Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Morning Good News, December 31, 2012

The last day of 2012 ..... 

I know you’re hearing it a lot today. 
From every organization that you support.  And I have to ask you too.  I just HATE nagging but it’s terribly important that I do. 

End of year Donations are so very important for the animals. 
Your kind and generous end of year donations, carry us thru the long dark nights of winter when our need for supplies sky rockets, we serve much more food, need warmer bedding, have higher fuel bills .... it all adds up ... and to make it thru the winter .... WE NEED YOU .....

It’s especially important to be generous and make your kind donations when we have a Double your Dollar Challenge.  This means that every dollar YOU donate .... will be DOUBLED by sponsors who understand the needs of winter and want to see Rikki’s Refuge through another year.

You get benefits from your donations too !!!!  Not only do you know the animals are well fed, safe and happy .... YOU get a tax deduction.  Your donations are fully deductible .... 100% ... cuz we’re an IRS registered and approved 501-c-3 charity. 

And that means we rely totally on YOU -- no government funding, not at a federal level, state level or county level.  We get NO HELP from the huge nationwide organizations, running ads on TV and taking in millions, none of that, trickles down to little itty bitty Rikki’s Refuge, just struggling along to keep 1295 animals of 22 species happy and well cared for.

It’s YOU who make Rikki’s Refuge possible !!!! 

YOUR private, tax deductible, personal donations.  It just couldn’t happen without YOU !!!

And now THANKS TO YOU ... there is only $7,016.36 to reach our end of year goal in our DOUBLE YOUR DOLLAR challenge.  Every single dollar donated, even pennies, will be DOUBLED !!!

Let's make it happen !!  We’ve got $7,016.36 on the line ... just waiting to be doubled. If it's not doubled ... it's forfeited .... YIKES DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN !!!!

Thank you to those who helped last night and this morning -- some of you made HUGE donations !!!! Some of you skipped coffee, others donated their change. One hooman said she was donating all the left over little bits on her gift cards - how cool is that !!!

No matter how big or how small it's ALL BEEN DOUBLED !!!

Share with your friends the story of Rikki’s .... how a small group of dedicated people in 1998 took a corn field and a run down house ... and have created a wonderful 450 acre no kill sanctuary housing 1295 domestic and farm animals of 22 species while also protecting 350 acres for native wildlife !

ONE MORE item of import and then I’ll tell you a cool story ....
Will you please write up a few words for me?  I have to get the CFC Essay done, I have to tell why Rikki’s is good and why it should be included in the CFC .... and part of that is endorsements from YOU ....  Would you pick 1 or more of these simple questions and answer them?  Or just tell me in your own words how you feel about Rikki’s Refuge and why YOU are a part of it?

Please SHARE your thoughts with me.

How did Rikki’s Refuge HELP YOU or someone you know this year?

What does Rikki’s Refuge MEAN to you?

What is the MOST important thing Rikki’s Refuge did this year?

May we use YOUR name?  Nick name or “anonymous” is ok if you prefer.

Where do YOU live?

Rikki’s North -- a new cat house !!!   And a Bunny home too !!!
Through kindness and generosity this day, this last day of 2012 .....   look what has come to Rikki’s North !!!

I know, I know, it looks all bare and ..... but Ron needs a winter project !!!!  Soon it will have a kitty safe enclosure built around it, the inside will be insulted, a nice floor put down, and then fun climbing toys added ....  And it will become a purrfect place for YOU to come meet YOUR NEW KITTY !!!!!

Ideas?  I think we can do something wonderful with this adorable little house, don’t you?  Think .... a few of the friendly bunnies and guinea pigs who’d love to have a home of their own.  The guys and gals who think they are people and don’t know they’re rabbits !!!  Yup, they’ll soon have their own little adoption center !!!!

Thanks to a wonderful lady who’s moving ... couldn’t take them with her .... and felt their value to Rikki’s was far greater than any value they might add to the sales price of the house .....

These guys are the absolute BEST !!!  They’ve been working with Rikki’s Refuge since 1999, providing every single cat house and many other structures.  They are HONEST, RELIABLE, FRIENDLY and they will work to customize ANYTHING for you .... from sheds ... to garages ... to barns ....  to play houses .... to swing sets ....  check them out at  ....  and tell them Opie of Rikki’s Refuge sent you.  

