!!   And in the effort to sanitize everything for the critter’s protection, we also use 1,278 gallons of Bleach each year, that’s 107 gallons a month, or 3.5 gallons a day !!!

If you couldn’t make it out to drop off a bottle of bleach or laundry detergent over the weekend, but you can afford to donate one, we’d greatly appreciate your help: http://rikkisrefuge.org/donate.php

Support Black Cats with a Click

No, no, no .... not black cats who have clicks !!!!   YOUR click can help us to save black cats all over the planet.  A click is worth a thousand lives ....  so here’s how to help ....

Please join ... and SHARE ... our Black Cat Appreciation page on facebook  https://www.facebook.com/pages/For-the-Love-of-Black-Cats-Black-Cat-Appreciation-Page/186841014709029

Currently over 68,000 members strong ... help me reach my 100,000 goal -- this is like signing a petition -- to save black cats - to spread awareness of the plight of black cats - to make black cats more acceptable as adoption options - to stop shelters from the practice of euthanizing black cats instead of giving them a chance at adoption -- please join (don't want notifications? It's easy to turn them off!)

Our strength is in our numbers - the media picks up on groups with the most followers --- please add your name to the list of those who want to see equal opportunities for all cats regardless of color.

This event is spreading around the world and is saving more and more cats every year.

Rikki's Reufge's artist Wayne Morris started this and it's become a very special and important focus of Rikki's ever since.

Every life saved means the world to that cat ... please join and help give them a chance.

Thank you --- please share so your friends join and so they share .... Help reach our goal -- 100,000 supports of Black Cats .... Thank you.

right on Route 20
Ok, well in the yard right there next to Route 20.  We’re not selling flat merchandise !!!

All kinds of goodies -- Saturday, June 8, at 8 am ... the gates will open and you can SHOP !!!
21410 Constitution Highway, Rapidan VA 22733  -- this is what we refer to as Rikki’s North !!

Would YOU like to help on the day of the sale?  Contact Melissa: dogslife24@comcast.net

Do you have fabulous things - clothes, kids stuff, toys, kitchen tings, home decor, useful stuff that you’re no longer using, gifts you never needed - as long as it’s clean, we’ll sell it to pay off our Vet Debt !!!   Contact Melissa: dogslife24@comcast.net about drop off times -- Deadline to donate for the sale is this coming weekend.

Jewelry?  This is a big seller.  The high dollar fancy stuff and the costume kind.  Any you’d rather see paying our Vet Debt than collecting dust at your house?  Contact Melissa: dogslife24@comcast.net

Want to help Melissa organize, sort and price?  Well you know what to do!  Contact Melissa: dogslife24@comcast.net

Nothing to donate?  Can’t volunteer?  Too far away?  You can still help us Vanquish the Vet Debt  with a tax deductible donation: http://rikkisrefuge.org/donate.php

Like Nice Shiny Things?

Not nearly as exciting as a red laser dot racing across the floor .... but some of you hoomans like to adorn yourselves .... and I’ve got some great adornments for you !!!

Just check out some of these jewelry values .... silver ... turquoise .... animals !!!!   Cool stuff !!!!
How cool would YOU look with these??  So click on the pic above to learn more or to place a bid !!

eBay Giving Works
Let’s you donate a percentage -- from 10% - 100% of your auctioned goodies to Rikki’s Reufge !!!  Just click on the pic to learn how !!

What Does Lena Do on Her Day Off ??
Spend most of it working around the refuge !!

Wait a minute there !
I know she can multi-task like crazy ....  leash training a dog ... pushing a mower ... but hang on ... what’s that on the mower bag??

Oklahoma Found Pets
Photos of pets found after the tornado in Oklahoma are circulating.  If you’ve found someone, or if you’re looking for someone ... Rikki’s is maintaining a Found and Hoping to be Reunited with Owner page of pets https://www.facebook.com/OklahomaFoundPets  ...  Add your photos, descriptions and contact information here. 

If you’ve got someone lost, keep coming back frequently and searching. 

EVERYONE - share this page with everyone -- someone may recognize a pet belonging to a neighbor, relative or friend.  Many many animals were left homeless, frightened and lost ... let’s work together to get them home!!

This is what working together does!
Intensive efforts to circulate this guy's photo today has FOUND his owners !!!!   And they are ecstatic!!!   Just imagine how it must feel to lose everything ... your home .... everything you owned ... your photos ...  your beloved cat or dog.  And just imagine the joy when you found your pet !!!!!  

Rikki’s Refuge is all about providing for every possible need and want of 1300 animals of 22 species every day AND for helping other animals all over the planet.  Your donations go towards caring for our resident animals, feeding, medical bills and keeping them clean and happy.  Our network of volunteers also work exhaustively all over the planet !!!   Thank you for making Rikki’s what it is so we can be a role model to others and help them learn to help, so they can teach others to help ....  it really is a winning circle !!!

Would you donate a dollar to care for ONE of Rikki’s residents today?  http://rikkisrefuge.org/donate.php

is nummy and very healthy too!!!   And several stores in Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania have plenty of it to give away.  We have plenty of animals who want to eat it.  Pigs, goats, guinea pigs .....

Problem is it’s real hard to haul all the animals into Fredericksburg every day ... twice a day ... for meals ....

So we NEED YOUR HELP hauling the produce to Rikki’s ....  can you volunteer to help one day a month???  One day a week??  As an emergency fill in ??   Contact Melissa: dogslife24@comcast.net

That’s it for tonight !

Love you bunches,

2013 is the Year of the Purr ....

Join the movement ... we’re adding purr to planet earth !
 Look! It's a great car magnet with the world's most loved cat -- Vincent Cat!!!!
"What Would Vincent Do?"
He'd "Purr More, Hiss Less".

Magnet is $5 each, plus shipping (65-cents for 1 magnet, $1.05 for 2 for U.S. addresses). For other shipping costs (international, or for more than 2 magnets) contact Melissa Felts dogslife24@comcast.net  with your zip code and how many you want.     Purchase your magnet TODAY right here http://rikkisrefuge.org/donate.php

Don't be the LAST person on your block
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