Monday, March 06, 2017

GOOD MORNING GOOD NEWS ---- March 7, 2017

Hi you all !!!!!   Welcome to March on this beautiful planet !!!  I really love my planet .....  don't you ??  It's the purrtiest one ever I think .....   just look at all the beautiful animals we gotz !!!!  

Including my new pal Obie.  I don't know why he has to have a name that close to mine.  I sure hope you don't get us confused.  I'm the adorable orange dude .... Opie is the dirty mud puddle rolling dawg !!!! 

He has been working hard to learn the reins around here. 

With my buddy Duke living at Rainbow Bridge with Vincent, Rikki's needs a new Spokes Dawg, who's here on the planet 24/7, and it looks like Obie is the choice. 

Beauty thinks the job should be hers ......   but sometimes she's not so nice to visitors, and I keep explaining customer service to her ......   and in some places she'd be just purrfect ....  but maybe not so much here .....  

Sorry Beauty, it's a command level decision .... and somebody has to make them ....

Boomer felt that he should get the job cus he was Duke's seeing dog and best friend .....  but Boomer when you got busted off the property and got locked up ....  well if you gonna be the Official Spokes Dawg you gotta have runnin rights to greet da visitors ....  sorry. 

Moose said he's the biggest Dawg so he should be the Spokes Dawg ......   but ......   Moose bein a blood hound and all, he just put his nose to the ground and think nothin but followin a smell ......  so maybe he get too distracted and not do so much a good job ......

Buzz applied .... but geeze dude .....  when you won't stop barkin at nobody new and you won't go kiss 'em and take treats

......   well maybe you not ready for being the Friendly Face of Rikki's ........

And Obie's been workin hard at his trainin. 

Obie has certainly passed the test for how to greet visitors !!!

And how to greet new residents and make them feel at home.

He passed the course in Guard Dawging

And he ... well he sort of ...  passed herding ......

I think da hoomans had sheep and goats in mind ...........

And he's a really good jumper

That's not something I can do cus I got no back feetz ....  so he does compliment my ONE failing ......

And he has uggghhhhhhh

mastered the art of mud rolling .....  gross .... and he never licks himself clean .....  all the more reason to vote for us cats in April when the great challenge comes up .......  

And so I'll turn things over to Obie now, as I, as Leader of Rikki's Refuge and Chief Spokes Cat swear him in as Official Spokes Dawg of Rikki's Refuge.

State your Oath, Obie ....

I, Obie Won Caninobie, do swear to uphold the spirit of Rikki's Refuge in all that I do.
I solemnly swear to treat all residents, regardless of species, number of legs,
or length of ears, with fair and equal consideration,
except for cats, who will be exalted at all times above all species?

Opie?  Are you sure I've got this right?

I will hereby make it my duty to see that all are fed good hearty meals each and every day.
I will make it my duty to see that cats are fed first, and that all cats are entitled to seconds and thirds,
and that they shall receive the highest quality of food.

Opie?  This is really right?  But equal ....?? 

Equal really means cats first?   Ok .... if you say so.

I will see that all residents are provided with comfortable beds every night,
and that cats get the first choice of all bedding and have the right to ....

Opie?  I'm running for Spokes DOG aren't I ?  This sounds like it might be your part?
OK?  You're sure?  This is really what Duke and Bandit before him promised too?
Yes, oh yes, Opie, I do realize you're very experienced at this.
No, oh no Opie, I'm not questioning your authority.
I'm sorry .... let me get on with this.

In every way and on every day, I shall protect all of Rikki's Refuge.
I shall do my best to provide and to protect.
I shall mediate between residents and shall always find in favor of a cat in any dispute.

Opie?  Ok ok ....  I'm so sorry to question you .... it's just .....

Mom ..?  You agree with Opie... ?

"mmmmmm hummmmm, Obie .....  just remember, Opie is always right .... and you'll be fine ....  just fine"

OK ....

