Monday, January 07, 2013

Good Morning, Good News !!!! January 7, 2013

Well, I’d say, so far, so good ....
2013 is looking kind of nice !   What do you think ? 

What have you been up to so far?  ... How's 2013 going for you so far? Can you tell me the kind and nice things you've done to help animals and people so far this year?  Who’s helped you or been nice to you ?  Tell me everything you can think of !!! or as a comment to the blog.  I just LOVE hearing from you and hearing all that’s good in your life !

Here’s what some Vincent Volunteers are doing ....  You all are so awesome, helping da aminals and da hoomans !!  Well ... we ALL is aminals .. isn’t we?

Linda Hemenway · All that I am capable of doing!

Dianne Brillon - Feeding feral cats in my backyard and buying a coffee and a sandwich for my homeless friend

Maike Liekweg Johnson - Right now, I am very desperate to help a group in Poland. Their rescue home burned down on Jan 1 and they have lost everything. Their home, clothing, equipment, meds .... And three wonderful dogs died in the fire. I have translated a lot of text from Polish into English into German and asked a lot of groups and companies for help and assistance .....

Jeff Green - we took our Flopsy over to the local bunny rescue today to meet a potential boyfriend! she is now staying there for a lickle while to bond with him, if it all goes well we will be adopting him!  So Flopsy wont be lonely any more & a rescue bunny will get his forever home with us :)))))

Harry Murray - I (Lucy) am a therapy puppy, and I go to the nursing home once a week to help take care of some of the patients there. Also, Mom is planning on training to be a therapy dog handler so she can take me to the nursing home or the hospital and give her Dad (my handler) some free time. We also gave some of our Christmas treats to the animal shelter for the dogs there to enjoy.

Shelley Reigers - Bought some dry food for a friend who has eight kitties and two doggies. =^-^=

Jon L. Adams - May and June - took in two ferals from back yard. June - suddenly became six cats (4 babies). LOL

Autumn-Skye Boothe - I helped get a lost puppy who was roaming and eating out of my trash to a shelter (with a friends's help) where they will place her or find her family, and I donated all of the supplies I had left from my dog dying to the shelter to help other doggies in need.

Nora Eldridge - I help feed a feral cat who lives in the drain at my office. I bought a bag of Blue Buffalo, since it's only one cat, so I figure it'll go pretty far. This afternoon, she was sitting outside the drain, so I gave her food and water. She sniffed the Blue Buffalo, turned her back and sat down! Maybe the other woman had already fed her. I never saw a finicky feral before!

Rene Luther - I've been cheering up sick & grumpy humans and building feral cat houses. I've also made homemade suet for birds & squirrels. I actually saw a bluebird hanging out of a Purple Martin house I made.

Lesley Winch - Apart from looking after my three cats and being looked after by them, I am managing to shake off a bad bout of the flu at long last. I've had 3 hospital appointments in 3 days so I've been a patient as well as working there.

Gayle M. Marie - Our house has been collecting extra blankets for some new feral homes. We also gave the local rescue group a LOT of publicity about how they helped Bandita when she was so sick in December. (I am often homebound with illness, and they came over, took her to the vet and brought both kitty and medicine home!!). As a result, a lot of people in my subdivision are collecting books for their upcoming book sale, as well as making donations in Bandita's name !!

Sherry Chumley Brockner  - Not much this year do far but did get two more from a kill shelter in December

YOU can be a Vincent Volunteer every day .... just think NICE and when you see somebody who needs a little help .... take the time to give it ....  It’ll make your 2013 so much better too !!!!

Rosey is taking notes for 2013 .....  make sure she includes you on the NICE list ... share what you do to make the planet better and better each and every day !!!! 

It’s Time !
Guess What ???? Guess What ???? Excited !!! Oh it's time again !!!!

Whoooo Hoo ... wez got vote !!!

Time to vote for nums !!!

Ohhh Yippee ... let's win our first contest of 2013 !!!!

Here we go ... You remember how? You just click on the link, and then enter Rikkis Refuge (see, no ' in Rikkis) in VA in the USA and then you tell it to "search". Next it finds us and says "vote" ... so you click on "vote" then it makes you enter a 5 character code so it can tell you can copy something ... silly puter, they always thinking they smarter than the pussy cats .... then you "enter" and that's it ... BUT wait !!

You can do one more nice thing .... Click the big purple square to tell 'em to give nums to shelter pets !!!! And that's it !!!!

Please to vote every day !!!! At home, on your phone, at work ... youz allowed one vote per day on each puter you got !!!! Sometime if it be late in day you can go ahead and vote for 'morrow too !!!!

AND the bestest news of all ... is if you'll spend the few minutes this takes .... I know ... all the way to April 28th ... lots of days ... they'll give the aminals $1,000 to turn into nums !!!! That's lots of Fancy Feast !!!!

So here's the link --- please click it now !!

OH and ONE MORE THING !!! Don't forget to share and tell ALL your friends how important it is to feed us aminals ... that's real important ... I wake up hungry and ready to eat EVERYDAY .... So PLEASE ... you be nice ad help me etz!! OK? I wov you !!! Opie

Would you help a Wascally Wabbit ?
They do the best they can to feed themselves .... but it’s a long long hop to Frederciksburg and their baskets aren’t so big !!!    YOU could help them out !!!  Grocery stores in Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and lots and lots of other places are just waiting for YOU to some pick up the produce and deliver it to the animals .....   Would you consider a trip to the store and to Rikki’s once a week .... every other week ....  ???

You’ll have a blast watching the animals eat all the nums !!!

Listen to your heart

Gots to go now !!!  I hear da nums calling !!

Love you bunches,
ps: remember 2013 is the year of the purr ....
Click Vincent to hear him purr .....