Friday, April 19, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! April 20, 2013

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Hi my bestest friends !!!
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Breaking News: Toyota is smarter than Mom
MY Toyota is smarter than she who thinks she knows it all cuz she can open cans !!!!

Mmmm Hmmmm she pulls up to gas pump ... has phone on one ear ... lady at next pump starts talking to her ... guy comes out a sheetz and says OH Hey Rikki (they all think that's her name round here) youz just the lady Iz been wanting to see (that means he's got another litter of barn kittens cuz spaying is unnatural) and she pops the gas door to open and then pushes the button to lock the door

.... and a second later the locks pop back open.

She does this over and over ... staring at it in disbelief ..... till she realized the keys was still plugged in ....

purrty smart car, huh????

Lucky has gone to Rainbow Bridge.

Lucky was a very old police doggy. Many many years ago he was injured in the line of duty. He was retired and his officer took him home and Lucky lived happily with the family.

A few years later Lucky's officer died. Lucky still lived with the family and was their beloved friend ... and reminder of the husband and father of the family.

Time moved on. The officer's wife re-married. Lucky became an unwanted reminder of a time past.

Lucky ended up tied on a short lead and ignored. He got older and he got arthritis and his lead was so short he had no room to walk, never to run. His old hips and hind knees froze in place. He began to not even get up and was pooping and peeing on himself. Now he was a really unwanted doggy and he went to a high kill pound.

An officer who'd known him and his man saw him there and wanted to take him home, but she had her police dog who wouldn't tolerate another dog in the house, she called and asked if he could come to Rikki's, even if it was just to die in dignity.

And so he came. He had no light in his eyes, no wag in his tail, he couldn't stand up and he didn't want to eat. After a few days of love and patting and coaxing to eat to became ravenous.

Next the tail began to wag. Then the light came back into his eyes. We knew maybe, there'd be more good life for him. Arthritis meds were added and physical therapy. After a couple weeks he could sit up well.

After a month he was able to walk, though very stiff legged on the back and not far. He practiced his walking no matter how hard it was - he was truly a doggy with a mission.

Though he remained very thin the few years he lived with us, he was otherwise very healthy. He loved to do morning and evening rounds of the farm. When all animals are checked for the day. He followed the hooman doing rounds and helped them at every single animal neighborhood.

His gait was always a bit stiff on the rear and if he'd been laying down for a long time on one side it could take some good massaging to get a knee going sometimes. But he always made rounds. And the hooman round maker would always be patient and massage and work his knee till he could comfortably keep up.

Sunday was no different. Lucky loved laying in the sun. He hated being indoors and at night loved his post by the driveway so he could greet folks coming in in the morning. The last couple years we forced him inside when it was really cold out. He hated it, we felt bad, but he was so thin, it just seemed he needed that protection. He'd eat doorknobs, tear up doors, rip up vinyl, he really hated being enclosed even in a house!!

He spent his last day Sunday just as he did most days, lots of sun laying time, shifting around the farm to follow the sun all day. We had lots of volunteers and he checked progress on all their projects and kept an eye on everything and got lots of pats and hugs and love.

Just before evening rounds, he'd always get an extra meal. Lena went out to the field he was dozing in and told him what time it was. He popped up and followed her back towards the 9th Life Center, most of the way there he stumbled and collapsed. He was never really aware again, though he'd life his head or wag his tail a little here and there.

He'd had a stroke. He was comfortable and pain free. That first day or two is so important .. sometimes they recoup. Lena made a nice comfy bed up for Lucky and lots of kitty and doggy friends snuggled up with him. He was sleeping peacefully Sunday night when his spirit left. His body just wasn't up to fighting any more.

We'll miss you Lucky and we're thankful that you got every last drop of happy our of your life and that your passing was gentle and clam amongst your friends. Now you can play with Vincent and Nanny and Jack and so many.

YOUR support is what makes it possible for dogs like Lucky to have wonderful retirement homes where they can enjoy life to the fullest -- thank you for your support -- we appreciate even the smallest donation to help us care for our other dogs like Lucky

Love you bunches,
           Opie and Timmy

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