Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!! November 30, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!!
We held steady overnight - keep on voting - we've got to run ahead now that we're on the last stretch ... only 19 more days !!!! Run and VOTE http://bit.ly/VoteVincent Rikkis Refuge VA USA

Turn your page .... Reflections Page 6, featuring Vincent, Walker,Pollyanna, Ken Lickliter, Hushey, Vincent, Kate Morgan, Galvin, Rhonda, Katarina Galvin, Sami, Autumn-Skye Port, Leaper, Tom, Jerry, Fred Friedman, Jan Chetnik, Candy Erhard, Dennis Bane, Crystal Bane, REACH, Deloris Quick, Carl Phillips, Jane whitmore, Bob Whitmore, Mike Wood    http://www.rikkisrefuge.org/Vincent/10112206RLZOZICY.pdf

Very cute birdie!! And all I want is a kitty to win the agility contest for us!!! http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=155199811170427

Mom made me share this cuz she wants YOU to live long and prosper!

Take a Look At This!
Positive thought counseling makes a great gift! Many people get depressed during the holidays because they are alone, have to work, etc. And sometimes they get upset because they will be seeing family members with whom they may have some differences.

From Elizabeth Witt: Just FYI, Amazon is having a bunch of pet-related lightning deals today.  Beds, clippers, automatic feeders, drinking fountains, litter boxes etc.

Be sure to enter Amazon thru our shopping page and your purchase will help feed ME and my friends here !!!!    http://www.rikkisrefuge.org/Rikkis/ShopAndSave.html

If you click on the red link on the top right, it will take you to the Cyber Monday (LOL - week long) deals. The lightning deals are in a window you can scroll left and right. You don't find out the prices until the deal is available, but you can see what most of the items are going to be.

Good Morning Good News now on MY blog too http://rikkisrefuge.blogspot.com
Soon I'll get the pictures embedded for even more fun!!!!

Check it out !!! Katarina is at it again!!! Angel Trees all over town!!!  Stop in and fulfill our Christmas Wishes, or help Katarina with the program!  katarinagalvin@yahoo.com  Aren't they lovely?

And here's where you can find them!
  • Booth Feed Fredericksburg, 5037 Plank Rd
  • Booth Feed Stafford, 1186 Warrenton Rd
  • Petco Harrison Crossing, 5717 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg
  • Village Feed, 23436 Constitution Hwy, Unionville
  • Orange-Madison Co-op, 13323 James Madison Highway, Orange
  • Culpeper Animal Hospital, 441 Aspen St
  • Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital, 2301 1/2 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg
  • La Rue de Beauty Hair Salon, 243 E Church St, Orange

Do you like parades?
I do and I'm hoping to get to go! This will be our very first parade float!!!

Come help Katarina katarinagalvin@yahoo.com build our float!!

We'll be in the Orange County Christmas Parade, Sunday Dec. 5th, that's this SUNDAY in the Town of Orange. Bob Wallace lent us his trailer for the float. The theme of the parade is the twelve days of Christmas. It would be so awesome if we could put our twist on things to make it the twelve animals of Christmas!

The plan is to build the float on Saturday Dec 4th from 10am - 3pm. Then we can meet at the Refuge on Sunday at 12 noon to get into any costumes we come up with and pretty much finish anything that needs to be done.

Plus, we'll get in the spirit with Christmas refreshments available to all volunteers and staff members =0)

I have a few ideas on what the float could look like but please let me know if your creativity kicks in and you have any good ideas on how we can do this. My ideas include a big Vincent sitting on the float with a Santa hat and then us all dressed as different animals....handing out candy canes with Vote for Rikki's info and Merry Christmas attached...its all very flexible right now so please let me know your great ideas!

(ed. I see no need for flexibility here - I LOVE the plan!)

Or would YOU rather be on TV!!
Who wants to be in a TV Segment for Rikki's Refuge? You can choose the topic you want to talk about, anything from volunteering to fundraising, to what we do at Rikki's, to upcoming events. 

If you want we can even give you info to talk about. 

It's really fun, very easy and a great experience. If we get a few volunteers who will be able to film next week the segment will be played the week before Christmas!!

If you are interested please let me katarinagalvin@yahoo.com or Ken kidbud88@hotmail.com know asap so he can get the studio reserved.

Here's some past tv shows!!
Here's YOUR chance to be a STAR and help the animals of Rikki's!!!

Quote of The Week from GPAAR - "People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be." Author - Abraham Lincoln

Rene says get on down to Sherri's Shop in down town Orange by the tracks and buy your holiday handcrafted signs!!! Part of the proceeds goes to Rikki's and she promised it's all for Fancy Feast! http://www.flickr.com/photos/rikkis_refuge/5221582536/

Ken reports in that Dartagnan is eating like a champ again! Yippee. He adopted Dartagnan several months back. Suddenly he went on a hunger strike. He found a turtle doc expert - not your every day doc - and they were trying all kinds of things to get him eating again. Another handicapped turtle came in. He'd lost both front feet in an accident. Ken adopted him and as soon as Dartagnan saw him eating, he said, "Hi ya pal, been waiting for somebody to share dinner with!" And now they're both very happy. Amazing what a friend can do!!!

We just got a check from Krogers!!! Now that makes a nice stocking stuffer!!! Not MY check. But a Kroger Kare Kard from Rikki's. Buy your card for $5 and get $5 of groceries at Krogers. Every time you reload and use your card, Kroger will make a donation to Rikki's. It's FREE for you!!! Check out the details at http://www.rikkisrefuge.org/Rikkis/kroger.html It's good at all Kroger affiliates (see the web site) all across the USA!!!!

You know what I want for Christmas? Earthling Harmony!

I love you with all my heart,