Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kerry of Rikki's Refuge Jailed

for exceeding credit limit. She will be jailed in a local cell until a way overdue cat food bill of $6,782.47 is paid in full. The residents of Rikki's Refuge need your urgent assistance to get Kerry out of jail by raising the money to pay off this exorbitant bill. The creditors are threatening to auction off the refuge for resort property. The animals all beg for your help .... don't let us be homeless .. again.

The future of Rikki's Refuge is in your hands! Please send your support. $1, $5 or what ever you can. Paypal, Credit card or send a check to Rikki's Refuge, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

From our friends at Best Friends

Hi guys.

We wanted to send you the new link for the updated Best Friends web site:

and one of the featured articles there is one we wrote about your upcoming Birthday Bash.

We hope we can make it, but we have a conflict as of now.

By the way, we visited the Web of Life sanctuary in Chesapeake, and talked with the founder, Jackie Van Horn. She is doing some great work there. Here is a link to that article:

Congratulations again on your 11th anniversary.

Rick & Sarah McDonald

News Writers

Best Friends Network Volunteers

(540) 597-8268

Friday, July 17, 2009


that we just couldn't afford to buy last week.

That's our Valley Vet registry where you can get some Birthday Presents for our critters. One word of caution. Kathy bought Nanny some diarrhea pills and when she paid with paypal it didn't over ride her address with ours. She'll drop off the pills as soon as they get in. If you live further away you - double check shipping address before you hit the final Order Confirm button. Make sure you're shipping to Rikki's Refuge, 10910 Barr Ln, Rapidan VA 22733

Valley Vet is working on this glitch and hopes to have it fixed soon.

PS. thank you Kathy for NOT listening to Nanny. She beat me to the phone and was trying to convince Kathy she really wanted Oreo Cookies for the big Birthday Bash instead of diarrhea pills!! Naughty Nanny !!!!!

Open House - August 16, Sunday from noon to 4 pm. Lots of fun and yummy cooking by Larry. For more information or to volunteer to help out contact Jan Chetnik

Admission is two cans of cat food per person. If you can manage to bring more please do. Our 638 cat use 24 cases a DAY. That's why there's so much cleaning up in the morning to do !!!!!

Mike Wood just drove up to Pennsylvania where Purina donated 3200 pounds of dry cat and dog food. That might sound like a lot for your household. But at Rikki's with all those hungry mouths it's only a 40 day supply of dry food. They still need their canned too because most of them are old or handicapped or fighting a chronic health issue.

Cindy Wright and Rene Luther along with Joe Callahan have been busy moving gravel from the pile to the dogs. And they've moved a LOT. They could still use your help in smoothing it out and tamping it down. It's one heck of a work out. Get a work out, do good, win karma points. Great project for scout group !!!