Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good Morning Good News !!!! February 13, 2011

I’m Vincent D. Cat and here to make you happy!  You are HEROES!  You work hard every day and you deserve to smile every day!  Those of you working to save us animals hear so very many very sad things.  And there’s lots of very glad things too and that’s what we talk about here!  All pawsitive all the time!  I want my friends to be happy and smile and know there’s a lot of good - including YOU - in this world!!  Be kind and pass it on!  Please send me your Good New and Fun Stuff to share, personal or global. Let’s keep it fun and interactive!!  After all, if we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane!

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At Rikki’s we want to help ALL the animals.  Of course the ones here are important.  But every animal everywhere is important.  Every shelter is important. Raising the awareness of animals as having the right to life is important.  That’s what we’re doing.  While we struggle to feed our own animals, we don’t have funds to help other animals financially.  But together we do have the voting power to help them.  We’re all in need of cash these days and we’re all scrimping and saving and making the best of coupons and sales.  You and me.  And all the other animal organizations too.

We can’t give them all money, but we can give them our votes where it will help them to succeed.  Every animal we help save, no matter where it lives, is important.  So come on, help us help them. 

Twisty is raising the awareness of black cats.  Did you know very few of them make it out of shelters.  In some rural areas they necer even go on display for adoption.  Let’s help Twisty get the word out that black cats are important.  If you’re already signed up to vote
and if not go to the Vote for the Animals site and register.  It’s quick and it can mean many lives saved down the road. 

Scruffy is running to show that shelter animals matter.  One big step to ending the killing of animals in our shelters is to promote adoptions.  Recycled animals, adopted from shelters, can be the best pets!  They’re beautiful, they’re loving.  We need to let the world know - ADOPT don’t shop.  Scruffy running in this contest let’s the work know that he came from a shelter, he’s a great family member and he’s beautiful.  So please vote Scruffy.
and if you’re not registered, just go to the Vote for the Animals site

Please check it out every day, tell your friends, this is a NO COST way to help save animals everywhere.  Because every animal matters!  Thank you.

My Favorite Quote, Today
Trust yourself
Trust yourself - nobody else will, till you do!  That’s for sure.  If you don’t believe 100% in yourself, they’ll take your lead and not believe in you either!!  Trust, Believe, follow your path with the conviction that you KNOW you’re going in the right direction!

Round the Refuge

Will you BE MINE ?   I need a new mommey.  Mine is not paying attention to the important things.  She keeps promising to down load my new videos and my pictures and my friend George sent me some photos showing that he doesn’t have spring today (patience my friend, I’m working on it) that I wanted to share and mom’s all like, yah Vin when I get a chance, I’m busy.  Boo on her.  She needs to be more attentive to me.  You tell her so.

Good and exciting Saturday and I’m looking forward to FUN FUN FUN today!! It’s still spring out there. 

Good people brought me and my friends good nums yesterday !!!!  Mary was the winner with 40 cases of big cans of cat food.  Cindy was the runner up with 10 double cases of Friskies.  I’m not counting the doggy nums she brought.  Duke can write his own newsletter.  He complains that he can’t type cuz he’s blind, don’t they make brail keyboards?   Colleen brought food out too.

Remember a few days ago I asked you if you could take in a calico kitty?  Donna is taking the kitty and met Colleen at Rikki’s to pick her up.  YEAHH!!!!!   And Donna brought nums too!!!  Deloris sent a bunch of good stuff out thru Donna.  Melissa brought nums and gave a tour. 

Cindy gave a tour too and started teaching Zach, a teen, how to be a tour guide.  Hey Zach, I hear you’re doing great!!!

Bob brought Mary a new computer so it’ll be easier for her to do office work.  Her puter was pretty old and the screen had all kinds of lines of dead pixels so it was really hard to read as she was trying to work. 

Dennis and Crystal came with lots of piggy and rabbit food.  Good, they won’t be eating MY Fancy Feast now!! 

Lena asked me to ask you for some help with her opposable thumbs.  The can openers are shot again.  They just don’t last long with all the work they have to go thru at Rikki’s.  Forget electric ones.  It’d be nice, but they don’t last but a couple days before they burn out.  Maybe if you could get an official restaurant type one or something.  But even the ones that sell for like $25 or $30 don’t live thru a week without wearing out.  Something about opening 120 cans in a row, twice a day .....   

