Monday, December 12, 2011

Letter from St. Vince or St. Duke

Wowser! I just heard from Santa!

It seems he and the elves are so busy getting ready for Christmas that he needs help responding to Christmas letters and he’s asked me and Duke to help. 

Do you know someone who would like to get a Christmas letter from me or Duke? 

Get a purrsonalized or woofalized Christmas letter from Vincent or Duke Thomas Peabody !!!!

Personal for you, your child, spouse or friend!!!

There is not a Vincent or Duke fan on the planet who doesn't want one for Christmas!!!

Make a holiday donation in honor of some one as their Christmas gift and Vincent or Duke will tell them how much they mean to you!

WOW is this ever a fabulous way to make somebody on YOUR Christmas list HAPPY!!!

Here’s how to get YOUR special letter!

CLICK HERE and make a minimum $25 donation

be sure to include the following information - if you can’t fit it all in the comments on the donation form, you can email me:

Name and mailing address of recipient (we’re doing this via snail mail)

Species, if not hooman (ALL animals want to know Santa is thinking of them.)

Girl or guy

Age, if child

Something to personalize the letter, such as what the recipient wants for Christmas, something good he/she has done during the year that Santa would comment on, name of family pet that could be referred to, etc.

Whether you want Duke or me to write it

The letters will have our respective pictures on them and the purrsonalized comments, for a donation of only $25 per letter (it’s getting cold and I need that Fancy Feast to keep me warm).  Be sure to let us know as early as possible and no later than midnight on Monday, December 19th, so we have time to get the letters out. Remember I don’t type so fast, and Duke has to dictate his letters to me since he can’t see.

DEADLINE: in the USA by postal service to arrive by Christmas -  10 am Monday 12/19
anywhere in the world to arrive by Christmas - 10 am Friday 12/23 
10 am is USA Eastern time!  And if you don't mind it being after Christmas - then any time is fine!

Love, Vincent                                                                                                    and Duke