When mom called and asked if they could help move the shed so we could make it into a cat house, you know what they said?  MERRY CHRISTMAS, doing it will be our Christmas present to the animals !!!!!   Isn’t that Nice ????  

All make great donations !!!!  And their value is tax deductible for YOU !!!!   Every penny of it !!!!   Got a building you’re not using .... want a new one but can’t justifying tearing down the old one ????  If it’s in relatively decent shape, and within a county or two of Rikki’s Refuge .... consider donating it ....  tell us today and we’ll acknowledge your donation so it can count for your 2012 deductions .... but we can’t pick it up till next year !!!!

A few other BIG ITEMS we could use and maybe YOU could use the write off --- if you have the following and you aren't using them and would like to see them put to good use .....  Let me know your intent to donate today and I'll thank you and even if we can't get it here today, it's been donated and you have the TAX DEDUCTION ...  just contact me at and I help you with the details.

4wd Pick Up Truck, as long as we can get around the farm it works for us
Box Truck, street legal, for picking up supplies and donations
Trailer, open, livestock, horse, any kind, big or small
Bus or School Bus, doesn't need to run great, just around the farm for tours
Storage Building
Tractor, also implements
Riding Lawn Mower
Washer and/or Dryer for Rikki's North --- a back up place to do laundry !!!
Building in Spotsylvania/Fredericksburg we can use for a Thrift Shop - we're willing to fix up
   this could be a great write off if you've got a vacant building that's draining resources
Futon(s) for Rikki's North for visitors or snowed in staff -- (must be relatively light weight and easy to move)
Folding tables and chairs
Pop up tents, the display type for events
     .... have an old professional show booth you're no longer using ???
Hmmmm there must be so much more .... look around the house .... send me a list ....  I just might save you a whole bunch on your tax bill !!!!

Here comes 2013
And it’s going to be a good one !!!!   I know you’re going to help us have a great year.  It will be our 15th year !!!!  WOW !!!!   Everybody who laughed at mom in 1998 comes to visit now is their jaw drops in awe at what you all have worked to create !!!!  Yup YOU .... and I’m alive and happy here all cuz of YOU .....  Me and Duke too ...  and Petunia ... and all o us.  Without YOU we would not be here to wish YOU a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! 

We love you very much.  We truly owe our very lives to you !!!

Thank YOU ... and thank YOU for helping us to dream ... and thank YOU for making our dreams become reality!!!

Thank you for our lives !!!

We Love you SO much,
           Opie and Duke

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Good Morning Good News, December 29, 2012

I need your Testimonials !!!

It’s time for us to put together our application for the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (3163) and the Combined Federal Campaign (77674). 

I need your help to QUALIFY !!!    Last year so many of you responded, it was a slam dunk.  WILL YOU HELP me this year? 

When you responded from all across the globe, from every state in the USA, YOU gave us our new and exciting NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL recognition. 

Please take a few minutes to answer these five questions - with a few words - or a lengthy essay - in any way your heart directs.  EVERYTHING YOU SAY is meaningful to us.  If you have time for only one question or one sentence or one phrase - that’s fine.  Every word counts to help us win a great designation.

Please let us and the world know how we’re doing, how we’re helping and why you think Rikki’s Refuge is an important organization.  Live Unlimited of Virginia is our corporate name, Rikki’s Refuge is our 450 acre no-kill multi species sanctuary and wildlife sanctuary; Wild and Feral is our feral cat and TNR education division.

Thank YOU for making Rikki’s Refuge, Wild and Feral, and Life Unlimited of Virginia so successful in 2012 ....  just you wait till you see what’s coming up in 2013 !!!!  We are going to be even better than ever !!!

Please take a few minutes to answer these questions and email back to me.  Your words here mean our financial success in 2013 and beyond.   Our financial success means lives are saved and animals live happily ever after.  Please SHARE your thoughts with me.

How did Rikki’s Refuge HELP YOU or someone you know this year?

What does Rikki’s Refuge MEAN to you?

What is the MOST important thing Rikki’s Refuge did this year?

May we use YOUR name?  Nick name or “anonymous” is ok if you prefer.
Where do YOU live?

