Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rescue Road Trip

Mom and me just got back from a long rescue mission road trip. Ellen was a wonderful lady who believed in saving the ferals. She loved everybody, but had a really special place in her heart for feral kitties.  She had a big piece of property and she let some ferals live with her as barn kitties. They have a nice kitty shed out back and she loved them very much. They lived happily together for many years.

Time marched on. Some of the kitties got old and went to the Rainbow Bridge. Some new kitties came. Ellen was 85 years old and her time came to go to the Rainbow Bridge.  Many of her feral friends were already there to greet her, and she was happy.

She had worried about the kitties she’d leave behind. The friendly ones, friends would take. But the ferals? Not many folks will take a feral and love them forever. Or let her family of ferals stay together for ever.  They’ve lost her, they will lose their home - would it be right that they lose each other too?

Her estate, working on carrying out her wishes, began to search for a feral friendly rescue. 

The lucky kitties are coming to Rikki’s Refuge!  The estate believes there are six because that’s all they’ve seen when they’ve been feeding. We were lucky to find Kat who works in rescue and who knew Ellen and knew her kitties. She hadn’t been in touch recently, but last she knew there were 18 kitties.

Since Kat lives near by and we’re almost three hours away she’s trapping them and getting them fixed up and ready to go.  Kat even found a clinic who’ll do check up, speutering on any needed and update rabies on the kitties.  It seems everybody loved Ellen. 

Three kitties were trapped today.  A girl tabby and white who was already spayed.  A tabby boy who got neutered and who has an eye injury we’ll be treating.  And a black and white boy who got neutered.  It was time for them to come to Rikki’s to see their new home. 

Earlier today, my friend Deb drove all the from Indiana to bring Lilly a pretty silver gal with leukemia to live with us.  When she’s out of quarantine she’s going to have fun playing with Ernie and the other young feluk kids!  Mmmmm I had so much fun meeting Deb in person.  She’s a good friend on facebook and today I got real snuggles and kisses.  Her mom came too and she’s a good hugger too.  I’m so glad me and mom got to give them a tour around to meet all my brofurs and sisfurs!!

They left at 2:30 and mom and me were out the gate right behind them to go pick up these three kitties.  And we just got back.  Traffic getting to I-95 was really bad - crazy - mom wouldn’t let me drive cuz she said people get crazy with Christmas out there.  We had to go a couple hours away to get them and then come all the way back.

They’re set up in cages now finally having dinner after their long day.  I’m glad they’re safe and as their brofurs and sisfurs get trapped we’ll be headed back down to give them a lift to Rikki’s too!  And we’re so happy that Ellen’s friend Kat is helping us and the kitties by doing the trapping.  She lives so much closer than we do. 

Keep your paws crossed that the kitties all get trapped real soon and adjust easily to Rikki’s Refuge are very happy in their new home.

Rikki's Refuge WON !!!!

Let's dance !!! Let's Party !!!! YOU'RE number ONE in Virginia !!!! Thank you for voting for Rikki's Refuge in the Shelter Challenge !!!! Grabs your paw and starts to dance .... holds out other paw .... come on dance with me !!!! 

Good Morning Good News !!!! December 22, 2010

Counting down
are YOU on my Nice List?
 I’m Vincent D. Cat and I'm here to make you happy!  You work hard and you deserve to smile every day!  Those of you working to save us animals often hear very sad things.  There’s lots of glad things too and that’s what we talk about here!  All pawsitive all the time!  I want my friends to be happy and smile and know there’s a lot of good - including YOU - in this world!!  Please send me your Good New and Fun Stuff to share, personal or global. Let’s keep it fun and interactive!!

help us save them all
For a dollar a day - you can take care of one of us and see that we get good healthy meals!   
Thank you!

Is this a complaint about the Food Service around here?

Beautiful Sunrise on this Beautiful Day

Happy Dance Time!!

