Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! October 2, 2013

Hi ya !!!!  And welcome to October on Planet Earth !!!!   My favorite place to be !!!!  Especially at Rikki’s Refuge .... watching dem hoomans work hard getting everything ready for winter ... yup .. it’s a big job ... glad I got hoomans to do it !!!!  

And Happy World Vegetarian Day .... WHAT ???  Wait a minute?  Who put THAT in the script?  Very funny ....   Well to you Hooman Vegetarians ...  Happy World Vegetarian Day ... just don’t go gettin no ideas with us pussy cats !!!!

My Great Grand Pa really loves us kitties.  And it made him really sad last week when the food bank called and gave Rikki’s Refuge three whole pallets of canned dog food .... and not one single can of kitty food .....   

And so for his Birthday he wants to do something really special !!!!   It’s the

Fill Those Trucks Challenge !!!!

For only $8.70 you can buy a WHOLE case of Kitty Nums for all of us kitties at Rikki’s Refuge !!!  

We’ve got a plan for every budget !!!

Only 87 cents will buy enough nums for me for all day !!!!

$174 will feed all of the kitties canned food for the whole day !!!

$87 will buy TEN CASES of Kitty Nums !!!

AND there’ s MORE !!!!
YOU and YOU over there ... YOU TWO each help me load up a case ....  and GGP will give me a case to load up too !!!  So TWO will give me THREE !!!!   You up to buying a STACK of cases for only $87?  I’ll get FIFTEEN cases !!!  What a deal !!!!

Click to join our Fill the Truck Party NOW ....

Look who’s already helping:
Nora Eldridge
Lia Federico
Ron Herfurth
Deb Lavoie
Donna Savory
Cathy McGuire
Ann Becker
Martha Girdany
Deb Forrest
Laura Kovalik
Alan Anstine
Lisa DeFilippo 

Thank you so very nummy much !!!!!

You’re voting to feed the cats and dogs and everybody else at Rikki’s Refuge
Winning contests is a big part of our budget
Please help out !!
Your clicks translate into food !!!
You DO NOT have to use Facebook for voting --- you can use any EMAIL ADDRESS instead !!!   OR vote without signing in !!!

Remember to always vote “Rikkis Refuge, VA, USA” ... if you’ll please, please log in every day and vote for me you’ll be helping me to win food for the animals !!! 

Fredericksburg Pet Expo
Thank you Melissa, Paul, Melanie and all the volunteers who helped!!!   Hey YOU ... why don’t you sign up to help me out at events too?  I might got to spend the night at your house?  Just drop me an email

Here I am in the morning, getting ready for the Pet Expo.  I stayed overnight with Melissa and I’m Chillin' with the dogs!

Melissa: Hey Opie, when you drank out of Duke's water bowl, did it taste like dog spit???

Pamela Jarrell came to see me at the Pet Expo!

When ever it was quiet for a few seconds ... I did what all good cats do ....

Aunt Melanie thought I should start getting ready for Halloween!

                                                                                                        I’d always rather be pigging out ...

That night I got to sleep in a HUGE dog bed all by myself!!!! It's soooo big that when I stretch as far as I can, I still can't reach the edges!!! Auntie Melissa wanted me to sleep in her bed (which is even BIGGER!), but I was too curious about my new surroundings, and she thought I might fall out of bed, so she put me on the floor so that I could go exploring. But, I got in bed with her this morning -- did you know that hooman toes are much nicer to rub against than doggie toes? Doggie toes move around too much. They are not good scratchers. Then, I started wandering around on the bed -- Huckleberry was getting his belly rubbed, and was in lala land! He was so cute that I licked his head and ears, to help relax him even more!

Melissa’s cats were curious about me. The one named Natasha tried to smack me! But I was not close enough for her to hit me. The black cat, Kimmie, keeps hissing at me! Valen is an orange cat who looks like me, but did not have any white on him. He follows me around, sniffing at me, but has not tried to hit me or anything.

I'm walking all over the place! Even running a bit! There's carpet here, so I don't slip and slide.

Sometimes in the Animal World
.... well maybe most of the time, you should expect the unexpected !!!!  

It’s like working at Rikki’s Refuge .....  don’t worry about preparing for the expected ....  always be in awe of the unexpected and be ready to change course to meet the current demand ....   No matter which animal it’s coming from !!

Thank you for working with us, hand in paw, day in and day out, to care for the critters of Rikki’s Refuge .... we couldn’t do it without YOU!!  Thank you for saving our lives.   Winter is just around the corner ... we’re getting ready to buy winter bedding and stocking the pantry in case of bad weather ....  would you ... could you ... please ... help us out just a little bit?  Every penny counts ... 25 of them add up to feed one of us a meal !!!!

Love you bunches,

2013 is the Year of the Purr ....

Join the movement ... we’re adding purr to planet earth !
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"What Would Vincent Do?"
He'd "Purr More, Hiss Less".

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