There’s ONE thing we all LIKE
      OK maybe TWO ....
YOU are number ONE
      and NUMS is number TWO
Thank you produce and pumpkin drivers, long distance haulers, nums drivers and Angel Tree Elfs !!!!

All of us just love getting produce in .........


or Small

WE eat it ALL

..... can we have fresh nums every day?

YES .... if only more volunteers would help ... 

Thank you to Melissa Felts, Alan Crandall, Mary Walker, Paul Erhard, Jon O’Connor, Sherry Eller for doing the Fredericksburg / Spotsylvania runs.  Thank you Bill Duran for doing the Alexandria and Merrifield runs.

YOU can help us have fresh nums every day, anywhere within a couple hours of Rikki’s - especially Alexandria and Merrifield  in Northern Virginia and Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania  ......  YOU can help pick up the leftovers from the produce and bakery at stores that we have contracts with ... and bring them out to the animals.     Let me know if you’d like to help

Just ask our produce haulers .... it’s the highlight of their day to feed the animals !!!

Here’s Doug sorting out the day’s produce
he’s got to take off all the plastic and metal and bags and ties .... and sort for the rabbits, the guinea pigs, the cows, the horses and the pigs .....  Somebody loves every single bite .... you just have to know who.

Would YOU be winning to volunteer one day a week to sort produce and hand it out to the rightful owner?  It’s up close and FUN work!

Kiki is always the first in line to get the bread

Pumpkins ....
if you doubt me check that sign!!!  This is what we still have from the Halloween Pumpkin Runs.  Good and nutritious ....  they’ll get some every day till they run out.

All you pumpkin haulers ..... let me know if you can help us haul other nums during the year !!!

Angel Trees
Thank you Katarina Galvin, thank you Angel Tree Elves, thank you merchants!!  It’s been another fabulously successful year.  AND Angel Trees will run thru January 1st ... so you’ve still got time to rush out and drop something under one of our trees.   Here’s where you’ll find Rikki’s Angel Trees

Rabbit Trees
.... excuse me guys .... I asked for RABBIT TREES not cat trees ......

So WHAT are Rabbit Trees?  You probably have one right there in your home you’d like to give up right now !!   The rabbits and guinea pigs like to play around in the branches of your old Christmas Tree !!!  They climb and they nibble and they play.  Instead of tossing it out - please bring your Christmas Tree to Rikki’s Refuge on Saturday January 5th during Donation Drop off from noon till 2 pm !!!  All the little guys will really appreciate it !!
Let me know you’re coming

More Trees
From Katarina Galvin of the Angel Trees .....  please keep an eye out for any 6 ft - 7.5 ft Christmas trees that are going on sale now after Christmas. The more trees we get on sale now the more we'll set up next year for Angel Trees and the more goodies we'll get.  Only need 6 ft  - 7.5 ft nothing smaller or bigger. Thank you !!!!  Let us know what you pick up and when you can bring them out.

Just LOOK at that Full Pantry !!!

This is what it looks like when we’re well stocked up and supplied.  It takes a huge amount of food and supplies to keep Rikki’s Running.  Several bottles of bleach everyday, most of a bottle of laundry detergent, bottles of dish soap.   Just imagine cleaning up for 1295 ... everyday .... and they don’t even wipe their feet off before coming inside !!!

Thank you for making this possible thru your Angel Tree and Christmas Day donations.  Thank you Don Smith and family for making it all neat and clean and organized !!!

Last Minute End of Year

We have a goal and need your help to get there.  Time is running out on our $22,222.22 DOUBLE YOUR DOLLAR donation challenge.  Up to $22,222.22 in donations will be matched by some very special and generous donors.  We want to do everything we did in 2012 again in 2013 ... and have goals of doing even more and helping more animals.

Would you help us meet that goal?  What ever you can comfortably donate to help us, will be DOUBLED, but only for a little longer.  All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. 

Every penny short of the $22,222.22 challenge .... is like two pennies the animals have lost ..

Read all about the challenge and see what Rikki’s was like in the beginning, compare before and after pictures.

Rikki’s Refuge NEEDS YOUR support to operate !!!  Thank you. 

Plea for Pana
Our doc is on her way right now to volunteer some time and take some supplies to the Speuter Clinic YOU helped us get running in Pana, Guatemala way back in 2008!  Did you think it’d be going more and more successful every year ???  Or did you think it was a one time effort?  Well it’s only gotten better and better with more and more vets in Guatemala learning quick speuter surgeries to help the animals.  The clinic also offers vaccinations, parasite treatments and as much help as YOU make possible. 

