Monday, September 01, 2014

A Labor of Love...

So, did you know it's Labor Day??  I hear hoomans like to pic-a-nic on Labor Day??  I heard mom inviting hoomans over for a pic-a-nic... I don't think she knows us aminals want a pic-a-nic too...Wouldn't that be FUN!!  If we could all pic-a-nic and let the hoomans do the labor part on Labor Day!  I think that's the way it should be....Hoomans labor....aminals pic-a-nic....Oh no!  There's not nuf in the pantry for us to all pic-a-nic.....You can help me fill my basket, PLEAZ???  
Love, Opie
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In addition to lots of pic-a-nics, Labor Day means a nice long relaxing weekend for lots of the nine to fivers.  But for animal caretakers, like our amazing staff at Rikki's Refuge, the work never ends!  Our staff are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet!  

On any given day, they show up on time - rain or shine, hot or cold, holiday or no holiday - and take care of me and my 1200+ friends of many species on the refuge!  That's a lot of labor, but I think for all of them it is also a LABOR OF LOVE!  That says a lot because it is HARD work - caring and cleaning for us, scooping hundreds of pounds of poo, lots of heavy lifting, running to catch sheep, giving us our meds when needed - and soooo much more! Every day is stuffed to the brim with work to be done. 

And despite all that hard LABOR, I think we ALL love them most because they are compassionate and loving and they care for us unconditionally!!

So on this Labor Day, I say THANKS to my hoomans who work so hard at Rikki's Refuge every single day and night.  I love you!


Hi!  O'doul here.....So, Opie is throwing a Labor day Pic-a-nic for all of us at Rikki's Refuge.....but I'm kind of should have seen that grin on his face when he came by and invited us Guinea Pigs....I mean, Opie is kind of nice, but you know what I mean about CATS?  They're kind of scary.  Some of them cats walk by Cavy Castle and say bad things like "rodent rodent rodent"....and so we Guinea Pigs, well we held a meeting and we decided maybe we're not wanting to go to Opie's pic-a-nic.....but we'd sure love to have our OWN!  Would you buy us some ORANGES for the Exclusive Labor Day Guinea Pigs Only Pic-a-nic???  Thank you!!



Although it would be best with some Fancy Feast, this recipe might be nummy for your own pic-a-nic! 


I'm so hoping I'll be able to buy nums for everybody here at Rikki's Refuge  ....  I wanna be Griller Chef Opie for the Aminals Labor Day Pic-a-nic ... you will help me pleaz????


In honor of it being Labor Day, I'm posting a job listing here.....we are looking for another unsung hero to be hooman laborers taking care of us aminals.....the bonus is we will all love you!!  You interested???


Uh Oh...... I convinced the goats to pull the goat cart to the grocery store so I could stock up on nums for everybody for our Labor Day Pic-a-nic .... well everybody but dem hoomans ... No hoomans allowed at da Aminal Labor Day Pic-a-nic ... no siree...just aminals....So this is where I need your help...I'm at the grocery store now....and they got all the nums...but they say I have to have da green stuff if I'm takin' it home.... I tried giving the grouchy lady at the check-out some lettuce to buy everything I had in my basket....and you know what she did???  She yelled "get this filthy animal out of my grocery store!  Somebody call Animal Control" here I am sitting outside the an empty basket....and the manager says I can't come back in and fill my basket again 'til I can prove I gotz nuf green stuff to prove I can buy it all.  Will you help me Pleaz???

Love you bunches, 

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