Saturday, October 25, 2014

NATIONAL MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY - Duke & Opie's Top 15 Ways YOU Can Help!

Duke and Opie want to know what you are doing today, October 25, for NATIONAL MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY?  It is the biggest day of giving nationwide and they have suggestions on what you can do to help Rikki's Refuge make a difference in the lives of the 1300+ animals that call the Refuge home.  Please remember that one person CAN make a difference!

Here are Duke and Opie's TOP 15 WAYS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR RIKKI'S REFUGE! The boys really appreciate your support!

  1. Become a Rikki's Refuge Angel by giving a MONTHLY DONATION.
  2. VOTE for us daily in the PAL (Pets Add Life) SHELTER SHOWDOWN!  It's easy and free for you!  Rikki's could win $25,000!  Directions below and this contest runs through 11/19/14.  SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!
  3. Shop our Amazon Wish List and purchase some much-needed supplies for the animals at Rikki's Refuge!
  4. VOTE!  Please remember to vote daily in the Animal Rescute Site Shelter Challenge for Rikki's Refuge.  When you vote everyday, it really makes a difference! SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!
  5. Sign up for Amazon Smile and choose LIFE UNLIMITED OF VIRGINIA INC (that's us!) as your charity of choice.  For every purchase you make afterwards, a donation will be sent to Rikki's (at NO cost to you!).
  6. If you are a Federal Government employee, you can give to Rikki's Refuge through the Combined Federal Campaign!  You cn also use our CFC number to give to Rikki's Refuge through the United Way, no matter where you are employed!  Rikki's Refuge CFC number is 77674. 

  7. And if you are a Virginia State employee, you can donate to Rikki's through the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign.  The Rikki's Refuge CVC number is 003163.
  8. Use GOODSEARCH.COM every time you search the Internet and they donate a penny per search to your cause.  Doesn't sound like much, but in this case, every penny really does count!  And if you spend a lot of time online, it adds up!
  9. Get some cool Rikki's Refuge swag at our Rikki's Marketplace.  Bumper stickers, t-shirts, fun stuff!  
  10. We urgently need (on a regular monthly basis) Advantage II for all dog sizes!  These items are listed on our Amazon Wish List or you can DONATE and specify that you want your donation to go towards this!
  11. A donation of $1 feeds one animal for the entire day, $5 feeds five animals for that all counts and there is no donation too small (or big!).
  12. Support Rikki's Refuge every time you walk your dog!  Use either Wooftrax or Resqwalk ~ you can get the FREE app for your iPhone and/or Android!  Get walking!
  13. Our seniors and sick kids need some extra special attention.  We are always in need of regular cans of tuna and meat baby food!
  14. You shop online. Rikki's Refuge gets money.  For free.  If you are an online shopper (and the holidays are fast approaching!) it is easy to download the iGive icon and choose Rikki's Refuge as your charity of choice!  For most purchases you make online, Rikki's will get a small percentage.....and it costs you nothing! 
  15. Follow us on Facebook and comment and like our posts! 
You are such a blessing to us at Rikki's.  Nothing that we do for the 1300+ animals in our care would be possible without your generosity and love!  We hope you know that even though today is National Make a Difference Day, YOU make a difference in the animals lives EVERYDAY!  We are so grateful!

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