If you’d like to donate a few bucks .. which go a long long way in Pana ..  please use this link and comment that it’s for Pana.  I’m sorry but these donations do not qualify for doubling.  Only funds specifically designated for Pana can be used for the Speuter Clinic there.

Thank you for helping animals everywhere.

Christmas Tour
The Christmas Tour was fabulous !!!  Thank you all who came out and volunteered the week before getting things set up.  especially Kathy Doucette, Kim Doucette, Joe Callahan, Jan Chetnik, Laurie Karnay and Katarina Galvin. 

Thank you for all your had volunteer work on Christmas Day too.  Especially Jan Chetnik for organizing the whole thing.  Dennis Bane for logging and putting away truck load after truck load of donations.  Laurie Karnay (mom got to drive the Toyota for handicap touring on your tour and she says you’re a fabulous tour guide), Ken Licklighter and everyone else who gave tours --- so sorry, I was so busy hugging necks I didn’t get to talk to everybody.  Thank you Gina Licklighter for cleaning Rikki’s North during the tour !!!  That kitchen sparkles !!!  Thank you all volunteers for helping with registration, driving, and all the before, during and after work that goes into the tour.

Thank you photographers Ken Licklighter, Lynette Lauer and Wendy Ingalls, you got some great shots.  If anyone else got pictures, please send them along.  I want to do a big poster on Christmas 2012 at Rikki’s Refuge.  Thanks EVERYONE !!!

This is my and my GreatGrandPa and Timmy with our GrandPa

Thank you for even the smallest donation for my
          Double Challenge ....
You do know now ...
          that ONE DOLLAR will make EIGHT MEALS ....
                    WOW this is wonderful
We’re only about 1/3 of the way towards meeting our challenge .... 
please don’t let the animals lose any funding !!!

Thank you !!!
We love you so much !!!
Opie and Timmy

PS check out the new look on the front page of the blog -- to the right --- see what’s new???

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Magic of $22,222.22

Thank you all --- the challenge has been matched !!! 

It’s Always Magical at Rikki’s Refuge
especially at Christmas !

22 Species
  1295 Animals
     and YOU !

From this ...... 

   to this .... 

How do you create a
     no kill sanctuary ?

One animal at a time

One donor at a time

One volunteer at a time

In the beginning
     there was one cat
          his name was Bobby

Our first call for help
     Our first vet bill
          Our first adoption

Bobby had been hit by a car and
     He needed surgery
          He needed care
               He needed love
                    He needed a long recuperation 
                         He needed a loving forever home

YOU were there
     YOU paid his surgeon
          YOU gave him food
               YOU SAVED HIS LIFE              

Then came Goldie
                         Sick, oh so sick

Our first forever resident
     Our first terrified dog
          Our first challenging rehab patient

YOU were there for her
     YOU gave her medicine
          YOU gave her food
               YOU GAVE HER A CHANCE

She lived at Rikki’s Refuge for 9 happy years
     She learned to love
          She learned to trust
               She made friends
                    She was friendly

Again and again
     They had no hope
          They had no chance
               They had no love

YOU were there
     YOU changed that
          YOU gave hope

YOU gave love

YOU gave life

Repeat .... every day for 15 years
     Repeat .... for 5,376 
                            domestic and farm animals

          Repeat .... everyday for 1,295 
                                                daily residents

               Repeat .... for countless wildlife

                    Repeat .... and save one more




YOU GIVE .... Doubling Your Dollar

YOU GIVE .... USA Tax Deductible Contributions

YOU GIVE .... Money

                    YOU GIVE .... Meals

                         YOU GIVE .... Beds

YOU GIVE .... Medicine


YOU are there because ....
     YOU Care
          YOU Know it matters
               YOU Value every life .... 
                                         every single one

Will you please help the animals now,
          during our Christmas 
                      Double your Dollars Challenge ?

