Sunday, December 31, 2017

GMGN Double your Karma

GOOD MORNING  GOOD NEWS - Double your Karma

My friends ... we are so CLOSE ... and yet so FAR away ......   with hours to go .... we're still a little over $17,467 behind .... Please please SPREAD THE WORD .... we promise you

for your doubled donations ..... just a few hours  .... spread the word .... QUICK ....   we CAN do it ... $1 at a time !!!!!   YOU and me .... if we work together we CAN make this happen ....  we CAN safely carry Rikki's Refuge in to 2018 !!!    

We can PROMISE life and to 1,297 animals EVERY DAY of 2018 .....   we can PROMISE help and homes even more .......

Won't YOU be a part of the team that makes Rikki's happen ?

Check those pockets .... dang I don't have any .... checking mom's ....

OHHH Look $3.57 ... well you know where THAT is going !!!!!! What can YOU come up with ?

Don't let me down !!!

YOU saved us from MARKET in 2017 ....  we just know YOU will let us LIVE to grow up in 2018 .... Won't YOU ??

YOU aren't really sitting on the fence about making a year end donation, are YOU?  YOU saved me from being killed for being an independent kind of guy.  YOU thought I was worth bringing to Rikki's Refuge.  Now I give tours, come and SEE ME !!  I might let YOU pat me ...  but I'm not big on snuggling.  YOU don't think I should have been killed for THAT ... do YOU?   DOUBLE the number of lives YOU save NOW with YOUR end of year donation.  We are worth it?  Aren't we?

Peek a Boo .....    we see you thinking about making a donation ......  wondering why YOU really need to donate now?  ....   Don't let anybody pull the wool over your eyes !!!!   All of us count on your support for our lives.  And so many more, just like us, are begging to be saved.  ONLY YOUR DONATION can make that HAPPEN !!!!   Please, help us TODAY, while your good is DOUBLE GOOD !!!

Looking ahead to 2018 ....  I'm wishing for ....  WAIT ....  I WILL have a 2018, won't I?  I'm shy and it takes me a long time to warm up to humans, and even still ......   I've only met nice ones since I've been at Rikki's .....    But those other ones .... from back then ....  they wanted to kill me ....  YOU won't let that happen in 2018, will YOU?   Opie says YOUR year end donation is what saves us all for 2018.  Please help us  be saved.

LOOK at all these WONDERFUL people who helped us .....   and we're so close ....   won't YOU add YOUR name to the pile of PEOPLE WHO CARE ?  Join the wonderful people, who care about wonderful animals, and who make wonderful donations so they may live !!!!  

It's NOT just a number ....  our Double Your Donation Challenge represents what Rikki's Refuge needs to continue the work of saving lives in 2018 ......    Be a part of the dream .... MAKE IT HAPPEN !!!

OK ... Opie says I have to tell you why I'm here .... why those of us with embarrassing problems NEED YOU to support our right to life.  I have a spinal injury that affects my hind legs.  But maybe somebody would still have loved me.  Maybe everyone wouldn't have wanted to kill me.  The hard part ... is ... well ... I can't pee by myself ....  if you left me alone .... I'd just fill up till I died .... and it'd be really painful and horrible .....  And they said no one would love me enough to always be there when I had to pee ....  and to do what they gotta do to express me and help me pee.  It's not hard.  Anybody can learn.  They said the hard part .... and the reason I should die .... is that no one would ever love me enough to be there for me every few hours every day and every night forever and ever.  No one.  That made me so sad.  I can love somebody ....  why couldn't they love me?  But YOU loved me enough to save me and send me to Rikki's !!!!   And now lots of folks love me and make sure I get to pee and I'm so HAPPY !!!!  

If YOU think MY life was worth saving ....  won't YOU donate RIGHT NOW so others like me can live and be happy and enjoy life .... and not have to die, sad and alone in some awful place ? 

ONLY YOU CAN SAVE LIVES .....  click it now
or mail your check - DATED 2017 - to
Rikki's Refuge
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960

ENOUGH ....  let's STOP horsing around !!!

Make 2018 HAPPEN for Rikki's Refuge !!!

YOU are our FAMILY !!!


We RELY on YOU !!!

YOU know what to DO !!!

                       DON'T  YOU  THINK ?



I can count on YOU to keep my bowl FULL in 2018 ....  can't I ?

Don’t forget to SAVE A LIFE TODAY !
Rikki’s Refuge
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960

And please come see me soon !!

In the mean time, Keep up with us on Facebook and you'll get the minute to minute details about what's going on at Rikki's Refuge .... you'll be the first to see the new residents .... and the first to know about up coming events !!!

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