Thursday, December 29, 2016


All of us ... hope all of YOU had a very Moooooey Christmas  ..........

Hi and happy last Thursday of 2016 !!!!  

I know some of you missed our Christmas Tour .....  so I'm gonna take you on that tour right now !!!

But WAIT !!!!

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And now ....  ready to go on a tour with me ?

Here it was, Christmas Day at Rikki's Refuge

and it dawned rather hazy that morning before the tour.

Look what Santa brought!!  These BIG cans of cat food, 22 ounces, are one of the special deals YOU make possible for the animals !!!  When we donate so we can buy in bulk, each can is ONLY $1 !!    And It's nummy nums !!!   It's wonderful when YOU donate nums .... but about THREE TIMES AS WONDERFUL when you donate the cash so we can buy in bulk and get great discounts !!!   We can usually negotiat about three times on the dollar that you can with small purchases !!!    Thank you for always helping us so we have enough to eat.  You be very nice to us !!!

Melissa brought her GoPro Christmas Pressie on the tour and lent it to Jessie so he could make a movie for you.  Joey tries to remove the GoPro from his brother, Jessie.  But, Jessie did not mind wearing it!

Relaxin' on the hood of a nice warm car....don't you just love Norman's fangs? lol

Meeting the sheep while we wait for all of the humans to arrive.

Posing for a picture.

Enough pictures, give me FOOD! lol

Everyone had to get used to how friendly/greedy the cows are...

Yum, yum, yum.

Bub and Goose were overwhelmed with how many people were on the tour, so they kept their distance. This was a BIG tour, with 3-4 times as many people as they are used to.  We don't usually do such large tours but so many people wanted to come on Christmas Day.  We were so sad to have to turn many away, but large crowds are just too hard on the animals and they get scared.  We love our hoomans, but we have to think of our animals first.

We do have tours almost every Sunday and every holiday .....   BUT ......

If you're a regular on our Christmas Tours ... may I suggest YOU sign up NOW for next year's Christmas Tour?  We don't want you to miss out .... but we can only allow so many visitors at one time. to make your reservation for Christmas Day Tour at noon on Christmas 2017.

Betty enjoyed some popcorn while being petted.  Well ... not really .... but she was polite and pretended to enjoy while thinkin ... crazy hooman I'm a cat ... popcorn, Really ??

Arriving at Patrick's and Preston's pen.

Jessie LOVES grapes! He says "Thanks, Robyn!"

Feeding the emus is one of the favorite things hoomans get to do on a tour.  I wish they thought feeding ME was as much fun.

The rain from the previous morning left things too wet for anyone to go in with the pigs and emus. So, we fed through the fence and the opening of the run-in.

Petunia enjoys a sweet potato.  I'll tell YOU a secret about Petunia.  Petunia enjoys ANYTHING !!!   Eating just makes Petunia's day !!!

Petunia sings "Hallelujah!" for all of the wonderful produce that our guests brought!

Elmer was asleep in his straw, but came out to say hi when he realized that the humans brought food with them.

And the birds enjoyed the company, too!

And the goats wanted to make sure that they did not miss any available food....

Reece and Buttercup ask for more, more, more!

Jessie says "hey, there is more in here! Gimme, gimme!"

The turkeys said "thanks to those of you who did not eat my friends and family on this holiday".

More, please!

Give it to ME, not the geese!

And dog biscuits for the dogs.

Jack only put the big biscuit down when he got another biscuit. "Now, to figure out where to hide them".

Mouky says "Mmmmm...I love cat treats!"

And Duke came out to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

A couple of the Pyrenees look out at the crowd. We did not go over to pet them...they are not
used to crowds and can be shy and skittish sometimes.  Lots of the free range critters have to be locked up when there are many guests, it's just too scary and their guard instincts can be on overdrive, or they can be fearful and run into the woods.

One visitor tells Duke that she and her husband took his name off of the Angel Tree at Re-Tail, and brought him canned dog food, just like he asked for!  Isn't that really nice?  And our Angel trees will be up in stores till New Years !!!!!   So you can still pick somebody to buy a treat for !!

And look at the pile of food that our guests brought! Thank you so, so much!!

I've got 12 calendars left ....  and I'm giving them away !!!!

Be one of the first 12 to give an end of year DOUBLE YOUR DONATION of $1,000 or more and you'll get a calendar shipped to YOU for FREE, just let me know you want one .... and you'll have it on the way !!!!!

Thank you for being such an important Rikki's Person !!

Please consider Iggy and the rest of the animals at Rikki's Refuge for a year end gift. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, so while you are helping us to take in and care for more animals, you also get a tax deduction. YOU make this mission possible and we thank you so much for your support!

Have YOU visited our THRIFT SHOP yet ?

If you're a regular visitor, you know you don't want to miss shopping New Years Eve and New Years Day ..... and if you've never visited ....   well is this the perfect time or what ?

We're having a HUGE storewide clearance sale on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!   We're talking HUGE ... yeah!!!   50% OFF of EVERYTHING ... even already marked down departments ....   like Christmas ... already marked down 50% and NOW take ANOTHER 50% off ....    You won't want to miss it!!    And, to get even more of a discount, don't forget that you can bring in 10 cans of cat food and you will receive a coupon entitling you to 20% off of your ENTIRE purchase! Use it when you get it, or save it for later!!


to help ME help Opie to keep Rikki's running.
Thank you for being there for the animals,
with my love, always, Vincent

This little beauty is Lil' Miss Priss.

She is about 8 weeks old and is Feluk+. She is just the friendliest little lady. She was found wandering a country road and tested positive for Feline Leukemia, the vet wanted to immediately euthanize her. Luckily, the a wonderful person said no way and took her back until a safe place, Rikki's Refuge, could be found. 

We have special houses for the kitties with leukemia. They can run and play and have friends and fun .... Sometimes they don’t have lives as long as kitties without leukemia ... but even if they don’t ... it makes us really happy to know that everyday they are on this earth, it is fun in the sun and they weren’t just killed because they are not perfect or are considered unadoptable.

We are able to help cats like Lil' Miss Priss because YOU support us. THANK YOU!  


Your year-end gift in any amount will help us save more animals and start 2017 off strong. Plus its a great tax deduction!

And guess what !!  My GGP is home from the hospital and growing a little bit stronger each and every day, please keep him in your prayers, to continue to gain strength and feel better.



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