It’s Magic
     $22,222.22 !!!!
          Double Your Christmas Donation

$22,222.22 will be MATCHED
     Dollar for Dollar
          When YOU help


YOUR $1 becomes $2 and feeds 8

     $5 becomes $10 and feeds 40
          $12.50 becomes $25 and feeds 100
                      $25 becomes $50 and feeds 200
                           $50 becomes $100 and feeds 400

  $125 becomes $250 and feeds 1,000
      $250 becomes $500 .... a meal for everyone !

$500 becomes $1,000 and feeds 4,000 meals
     $1,000 becomes $2,000 and feeds 8,000 meals
$2,266.25 becomes $4,532.50 and ....

feeds EVERYONE for a WEEK !


     for making Rikki’s Refuge what it is today
          for caring about the animals
               for loving the animals
                    for helping to make the world a 
                                    better place .... everyday
                         Thank you for being YOU !

Every penny counts
     No donation is too small to help


          It takes all of us working together !
               Together we that the difference
Click the Gold Donation Kitty and send lots of extra good luck with your donation today!
Thank you for your support today !!

We love YOU because

     YOU are kind
          YOU care
               YOU are generous
                    YOU are loving
                         YOU MATTER TO US

From all of us, 
Wishing you the Best Holiday Season Ever !

It’s very simple !  Some very special donors have set up a very special fund.  When you make a donation on-line here
or by mail here
Rikki’s Refuge
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960
or you call us at 540-854-0870 x5 with your credit card information ....
or contact us by email
an amount equal to YOUR donation is also donated from this special fund.  Up to a total of $22,222.22, meaning the total donations generated by this special program will be $44,444.44.

Please help us to qualify for the full $22,222.22 in the fund .. we can only do it with your help .. we must match donations, dollar for dollar.  Please help us in any way you can.  The donors have the right to close the program at any time, giving us an amount equal to the amount donated by others during this campaign. 

So it’s very important you act NOW !

You’re going to be amazed !  We house 1,295 animals a day.  Every day, every animal gets fed a good nutritious diet, many get preventative medications and supplements, lots of our residents are on daily prescriptions.  All get regular preventative parasite treatments.  All get medical care.  All have warm, clean bedding.  All have houses that need to be maintained, not just cleaned every day, but routine upkeep like roof repairs, fence repairs, and lawns mowed and cared for.  So there’s a lot of work and a lot of expense that goes into caring for 1,295 animals each and every day, no matter what they need.

Yet it all costs us not much more than a dollar per animal per day !  Now that’s a pretty amazing fact !   Can you guess how we do it ?

It’s all because we have wonderful volunteers who scout out fabulous deals.  The best price on food, matching sales and coupons and ordering in bulk.  Volunteers who spend hours driving to pick up donated food, and even pay for the gas to do it !  Wonderful volunteers who do so much of the work, not just the feeding and cleaning, but the accounting, record keeping, fundraising and more.

As a matter of fact, so much is done by volunteers, that our overhead is very low.  Overhead means expenses that are not considered directly relevant to our mission of caring for the animals and includes things like printing, postage, and that sort of stuff.  Because of the amount of work done by volunteers, our overhead is about 3%.  Check it out, compare it to other non-profits, you’ll find that is amazingly low.  And that means that 97 cents on every dollar you donate goes directly towards taking care of the animals !  Pretty amazing, huh ?

Would you like to help us help the animals?  It’s very easy

The animals need just about $1,400 a day for all of there care, for all 1,295 animals.  It sounds like a great big huge number, but when you divide the cost by the number of animals, it’s actually a very tiny number.   Less than any other animal organization I’ve ever heard of !  And that makes me really proud to work with Rikki’s Refuge !

The wonderful news about this special Double Your Dollar fund is that it will cover everything all 1,295 animals need, YES EVERYTHING, for the entire month of January !

And do you know why that’s such good news?  Well you see, people spend a lot of money in December ... and they are worried about paying their bills in January ... so that means fewer donations come in to help the animals. 

You can make this winter wonderful for the animals of Rikki’s Refuge by your kind donation of any amount right here

Thank you !!

All donations are 100% deductible - to the extent of the law, see your tax advisor - in the USA.  Rikki’s Refuge is a division of Life Unlimited of Virginia, Inc.  A 501(c)3 IRS approved not for profit Virginia Corporation. Federal Tax-ID 54-1911042.

Look for Life Unlimited of Virginia, Inc in the Combined Federal Campaign National/International #77674, Combined Virginia Campaign #3163, and PetsMart Charities #1377.