Ivory the Sheep
Is standing up this morning with help and she’s eating when we put food in her mouth!!  Sheep have really big mouths and big sharp teeth in the back be careful of little paw!!!!  YEAH   Ivory keep getting better.  We had to bring Ebony, her bonded friend, up to the 9th Life Center too.  Ebony is distraught at her friend not being in Ramsey Residence and now she won’t eat !  Together they are very happy!!!   

Making the 9th Life Center a little crowded but ....  Hey ya do what ‘cha gotta do, right?

Ivory and Ebony were beloved pets of an elderly couple who both have degenerative health issues.  They didn’t want to give the gals up.  Nor did they want to see their chickens rehomed.  But they wanted to make sure the transition was done and as smoothly and safely as possible while they were able to help with arrangements.  It’s sad.  But it’s glad that they thought about their loving companions and made the needed arrangements before someone was left to care for their estate and sold Ebony and Ivory off for ....  well let’s just not think about that.

Now they’re here for happy ever after with love and care.

and how appropriate !!!

On the Twenty-second Day of Christmas,
 look what came to Rikki’s,

twenty two sheep in need of sheering, 

Our Neighbors
I hear that the owner is fine, he was outside when the fire started.

Vacuum cleaner saves newborn puppy
Sometimes animal rescue stories include a strange, bizarre twist. Such is the case for Rabuka, a three-day-old Bichon Frise puppy who unfortunately fell down a drain.

The Dominican Post reports that the newborn was accidentally dropped down the 10-centimeter-wide pipe by his mother. That's when Margaret Pritchard, who breeds the dogs, decided she was determined to save her life.

The New Zealander called in officer Lyall Kennedy, who turned to the household cleaning device after two other attempts failed to pull the dog to safety.

"Plan A was using an old window-wiper with a noose on the end to snare it," Kennedy told the news outlet. "Plan B involved two sticks and some duct tape. So it was a careful approach with a vacuum cleaner."

Pritchard told the news source she wasn't going to give up on Rabuka without a fight. The stepfather of her three sons just passed away from cancer, and soon thereafter, three of the puppies in the little had died.

"I'm sick of bad news," she told the news provider.

According to, the Brichon Frise is a breed that is lively, affectionate and has an independent spirit. They also love human companionship.    -----From the Animal Rescue Site

I get the strangest ads ...
Ad for Touch n Brush - a device that you stick your toothbrush under and it blobs out the toothpaste - real labor saving device for the laziest person on your shopping list - save them the trouble of twisting off that top and squeezing ..... Might be great for us with out opposable thumbs who have trouble with twist caps but .... for $19.99 ???? Hey you could have bought me Fancy Feast instead!

Oh and also, as seen on TV so you KNOW it's for real - the iRenew bracelet - instantly restored your balance and strength ...... Not available in ANY store - so you just gotta click right here .....

Ah and now they want to sell me cream that the model tells me makes her look 23 even though she 53 - well I'm 12 and people say I look 2 and my secret is Fancy Feast and if you buy me a case I'll share a can with you !!!!!

Vincent's 25 Days of Giving 
with Love at Christmas
 On the Twenty-Second Day of Christmas
the hoomans were in a great mood
getting automatic help opening all the food

twenty-two labor saving can openers
Despite our love of pop-top canned pet food, the staff know they will have to deal with cans that have to be opened by hand. So a few of these electric can openers will speed up feeding time and make everyone happier.  Two would probably be enough but we’ll share with 22 volunteers!

Click on ME to feed ME or on the can opener to help the hoomans ......

oh look the best present ever!!!

If you want Shelter Animal Stamps
and your post office is out - I can pick them up for you. Just tell me how many sheets to get for you. There are 20 on a page and 44 cents each so a sheet is $8.80. I can mail to you, postage would only be one or two stamps I'm pretty sure. If you want me to pick some up now, tell me, mom is making me go to the post office. I have to do all the work around here.

Its treacherously icy out here
 The snow is packed down from tromping and driving and is melting on the top and freezing over.  If you’re visiting please be very cautious.  Huge patch of ice on the outside of the gate.  Inside pretty much melted off totally.  But real slip sliding trying to open and shut the gate - especially if there’s wind and you’re running back and forth to catch the gate.  Mom fell on her bum the other day doing that!!  Where’s the video camera when I need it!!!