Lena said the best ones they’ve had lately that actually lasted a few months were Good Grip - that’s what it says on the opener.  The $1-$3 ones at the dollar stores usually don’t make it thru a case before they aren’t working. 

If you can grab a few please bring them out!!!!  Thanks.  I’m glad Fancy Feast has opposable thumb pop tops so I don’t have to worry about it!!!!

The Cats of Cod
Artwork by Wayne H. Morris of New York
photography and art
visit to see more of his spectacular work

Wayne loves to study an animal and capture their essence which he then turns into a whimsical work of art depicting them at work or play.  Your pet’s whimsical custom portrait available for only $300 (donated to Rikki’s Refuge). Contact me and I’ll put you in touch  Prints available, 8” x 10”, on heavy stock, suitable for framing, $25 each, resolution may vary so you may want to ask first.  Specify which print you want and shipping address.

Ahhh Step inside the Flower Shop
a taste of Spring is in the air !!!
Lovely flowers of all kinds and colors
and lots of catnip on sale too!!!

Live from Vincent Video
Meet Doggie Flash
Possibly the fattest beagle on the planet.  Well certainly at Rikki’s.  Always the first to the dinner bowl.  Flash has been with us close to 10 years.  He’s been adopted out three times.  He’s really good at house breaking.  So he comes back.            He really seems happy having a lot of outdoor space to be.  Left alone inside he has the urge to mark up his territory and rearrange his environment!!


Fun and Inspiring
 (Photo by AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

White tiger cubs

Chinese keepers shows off four newly-born white tiger cubs at a wild animal zoo in Taiyuan, north China's Shanxi province. White tigers have been known to inhabit many parts of East Asia, including India and China. However their current range has been much reduced due to excessive poaching.

Polar bear

A polar bear refreshes in his 'Yukon Bay' pool in Hanover, Germany.


Bengal tiger baby Kico enjoy playing with a football on at the Serengeti animal park in Hodenhagen, Germany.

On this Day

February 13, 1866 Jesse James holds up his first bank
wonder if the day I first stole mom’s credit card to buy Fancy Feast will go down in recorded history

Music and Motion

Debunking Speuter Myth

Help the Animals Recycle

Good Times in the News
Gorilla goes ape over Nintendo DSi XL
(Winda Benedetti,

Nintendo appears to have found a new spokesman for their game machines — a giant ape. No, not THAT ape. At the San Francisco Zoo Friday, it was a gorilla named Bawang, not Donkey Kong, who could be seen playing Nintendo's latest handheld gaming gadget — the super-sized Nintendo DSi XL. Photographer Christina Spicuzza was watching the gorillas when a boy dropped his game machine into the gorilla enclosure. A gorilla named Bawang was quick to snatch up the device. "The gorilla was very interested in trying to figure it out," Spicuzza said, explaining that the ape flipped it over and put it up to her eyes several times.

Great Purrchases / Donations

Ger ready to go shopping for the animals!!!!  Well at least us cats!!  Melissa reports in:
There was a Petsmart ad in today's paper -- they will have Cat Chow on sale for $10 on Feb. 18-21

Take a look at what’s on ebay!!

Valentines card: UH OH you know what tomorrow is!  Have you gotten something of real value to wish your Valentine a happy day and remind them of your love and kindness?  Well you’ve got time - not by mail - but I’ll do it for you by email - buy a card  And tell me what you want to say to your loved one.  Give me their e-mail address and I’ll tell them tomorrow - on Valentine’s Day - how much you care.  Enough to save lives at Rikki’s Refuge in their honor.  HURRY only 9 hours left on this deal!!!! 

The 24th Species
Rikki’s Refuge’s Human Habitat
Healthy Animals, healthy people

Upcoming Events
SUNDAYS            TOUR THE REFUGE - NOON, mini tour, take a walk around and see the animal neighborhoods.  Every week on Sunday you can join a mini tour where you can walk around from animal neighborhood to neighborhood, from Piggy Paradise to Horsey Haven and see the animals.   One tour only, starts at noon.  Please be prompt.

SUNDAY    February 13, 11 am - 3 pm   VALENTINE'S DAY OBSERVED- bring special treats to all the animals to show your undying love.


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