Sunday, March 29, 2015

Good Morning Good News !!!! Sunday, March 29, 2015

Boy Iz tired.   Mom makz me go work yesterday. She say if I wants nums I gots to get green stuff to trade fo it.

Oh me oh my ..... it was such a hard decision trying to decide what to wear to Tractor Supply yesterday .....

It was mighty cold out there .....  I could go wif my polar bear jacket .....  yeah yeah yeah it's fake ... I don't wear nobody else’s fur

Timmy suggests I wear a lighter jacket

Or maybe just my fleece today ???? Help me out ... which outfit do you think I should wear?

Nevermind ..... Uncle Paul came to pick me up and he warmed up da truck and he says us boys can go naked ......

So wez starts out but Uncle Paul makes dis noise lik he be hurt’n bad. I looks at him an see notin bad. He says “do you liks my singin?” I gibs him my bes “you beez strange look” and he stops noise and say “lets listen radio”.

So we goz to Tractor Supply Company and sets up table. I watched to sez it be done good. Uncle Paul makes it looks good so we gets ready.

No bodies is der when we ready so I maks Uncle Paul scratch my neck. Soon peoples come by an I tells dem bout Rikki’s. Some says dey heerds bout us. Some not know us but liks what we does. Somes peoples say dey reads my message in OC Magazine each month. Nice to know peoples reads it. I puts lots work into it.

So things goes nice. Lots lovin by lots people. But Uncle Paul not gibs me nums.

I think I see the Fancy Feast isle and I leap for an escape ....  

Uncle Paul catches me and I looks at him wif my big sad eyes. He finally gibs some dry nums but no Fancy Feast. I know der be some in store but he not gibs none. But he gibs me some dry nums cuz he say I works hard an needs to keeps my strengths up. So I eats some an den he takes bowl from me. I looks at him likes what happen? He says Mom be mad I lets him eats too much. He say I gots to loos weight. Did Mom talk to him? Anyway, I tries to gets mor but eh says no more. Den he puts me back in my stroller to get more people to stops by.

He made me works for days. Well at least hours an hours. I likes ‘tention I gets but how longs I gots to works til we gots nuff for Fancy Feast? So finly after hours of working my bes looks, and couple more really short num breaks, Uncle Paul say Dat all todays. He packs things up and we says goodby an tanks to Miss Teresa and Mr Brett (dey nice people who work dere). We gets into truck an heads home. I so tir’d I falls sleep first thing. It be hard work to gets green stuff for nums.

Can anyone helps me out so I no have to keep workin so hards? Please send Mom green stuffs so she not sends me out too oftens. I had fun with Uncle Paul and likes meeting people but it be hard works. Please sends green stuffs soon.

You seez the sign that says $47 ???  That’s cuz that’s what room and board is for one kitty for one month at Rikki’s Refuge.  Yes sireeee ....   Everyone of us needs $47 each and every month to make da hoomans bring us nums, bring us meds -- ick, take us to the doctor, keep our homes sanitized for our protection, and put icky flea drops on us.

Can you help just ONE of us pay the rent today?

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