Driveway is pretty much packed snow, so SLOW SLOW SLOW you’re ok unless you have to hit the brakes and then you’re in big trouble.  No way you’re gonna safely pass anybody.  Unless one of you has good 4wd and lots of traction, one of you’ll be stuck in the ditch till spring for sure!!!

Parking area and many paths are solid ice.  We’re slip sliding and pushing each other all about!! 

Extra caution if you could be easily hurt from falling - this is not the time to visit.  Watch for nuzzling goats as falling on horns ......

We will not be able to offer 4wd tourability on Christmas for those unable to walk.  It’s not safe for us to be driving around the animals and near their homes.  Don’t want to slip and crash into somebody’s house!

Before coming out for the Christmas Day Tour or any events you have made arrangements for - please check in on 540-854-0870 x3 for details of the ice!  We want you to be safe!

Christmas Day Tour at Noon

Last tour of 2010.  Join Jan Chetnik, our professional tour guide, for a trip around the refuge meeting all the happy critters of Rikki’s Refuge.  The tour is all outdoors so dress for the weather and before heading out that day call 540-854-0870 x3 to confirm that it’s on.  Bad weather shuts down our road very quickly and for your safety we have to cancel if it’s been too wet or there’s any ice.

There is only one tour so please be prompt.  Gates open at 11:30 am and the tour begins at noon and runs approximately 2 hours.  Our comfort facilities are porta potties (thank you Larry for supporting Larry’s Lou again during 2010, you’ve made a lot of us very comfortable with almost indoor plumbing), litterboxes and the bushes!!!  

Admission is a case of canned cat food per person - Special for Christmas.  Please feel free to be more generous!!!

New Years Pristine Nature Hike
First event of 2011 - the traditional New Year’s Hike.  Over the river and thru the woods, and we’re not kidding.  You might find some trails or you might blaze them.  Follow Fred’s bright orange vest - and please wear bright orange or red yourself, no hunting on our property but poachers have been known to trespass - and he’ll get you back to the complex sooner or later!!!  The November hike took a few twists and turns and ambled thru the brambles - but they did arrive alive and uneaten by bears!!!! 

Nature hike takes off at noon sharp.  Don’t be late cuz you can’t catch up.  Gates open at 11:30 am on the first. 

It’s outdoors so dress for the weather and before heading out that day call 540-854-0870 x3 to confirm that it’s on.  Bad weather shuts down our road very quickly and for your safety we have to cancel if it’s been too wet or there’s any ice.

Admission is a case of canned cat food per person!

So here I am.  Just this Little Cat
doing all I can to save as many lives as I can.  I have 1,258 friends here who’s lives I’m totally responsible for.  No where else in the world for them to go.  No where.  I’m working as hard as I can spreading the word about this fabulous Double Your Donation deal we’ve got going on. 

And I’ve only got 8 days to make it a success.  It’s scary, ya know.  What if it snows hard and it’s really cold and I have to chose food or heat or ...  Scary.  So I’m trying to spread our special deal far and wide.  All I need is ONE DOLLAR a day to care for my friends.  It’s just that with 1258 friends .... 

Yesterday I got a plea from Jimmy Wales the founder of Wikipedia.  He says he’s a volunteer.  Just like me!!!  I’m a volunteer kitty!!!!  All I get is Fancy Feast and I work really hard for that!!!  And he says he needs to raise $16 MILLION -- like wow !!!!!  And he’s already raised $12 MILLION and could I help .....

Holy cow dude!!  How many animals you feeding with $12 MILLION  -- that’s $32,876 a DAY  --  how can you possibly ....    I could take care of 32,000 friends for that kind of money!!!  

I’ve barely managed to find $5,000 of the $15,000 I’ve set my goal for. 

I think he should spare $25 to help me reach my goal, what do you think?

and I love you very very much,

Beautiful Sunrise Beautiful Day