Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Good Morning Good News, November 19, 2014

Ok ... I been a bad cat .....   I been so busy eatin da Fancy Feast I haven't written to you about YOU coming for a feast !!!

This Saturday !!!!!

Nums will be at our Life Center ....   if you can come please RSVP my hooman Lolly at ASAP .... we gots to get a head count so we know how much nums to make for you !!

Many of our animal friends will be at the feast with us ... just letting you know in case you'z allergic to any of us !!

I'll be at the feast --- would I miss a feast !!!  HA !!!   And my brofur Timmy and sisfur Sylvestra and we'll just have to see who else will come  ....

I think the cowas
will stay out and eat their pumpkins !!!   Just LOOK at all those pumpkins !!!  You pumpkin haulers were totally AWESOME this year !!!  Thank you ... you did good !!!! 

So, Iz got to get back to eatin my Fancy Feast here so I'll be fittin into my Santa suit real well ....  I hope to see you on Saturday !!  Be sure to let Lolly know if you can come !!!

And if you can't ....  but you wanna share ThanksLiving with me ....  you could maybe send me some nums ....  I might finish this plate of Fancy Feast before I fit in my suit real well !!

Ok, I promise to share with everybody and see that all my friends here .. furred or feathered ... get lots of nums for ThanksLiving !!


   Merow !!