Saturday, September 13, 2014

Good Morning Good News !!!! September 13, 2014

I really would like to say THANK YOU GOD !!!!   What a great day yesterday was !!!!   I've always believed in miracles .... or I should say I've relied on miracles ... without one miracle after another, Rikki's Refuge never would have been and could not continue to be .....   From the day I found the property and envisioned a sanctuary growing there .... to the day a donor stepped up and said, "I'll buy it for you." ....

.... to the day I sat on the back porch crying, no money, no more cat litter, 200 cats a poopin' ... and I looked up and said, "Come on God, you gotta do somethin' ... you got me into this mess ... you've got to get some cat litter" ... and the phone rang ... and the lady on the other end said, "Do you use cat litter?  Could you use 96,000 pounds?"  And I said, "96,000 pounds?  Do you have any idea how much that is?"  And she said, "Yes a full railroad car, can you come and get it."  One pick up truck load at a time ...  mmm hmmmm we did ....  Singing thank you God all the way home, trip after trip.   

And everyday when people are so kind to us, kind enough to buy food, kind enough to donate supplies, kind enough to give us their hard earned money, kind enough to vote for us in contests that are yet another miracle come true !!!!   

Thank you for keeping on voting in the Tractor Supply contest and keeping on sharing and helping us all to be WINNERS !!!!   We’ve only got a two more days to vote.  The contest ends on Sunday ...  so be sure to get in your Saturday and Sunday vote ....  Thank you !!!!


We are in second place as one of the Top Ten Finalist in the Tractor Supply Company’s RESCUE MY RESCUE PHOTO CONTEST!    The grand prize?  $10,000!!   

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  The contest winners are chosen by VOTES.  It is free and easy and you can vote every 24 hours.  The contest runs through Sunday, September 14 at midnight!  The final prize winners will then be announced on Wednesday, September 17, the first day of the Tractor Supply Company Pet Appreciation Week (PAW).

AND you can come see us at The Orange, Virginia, Tractor Supply on Saturday September 20th from 10 am - 2 pm !!  Please VOTE for us so Tractor Supply will be featuring US as their WINNER !!!!!    Thank you !!    Click here to VOTE

Please get your Shelter Challenge VOTE in EVERYDAY!! 
this contest runs thru 9/21 and allows daily, sometimes twice daily, votes !!!  The Shelter Challenge is a wonderful opportunity to help the animals with only a few clicks !!!!  Totally FREE and EASY and QUICK ....  turn your clicks into meds to prevent ticks !!!!

Please vote today and every day  ...  Just go to this link
and enter Rikkis Refuge (no ‘ ... see ??)  in VA in the USA and that’s it !! Thank you

... with your support we’re able to help so many into their new furrever happy homes ....  and to give that life long home to those not quite so fortunate ...  Thank you for your support

Without YOU

none of us would have been alive

to enjoy this beautiful summer !!

THANK YOU !!!!!!
Your donations have saved the lives of every animal featured here today !!!!   AND your donations are giving them happiness today !!!   Pledge to work each and every day to make the planet just a little bit better.  Please make a donation in honor of the animals you have loved to give everyone here a happy tomorrow !!! 

    Timmy, Sylvsstra, Duke
    and Kiki

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