Monday, April 29, 2013

In Memory of Don Tyrrell

Don was a wonderful hooman.  So is his beloved wife, Libby.  They first heard of Rikki’s Refuge many years ago when they read in the Freelance Star about the terrible snow storm of December 2005 that collapsed the roofs of our Cat Runs.  They wanted to help.  They came to visit to see first hand what a mess it all was.  And they made a very generous donation to help us buy the materials so things could be repaired.  Don and Libby have been avid supporters of Rikki’s Refuge ever since! 

We are very saddened to hear of Don’s passing.  68 is far too young to loose a kind and loving person.  Our heartfelt sympathies are with you Libby, as we can only imagine how much you miss Don. 

You can make a donation in memory of Don to help the animals he so loved at Rikki’s Refuge.  Add a note in the comments and I’ll include it here.

Thank you for remembering Don
Laura KovalIn Memory of Donald A Tyrrell Jr. You will be truly missed. From: Grease Monkey of Fredericksburg

Lois Hamaker             
Marc and Susan Hamaker
Don was a free spirit and a wonderful uncle who inspired us to live life by our own rules. His love of animals proves how big his heart was, and we were especially touched to learn about his support of Rikki's Refuge. We're happy to donate to an organization that he cared so much about, and we're proud to do this in his honor.
Sandy Wynant
Susanne Mullins 
Mary-Gena T Kunz