Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good Morning Good News, December 11, 2012

Morning from all 1289 of us who are thanking YOU this morning for our breakfast nums  !!! 

When God looks down and smiles on
Rikki’s Refuge in the morning,
this is what he sees!
Joe mowed that R out in the field, with no aerial help at all, just right from the ground, no stakes to lay out nothing, just doing the curves and straights on the tractor.  He wasn’t even sure what it looked like.  He just knew what he wanted to do.  Then one day a skydiver said, what’s over here?  I saw this giant R.  Then a friend Bill flew over with a friend in a private plane and saw it, but he didn’t have his camera.  Now it’s there on Google !!!!

Is that cool or what ?

WOW Rikki’s really does look like an oasis of safety and protection out there, doesn’t it ?

Here’s my trivia question for today!  
Tell me what the different areas mean to you?  The red, the pink, the yellow and the blue?

And what will they mean at 12:12 pm on 12/12/12 ?????    This is the most exciting news in years !!!!!

Every acre of land in our circle of protection gives hundreds and hundreds, even thousands of animals from bears to little bugs, protection and the chance live their natural lives ... well naturally  !!!!!!    And that’s all cuz life, from the smallest little creature ... to the biggest one of all ... all deserve kindness and a happy home, cuz that’s the way the planet is spposed  to be !

so please do your voting !!!
That simple little act, bring 4,000 meals to the critters
Please vote with us daily in every session of the

Help the animals win money to buy food with your easy, simple, free votes !!
and enter Rikkis Refuge in VA in the USA,
and always remind them that it’s Rikkis Refuge in VA in the USA and let them know that's it's easy, quick, FREE and no apps or sign ups, peoples hate those apps that keep sending out stuff AND that they can vote every day on every puter and phone they have !!!   Every day !!

are supercool !!!!  And they are here to help Rikki’s Refuge during the holiday season ....  All the way till the FIRST of the New Year !!!    we need Angel Trees cuz money don’t grow on trees.  But good pressies of nums and supplies can magically appear under out Angel Trees !!!

So far look what YOU have made happen under the Angel Trees !!!
Horse Food 250 lbs
Pig food 425 lbs
Goat food 300 lbs
Chicken Food 300 lbs
Cow Food 300 lbs
Guinea pig food 74 lbs
Rabbit Food 259 lbs
Bird food 211 lbs

Dry Cat Food 552.2 lbs
Canned Cat Food 749 cans
Dry Dog Food 1,225.70 lbs
Canned Dog Food 264 cans

Santa’s Helper making a delivery from the Angel Trees to Rikki’s Feed Store !!
That’s “store” as in to keep the food a fore da aminals eat it all, not as in “store” to sell it !!!!


You can find our Angel Trees at

Rikki's Refuge Christmas Wish Trees 2012

Come grant an animal's wish this Christmas Season at any of these Rikki's friendly locations. Choose an animal with a Christmas wish, purchase the item off the ornament and donate it under the tree. Our Santa helpers will be picking up all donations and delivering to the refuge thru Jan. 1. Help make an emu, cat, dog, pig, goat, horse, or chicken happy this Christmas with your donation. Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Petco at Harrison Crossing
5717 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg, Va 22407

Tractor Supply of Fredericksburg
4178 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg, Va 22407

360 Feed Supply
5037 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg, Va 22407

Roxbury Farm and Garden
601 Lafayette Blvd. Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital
2301 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg, VA 22401


Harvest Market
7610 Heths Salient St., Spotsylvania VA 22553

Giant at Hilltop
10346 Courthouse Rd. Spotsylvania VA 22553


Orange-Madison Co-op
13323 James Madison Hwy, Orange, Va 22960

Village Farm Feed and Garden Center
28284 Constitution Hwy, Rhoadesville, Va 22542

Orange Tractor Supply
13226 James Madison Hwy, Orange Va 22960

Dollar General
13260 James Madison Hwy, Orange VA 22960


Culpeper Animal Hospital
441 Aspen St, Culpeper Va 22701

Culpeper Farm and Home
15172 Brandy Rd, Culpeper VA 22701

Culpeper Tractor Supply
588 Culpeper Town Sq, Culpeper Va 22701


Southern States Co-op
8718 West Broad St, Richmond VA 23294

1140 West Huguenot Rd, Midlothian Va 23113


Pet Supplies Plus
1240 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville, VA 22901


Giant at Bradlick Shopping Center
6980 Braddock Rd., Annandale Va, 22003

Truck of nums from Angel Trees

Hey Rikki’s Elves !!!!  When you’re picking up from the Angel Trees -- snap a pic and send to me !!!! 

Pretty amazing footage of an osprey
My Great Grand Pa has an Osprey who sits on top of the mast of the sail boat at his house.  It sits there and calls out .... and it sounds like a song bird ....  you can hear one here  http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Osprey/sounds
I’d have though such a big bird would have a big tough sounding voice. 

Office Angels
Not to worry --- I sorry I been having to take care of things and not able to get all the names posted yet, but I will, I’m working on it, I’ll have you up there soon as my Office Angel AND Your name will forever be on a beautiful full color sign !!!!    I’m getting caught up !!!!   

In the mean time, there’s still room for you if you haven’t signed on as an Office Angel ...

And now Let’s SING .....
On the Fourteenth Day of Christmas
Look What Came to Rikki’s,

Peacocks Plotting,

Humans Helping,

Temperamental Turkeys

Pouting Pussies,

Crotchety Creaking Canines,

Grumpy Geese,

Kicking Kittens,

Guinea Fowl Freeloading,

Lizards a Lazing,

Guinea Pigs a Gnawing,

Elderly Equines,

Burly Bossy Bovines,

Rabbits a Mating,

and a Chukar in a Cherry Tree.

that makes OUR Christmas BRIGHT
Please put a penny in our old cat’s hat!

Thank you, Vincent D. Cat and Duke Thomas Peabody

Ohzzz  keepp all themz paws crossed ....  if all goez right I gots like great big happy news tomorrow ....  two news ... how about that !!!!   One is sparkling and shiny and wonderful for Christmas .... and the other has 2,786,315.4 feet .... uh oh .....  this be good ????    We gotz nuf houses ..... ?   Stay tuned .... and find out tomorrow !!!!

Seez you all soon,
               Love, Opie