I promise to do my best and to make Rikki's Refuge the very best it can be for all who live here.

And I promise to follow all rules and regulations, all guidelines and commands,
and every wish and whim of the majestic and honorable Opie L. Cat ........  

So help me Bast.

WOW so that makes me official Spokes Dog now?   And I hand the stage back to Opie now?

Yes, Yes, Obie, that's right.  Back to me !!   Back to me !!

Congratulations .... I now pronounce you Official Spokes Dawggie of Rikki's Refuge !!!!!

So get to work and convince YOUR fans to help you feed EVERYBODY around here .....

........   I got places to go .....    things to do ........

Ok, Opie .... don't eat it ALL .....   Save something for me ... won't you ?   Please ?  Just a little maybe ?

So .... Hello ....  I'm proud to bring you some public service announcements .....

Opie has failed ........

"HEY Dawg Face .....  Try that again !!"  

Oh .... ok ... I didn't mean .....  I just ....

Well I have here in front of me half a box of calendars ......   and Opie says I have to find homes for them .... and Quick like ......  cus I'm the Official Spokes Dog .... and yeah Opie ... it's DOG .....   so there ...... 

"Obie watch it, insolence won't serve you well ...."  

Opie sold the first box and a half real quick like and he says even a dumb dawg should be able to sell just half a box and at half price no less and I need to prove my worth as the Official Spokes DOG ..... 

Anyway so I'd like to offer you a calendar, shipped to your home, for HALF PRICE, a donation of only $12.50 so that I can buy a case of Fancy Fea.......    who the heck is my speech writer ?????     So I can buy doggy nums ......  

Will you HELP me out Please ....???
If I don't get my very first assignment done right, and right away ....   Opie might fire me ......... 

Thank you for helping me out here ......  

And I'd like to invite you to come read with me .....

"Serously?  You know how to read, Obie ?  "  

Geesh ......  Opie .... don't make this harder than it is .....   public speaking ... especially in hooman .... is really scary.  Maybe they can read to ME ?

Please come to Kitty-Litter-Ature

Mmmmmm Kitty Litter is good !!!!   Sounds like a good time reading and snacking ......   I hope you'll come meet me !!!!

"Oh geesh ......   dawgs .... and I have to work with this"  

I've met a few of you .....   I know not nearly as many as Opie has met .....  but I'd really like to meet ALL of you !!!!

So I'm sure hoping you'll come on a tour real soon.   We have Tours just about every Sunday and most holidays ....  just check in and get your ticket ....  cus Beauty's job is to not allow nobody without a ticket in !!!!

And tell 'em Obie sent you !!!!!

Is there anything else Opie?

"That'll do Obie  ....  I'll take over ...  run on over to Maggie's .... she's got some plates that need licking ..."  

So my friends ... there you have him !!  Obie ... my new assistant and Official Spokes Dawg of Rikki's Refuge .....   Please do come on out and meet him ....  and don't forget to bring me some Fancy Feast too !!!!!!   

What do you think?  

I want to know why there is no Spokes Emu ?  I want to run to visit schools everywhere .......

We're happy to follow Opie ......   and YOU if you'll bring us fresh veggies .......   hurry and visit us soon ....

We're your Fine Feathered Friends .....  how come no Spokes Duck ? 

Hey!  Don't you leave now without being SURE all those treats have been handed out !!!!

Ok -- ok --- enough guys ......   how about chipping in and helping me run the place ......

there's just so much to do ....

I just couldn't do it all by myself ...  I really need YOU .....  when YOU help me then it doesn't seem like such a daunting task ......   when YOU take on the responsibility of helping me to feed everybody .....  I can cope ... and I can sleep at night .... and in the morning ... and the afternoon ... and the ......  Anyway when I know I have YOU there to help me take care of all these hungry critters .....  I just know YOU will make Rikki's live on forever !!!!!



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