Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! April 24, 2013

Kitty, the night she was on death row, before coming to Rikki’s Refuge

Mom was 15 minutes late getting where she was supposed to git this morning.  Kitty's been with us about a year and a half.  She was 13 when her hooman mom died and she got tossed out and then hauled into a kill shelter.  

 She was scared and angry and she growled and snarled.  Not exactly the kitty many people are going to adopt.  Thank goodness she got out and came to Rikki's where we don't think you have to love hoomans to be allowed to love life.   

Kitty has found it hard to love and trust again.  Mom has lots of scars to show for that !!!!  

Well today, for the first time ever, Kitty came up to her ..... and mom just happened to have been doing a quick stop in litterbox before running out the door .... and jumped up on her lap and reached up and nose kissed her and then snuggled in and looked up at mom saying, "I might be able to love you after all, will you love me?"  

And what could mom do?  No way could she say, "oh sorry, not now!"  And so she sat there and she snuggled Kitty.  When Kitty got down, then mom got off to where she was supposed to be.   

In a year ... or even tomorrow ... will anybody remember mom was late?  But Kitty will always remember that moment when she first began to love and trust again!  Thank YOU for helping Kitty get to Rikki's Refuge!

Kitty, now happily at home at Rikki’s Refuge

Thank you for supporting kitties, doggies, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses and others like Kitty and giving them that second chance .....  cuz sometimes three days just isn’t enough.
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April 27th Vincent and Candy Memorial
This Saturday we celebrate the lives of two souls who were so very special to Rikki’s Refuge.  Two souls, who without them, Rikki’s Refuge would not be what it is today. 

Our Beloved Spokes Kitty Vincent D. Cat and Catnip Candy Erhard. 

Paul Erhard will dedicate the Tree of Hope and Life in memory of his beloved wife, Candy, and his dear friend, Vincent. 

Paul requests that friends honor Candy’s and Vincent’s memories by bringing gifts to Rikki’s that remind us of them.

Fancy Feast or canned cat food in memory of Vincent, the cat who could never get enough Fancy Feast.

Black trash bags, paper towels, laundry detergent, dish soap and bleach in memory of Candy, Rikki’s Super Shopper.  Candy could never pass up a sale when it concerned her Rikki’s Refuge!

All gifts will be placed under the Tree of Hope and Life to celebrate their lives.

If you can't come to the celebration but would like to honor Candy and/or Vincent, you can make a donation in their memory and we'll put your name under the Tree of Hope and Life. 

Love you bunches,

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