Your donations provide direct support of the animals. A financial statement is available upon written request from the Virginia State Office of Consumer Affairs.

Rikki’s Refuge’s Mission
Rikki’s Refuge is a 450 acre, no-kill, multi species peaceful sanctuary, supported solely by donations from kind, loving individuals, just like you; our mission is to reduce, with the ultimate goal to totally eliminate, homelessness amongst animals of all species. Loving, thinking, breathing individuals who so often must pay the ultimate price for their simple crime of being homeless with their very lives. Creatures who want the same chance to life, love, peace and happiness that you and I do.

We carry out this mission by:

1) rescuing homeless, abandoned, abused and or injured domestic and farm animals, providing medical care (traditional, alternative and holistic), finding suitable adoptive homes, and for many (the handicapped, the elderly, the unsocial, those displaced due to the death, incapacitation or displacement of their human companion) providing permanent shelter, care, love and compassion;

2) promoting zero pet population growth through education and low-cost or free spay/neuter in an attempt to reduce the number of home-less animals, which end up in animal shelters;

3) promoting awareness of the animal kingdom through educational programs that teach compassion, for we firmly believe one who learns to feel compassion toward any living creature makes the world a more compassionate, caring and peaceful planet; our programs are designed for children, the elderly, the homeless,  and the differently abled handicapped;

4) providing a site for safe release and the future home of rehabilitated native Virginia wildlife;

5) maintaining 350 acres of pristine natural woodlands where native Virginia wildlife may always roam free of human intervention.

We thank YOU for caring about the animals with as much passion as we do.

For without YOU we could not continue to provide for our residents.

Thank you for your generous, tax-deductible, donation !!  And thank you for letting us DOUBLE YOUR DOLLAR !

               INTO REALITY !!!!
                    THANK YOU FOR SAVING THE ANIMALS !!!

Kath Jones
Melissa Felts' Pet Sitting Client #1
Melissa Felts' Pet Sitting Client #2
Pat Nelson
Nora Eldridge
Ann Goldman
Lia Federico
Dara Fox
Colleen Graves
Martha Girdany
Bill Butler in honor of Mariza Soliman
Jennifer, Miguel, Wylie and Sami Donner
Debbie Hollander
Frieda Milam
Ed LaBarre
Kathy McLaurin
Kate Viscardi
Jenna & Dominique and Adah Mae, Simon, Pumpkin, Charlie Cat and Isabella
Carrie Scott
Todd Baugh
Dorothy Henry
Anne Smith
Sherri, Gilbert and Bentley Callahan
Maatje Brazier
Sherry Clarke
Amy Madison
Heather Riede
Donna Savory
Deirdre Schwartz & Dolores Campbell
Theresa Lorenzo
Deborah Henken & Martin Kamph
Patricia Nathan
Sherry Chumley Brockner
Torre Taylor
Laura Kovalik
Wil Houchins
Walt Willing
Julie Munson
Carol McBain
Donna Jacobi
Bill Pullen in honor of Sally and Mary Arason
Melissa Gonzalez
Deborah Barnett
John Cann
Debra Berry
Denise Halderman
Pleshette McGrady
Kathleen Crippen
Ninja and Mom
Sheila Fath
Gussie Lamoree raised from Gift Wrapping at Barnes and Nobel in Richmond
Lisa Millhorn
Julie Wallin
Sue Banning
Liz Elias
John Fairty for the Vet Debt
Sabina Dobo
Ginnie Lucas
Lesley Winch
Deborah Forrest
Yvonne Wilson
Nora Eldridge - AGAIN !!!!
Mary Ann Bernald

Paul Simpson
Marie Gordon
Renee LeCompte
Richard Fischer
Karen Schulze
Helen, Martin and Adam Hauser
Donald Lauer
Jocelyn Smyth
Carol Young
Susan Fisher
Janet Duran
Thomas Poole
April Nelson
Betty Brunson
James Firth
Martha Girdany AGAIN
       in Memory of Kathy Russell's father, John W. Russell
Patricia Gray in Memory of David Hanych
Kathy Russell
Nick Guagliardo
Cora Everett

