Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Hi everybody!!!

Sun is shining outside today.

Someday soon the power company promises that the sun will shine inside too !!!!

Yikes, you'd think you saved money not having electricity wouldn't you? But NO WAY !!! It be dog gone expensive !!!! It's cost just a bit over $1,000 that we've had to spend in gasoline for the generator, emergency parts (had to pay more Saturday from the only place we could find open) to hook the well pump to the generator, emergency water before the generator was running, laundramat coins - yikes you seen what a load costs these days? Maybe we get 6 more machines and run laundry for YOU !!!

Mom was behind on the bills anyway this summer and now this !!! Oh yikes - BUT the good news is NOBODY got hurt. Some of my trees did and we're very sad about that. But now they can be at Rainbow Bridge with dad!!  But all the cats and dogs and cows and all are FINE. A bit melted, but fine.

Yesterday we got lots of extension cords and more fans and that's helping in the whole 9th Life Center --- gee I'm told by guys who's older than me that till just a few years ago there was no cooling machines at all at Rikki's !!!! Now the whole 9th Life Center has one. Well not now, but we used to and we will again when the electricity comes back. And here's something I'm a bit worried about ....... we have an electric bill due to the power company on July 5th for $543.31 ---- mom's really hoping they'll turn the power on even it it's not paid .... there don't be no more green stuff for them ... it had to go to water and gas for the generator and those kind of emergency things .....

So Vincent is here to help us raise that $543.31 so we can get it paid before the 5th ....... we really appreciate our power now and don't want to ever ever complain about the cost of it again --- who'd a knowed -- but it's a whole lot cheaper to use it off the wires than to make it in the generator and we really LOVE our lectricity !!!!! DO you love lectricity? Clap your paws with me !!!!!

Love, Opie

(ps if you'd like to buy us a coffee cup full of electricity this morning this is where you can do it!!! And to those of you who've been helping with the expenses this crazy weekend - thank you and I love you - so many of you have been so kind. http://rikkisrefuge.org/donate.php)

Yesterday evening we thought we were gonna be lucky!!!   We saw the electric company trucks!!!   They came yesterday, must have followed the signs saying "Job Site" up to the new trailers, instead of following the electrical wires up to the transformer and down wires.  Looked at the trailers, said I see no down lines (cuz I see no lines) so no problem and left.  Tried chasing them out the dirveway but by the time you run after them a bit yelling, and then turn around and run back to the parking lot, get a vehicle, chase the cats off the top, and out from underneath and realize you've left the door open and have to chase them out of the car and then out from under the car again ....  the electric company beat us out to 20 and were gone.   Paws crossed they come back again ......

More love to YOU !!!!   Opie

PS to Coco Christian Maow thanks you for paying his bill. Don't know why they couldn't find his name when you called at the doc to help him. His name officially Chairman Mao but mom's always called him Maow and that's how she put his name in when he got his surgery. He's doing great and is gonna put his pic up soon as we get more good internet service!!! Thank you lots !!!