Friday, September 03, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!! September 3, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!!
This is my sisfur Chunky Monkey. She's blind and a little on the
"fluffy" side and a wonderful gal. Fit right in with everybody and even
feels her way to the litterbox just fine. She'd love a real forever home!!

and they have trouble keeping track of them and remembering their names

And with even just nine cats, how do they keep the knick nacks in tact ???

Can you get these guys in to redesign the 9th Life Center?

I just know Lena would LOVE to clean out the boat shaped litter boxes!!!!!

Save my beaver buddies!
Volunteers Needed for Wire Wrapping at Ben Brenman Park
The beavers in Ben Brenman pond need your help! In order to save the
park's beavers from being removed and euthanized (according to State
Law), the park's beautiful trees require protection. To accomplish this
task, the Alexandria Department of Recreation, Parks & Cultural
Activities is scheduled to wrap some 100 plus trees in the park with
wire mesh to protect them from being damaged by the beavers. Many trees
that were previously wrapped also need rewrapping. This event is
scheduled to take place on September 11, from 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM. The
help of local residents is urgently needed! It is crucial to have
volunteers ages 16 or older assist in this project, which is part of
Alexandria's "Big Event", so that the beavers can continue to peacefully
coexist within the park's natural environment.

Anyone wishing to help should call the City Naturalist at 703-746-5522
and register to attend... For those who cannot attend, a donation of $10
or more dollars can be made to Alexandria's "Living Landscape Fund" in
the name of "Alexandria's Beavers" by calling Judy Lo at 703-746-5490.

Mark S. Kelly, Naturalist/Center Manager
Jerome "Buddie" Ford Nature Center
5750 Sanger Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22311

Lori ?~How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours~

This guy ended up luckier than our Hemi. Hemi took a ride on an engine
and burned his feet horrible. He was sent to us from Baltimore since
the wounds would need extensive healing care. He's fine now! But it
was a long recovery.

Margaret Gendek got into her her 2007 Suzuki at 9 AM at her South Egg
Harbor home Thursday. Four hours later - after she had driven to her
doctor's office in Absecon, a pharmacy in Pleasantville, picked up her
husband at the bus terminal and driven him to work - she heard the cries
of her cat Bobblehead from under the hood of her car. Bobblehead had
lodged himself deep in the engine compartment near the wheel well. "We
couldn't believe it', she explained. "I thought, My God, he must be
tangled up in the motor." Gendek and her husband, Marty, raced over to
the nearby Pleasantville firehouse off Washington Avenue. Twenty minutes
and a few removed car parts later, the eight-month-old tabby was pulled
from under the hood by Pleasantville firemen Tom Tripician of
Pleasantville, Tom Williams of Egg Harbor Township and Captain Scott
Trythall of Mays Landing. The firemen didn't want to make a fuss of the
rescue before rushing off to attend to a motor vehicle accident.
Bobblehead was a bit shaken but uninjured, and was true to his name as
he was taken home on the front seat of the car.

Catnip Candy - a new client for you!!!

Robbie sent some funnies!!!!
DISNEYLAND - Two hoomans were going to Disneyland . They were driving on
the Interstate when they saw the sign that said Disneyland LEFT. They
started crying and turned around and went home.

FLORIDA OR MOON - Two hoomans living in Oklahoma were sitting on a bench
talking, and one hooman says to the other, 'Which do you think is
farther away... Florida or the moon?' The other hooman turns and says
'Helloooooooooo, can you see Florida ?????'

CAR TROUBLE - A hooman pushes her BMW into a gas station. She tells the
mechanic it died. After he works on it for a few minutes, it is idling
smoothly. She says, 'What's the story?' He replies, 'Just crap in the
carburetor' She asks, 'How often do I have to do that?'

SPEEDING TICKET - A police officer stops a hooman for speeding and asks
her very nicely if he could see her license. She replied in a huff, 'I
wish you guys would get your act together. Just yesterday you take away
my license and then today you expect me to show it to you!'

This is really amazing and beautiful

Remember the tour on Monday, September 6, at noon. Two cans of cat food
per person (or if you're really nice two cases!!) will get you thru the
gates which open at 11:30 am. Tour starts promptly at noon so be
there!!! Only one tour so you'll miss out if you're late. Be there,
noon !!!! You get to snuggle me!!!
I hope you'll be there to rub MY belly!

I love YOU,

PS If you don't want your Daily Good New, just let me know! A couple of
you have said you only want Hairballs with out the Good News!! That's
ok! Just tell me. I'm here to make you happy, just tell me how! If
Good New don't make you happy - I could always start Bad News, but, as
you hoomans say, why reinvent the wheel - that's what you've got tv and
newspapers for !!!!!

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