Linda McConnell
John Bowman
Kim Williams
Suzette Haile
Jami Ojala
Margaret Leiendecker
Anne Anderson
Lawrence Gross
Daniel Masur
Buddy Sekely, In memory of his parents, Bernie and Dolly Sekely and their faithful rescue dog Maggie
Paul Totten
Arlien Mather
Jodie Rackley
Christopher Walters
Robert Tringali
Carol Boyse
Andy Thomas, Thanking Patricia Thomas for her donation to Rikki's Refuge.
Martha Girdany back for a THIRD time
David Coven
Donald Michel
Karen Friedel
Pam Donald
Mary Ann Bernald
Mary Baldwin
Susan Penney
Eddye Sheffield
Winging Cat Rescue
Barbara Lowe
Gail Lowe
RoseMarie Crean
Wendy Ingalls
Jennifer Walker
Tari Ott
Nancy Neimeth
Breck Sullivan-Carpenter
Christine Kent
Opie and Mom in honor of Great Grand Pa
Candy Neff

Elizabeth Gaver
Joan Flores
Linda Slaymaker for SmokeyJoe
Charlie Homer
Lisa Briles
Dennis Nagy
Suzanne Bolton
Joanne Whalon
Katherine Mallett
Margarita Pons
Emily Elder
Karen Friedel, BACK for seconds !
Linda Mathusa. In memory of Gingerbread Sillypants
Sherry Eller
Sherry Eller, BACK for SECONDS
Nancy Mottershaw
Stacey Vance
Virginia Brock
Alan Kent
Pam Harmon
Bill Isen

Carole Springer
Colleen Pilliod
Sheila Fath, BACK for seconds
Susan MacDuff
Barbara White
Dara Goldberg Kaye
Jefferson Sesler
Steph Selice and Jeff Reed
Mary Grettenberger
Alicia Boyd
Colleen Bauer
Marietta Lanza
Dorrel Edstrand
Karen Friedel, BACK FOR THIRDS !!!!
Lisa Marsico
Sally Arason
Sharon Kennedy
Joann Packard
Deb Lavoie, In loving memory of Vincent Cat and of my sweet baby Ashley
Art & Ara Storer
Sheila Fath, back for THIRDS !!!
Sam Iam
Grace Albert
Boob, Rudy and Gertie
Charlie Homer
Joseph Topich
Jennifer Ritter
Rebecca Tait
Melissa Felts
Twyla & David Jackino, in memory of Leslie & Dan May's sweet kitty Smokey
Marie Forman
Ron Herfurth
Patti Howard
Deb Forrest BACK again
Gigi Dul
Robyn Schnellenberger
Linda Hentman
Ellen Olander
Jane Whitmore
Senniug Rees and her facebook cat brothers
Kathryn McLean
Beverly Cain
Sasha Goldsmith, in love and honor of Shadow Goldsmith
Jean Evans
Greta Bollinger
David Preston Samson
Kathy Miller
Greta Bollinger, BACK for seconds
Jeff Green
Lisa Walsh
Rebecca Faris
Cindy and Walker Wright, In honor of all the Dogs at Doggy Downs and Rikki's - and in memory of those that went across Rainbow Bridge this year (Jack, Molly, our old beagles)
Sherry Eller
Laura Kovalik, back for seconds
Nora Eldridge, back for Thirds !

Kimberley Arrigo
Jane Whitmore
Trudy Perry
Karen Czar
Deb Forrest back for THIRDS and dug out coins from bottom of purse
Laura Whaley
Sarah Tulman
Lia Federico, back for SECONDS and In memory of The Divas French Toast, Sabeen Marie and Keena Kitty
A Dear Friend
Tari Ott, back for seconds
Howard Yarborough
Jessica Townsend
Patrick Hunt
Lisa DeFilippo
Debra Bruegge, In memory of her sister, Bonnie Brown
Robbie Martin
Sherry Webster
MaryJoan Hulsart
Patty Crocker
Joan Flores, Back for SECONDS
Michael Wood
Wendy R. Spiesman
Suzette Haile, back for doubles !!!
Rebecca Deloney
Bonnie Ornitz
Carolyn Demorest
Crystal Wood

Autumn-Skye Port
Carolyn Phillips
Bill Duran

Elizabeth Crawford
Vicki Gielen
Dale Eggers

Ursula Lowe 
and YOU !!!!
Thank you all --- the challenge has been matched !!!