Friday, November 26, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!! November 26, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!!

Thank you Cindy and Walker for coming and spending your Thanksgiving Day
at Rikki's and helping us out. On holidays all the staff come in real
early - 4 am - to get things done quick - so they can go home and spend
times with their family. Lena stayed all day too. We appreciate you
wanting to spend your holiday with us, Cindy.

It's Friday and it's Free Food Friday num num num
send an email to with the subject "Shelter
Giveaway" on Fridays to enter PetCo's drawing for a $50 PetCo Gift Card
every weekend. A winner will be chosen at random every Saturday. It
may as well be YOU!

Tuesday and Wednesday sure felt like Free Food Day, thank you Mary Ellen
for hauling in truck loads of feed for the BIG animals, the cows and
horses and goats and sheep and pigs .... And thank you Village Farm and
Feed for donating it!!!

The group that passed us and made us go to #7 on the planet is only
0.03% ahead of us. Surly we can close that gap ... and close it FAST
.... Go Team Vincent GO GO GO -- rally your support and Vote Vote Vote
.... Rikkis Refuge VA USA

I'm a panda today
--- come here -- I give you big cuddly black and white hug --- no mater
what you are today !!!! Rikkis Refuge VA USA

So you all got to pig out on good nums yesterday? We did too. But we
won't for long. Canned cat food runs out on Saturday. Uh Oh. If
you're visiting this weekend, please bring some. I know we eat a lot
but there IS a lot of us!

Auntie Candy is ordering $1,005.48 of cat food from Wegmans for us
today. They let us have the 13.2 oz cans for 63 cents. That's the same
as 26 cents for a regular 5.5 oz can, and it's good stuff too. Mommey
can get it a tiny bit cheaper, 25 cents a can, in Waynesboro but she
can't get over the mountains and thru the woods and back here in time
before we go hungry. And mommey never allows us to go hungry.

Nice people - Dennis and Crystal you available? - will pick it up for us
in Fredericksburg on Monday or Tuesday when it comes from the warehouse
and bring it all the way out here for us. And then it'll last about two
weeks!!! I know, I know, we eat. But YOU do too!!!!!

If you can't stop by and bring a case or two, would you mind chipping in
a buck or two?

Thanksgiving Day is a big day for football isn't it? This was the best
game ever.!

Thank you everybody who chose tofurky or something else instead of

Here's friends who enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with us!

Here's some great Gifts for Cats (and Their People)

Rikki's turns up in the funniest places! This isn't our ad, just
somebody who like one of our pictures and used it.

Thank you Kathy for keeping tack of where in the world is Rikki's!!!!
Nothing is secret in the world anymore is it?? I clicked on
rikkis_refuge and it went to the picture on flickr and it even tells
what camera mom used to take the picture!!!! Gee I better behave, I
don't want anybody seeing me pulling out mom's credit card and helping
out on that chipin!!!!

Are you Social Media Socially Savvy?
I just joined Diggs this morning. There are so many "things" out there
and so many ways to get the word out about Rikki's and about saving
animals. I just can't keep my paws flying fast enough to do it all. I
need some help. It's ok if you have opposable thumbs or not. I don't
care how many legs you have or how long your ears are - if you can help
me keep up with all the neat new things on the web I NEED YOU!!!!

Also if you're an artist and want some exposure, I need sketches,
drawings, cartoons, note cards, calendars, all kinds of things all about
the animals at Rikki's. Can you draw? How about a daily drawing or
cartoon to share???

What's your talent? Tell me and I bet we can team up with something

Can you wear a Santa Suit, snap a camera, wrap gifts, help distribute
Christmas Wish Trees, there's so much to do and Nanny and me just can't
keep up with it all ... come on board and be a part of Vincent's Heroes

Walker has something to share. It's pure fiction so don't believe a
word of it!!!

Stop in here to see some really cool things on e-bay! They'll give
Rikki's a portion of the proceeds too!!! Hey, look at the
paintings.... great xmas gifts ... and the Beanie Babies, and the
collars and the shirts .... Hey something here for everybody. Save
this link and check in often!

This is very touching. Enjoy and I'll see YOU tomorrow!!!

Till tomorrow, all my love,

PS If you don't want your Daily Good News, just let me know! A couple
of you have said you only want Hairballs with out the Good News!!
That's ok! Just tell me. I'm here to make you happy, just tell me how!
If Good New don't make you happy - I could always start Bad News, but,
as you hoomans say, why reinvent the wheel - that's what you've got tv
and newspapers for !!!!!

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