Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Welcome to the Town of Cod

Meet The Cats of Cod

Artwork by Wayne H. Morris of New York
photographer and artist
click to view more of his spectacular work

Cod is a whimsical town where the animals of facebook who’ve taken on hooman personas live when they're not living in the real world trying to teach hoomans how to be nice.  Wayne H. Morris is your artist and architect of Cod.  Wayne loves to study an animal and capture their essence which he then turns into a whimsical work of art depicting them at work or play.  Your pet’s whimsical custom portrait available for only $300 (donated to Rikki’s Refuge). Contact me and I’ll put you in touch Vincent@RikkisRefuge.org  Prints available, 8” x 10”, on heavy stock, suitable for framing, $25 each, resolution may vary so you may want to ask first.  Specify which print you want and shipping address.   http://bit.ly/WayneMorrisPrint
Wayne and Batman,
Architect and Mayor
of Cod

Vincent takes Duke and YOU on a trip to Cod !!!

Cod is a whimsical town where 
the animals of facebook 
who’ve taken on hooman personas live 
when they're not living in the real world 
trying to teach hoomans how to be nice.  

Vincent D. Cat spends much of his time 
at Rikki's Refuge where he works hard 
to keep the hoomans in line and where he has 
the most important job of Spokes Cat.  

Duke Thomas Peabody 
is Vincent co-hort and partner in crime.  
Duke is the official Spokes Dog of Rikki's Refuge.

Together they travel the globe 
teaching the world about kindness and love.

Vincent enjoys spending his time off
in his favorite place
The Town of Cod
where the kitty cats rule.

Please take a moment here to Vote for - there are a lot of contests where we can win money to help the animals.  It's free for you.  Just enter or vote - here's the link - all the directions are there.  Please vote and them come back to continue the story!!  Thank you.


And Now
Meet The Cats of Cod

Say HELLO to Batman,
Mayor and founder of the town of Cod.  
Batman’s going to show you around town.

Come ....   
take a walk down Calico Street  ...   
where you’ll see 
The 1st National Bank of Trout, 
Bandit’s Trucking Company, 
Nippers Bar and Grill, 
The Flower Shop and more .....
As you follow our journey thru the town of Cod, you’ll meet the shop owners and their patrons, all kitties!!

Yesterday we took a walk down Calico Street.   
Today we stroll Tabby Road .......   
where soon we will visit Chino’s Grill, 
Cat County General Hospital, 
Cod Church, Tabby Air, 
Dr Katz, KatCity .... and more

Step into the First National Bank of Trout, 
where our fish gain interest!!!  
 Let’s make a withdrawal for dinner.

Meet Ms. Bao Cai, 
Employee of the Month at the 
1st National Bank of Trout, 
where your fish gain interest!

Though Cod is a near Purrfect Little Town we still get that icky white stuff most of us kitties hate! 

Meet Marilyn.

Marilyn hates the snow and the extra work it brings.    Though she’s very glad for the mice it drives inside!

Schindrilla Rushes Home 
from the Fish Market 
to get out of the cold!

Meet Bandit, 
owner of Bandit’s Trucking Company 
and purveyor of fine cat chow.   
Bandit skillfully navigates the streets of Cod at night, 
delivering nums to all the residents 
so they have fresh breakfast waiting every morning.   
Rain or shine, snow or sleet, 
Bandit never misses a delivery.   
Though some of the residents have noticed holes 
in their bags and a few ounces of missing nums!

Will hits the ski slops of Cod.
Will is a very kind hearted soul.
He’s always there for his friends
offering help and consoling them.
He’s the first one to start prayer circles
for his friends in need.

Mia makes the bestest of all cookies in Cod!
She’s always got a warm plate of
mouse chip catnip cookies
coming out the oven!!!

Ahhh Step inside the Flower Shop
a taste of Spring is in the air !!!
Lovely flowers of all kinds and colors
and lots of catnip on sale too!!!

Vincent Valentine
Cupid and town Match Maker
Wanting nothing more than
to make every one happy and
loving one another!!!
And a few cans of Fancy Feast!!!

Nippers Bar and Grill
Note, no one under 3 allowed at the bar!
Take a close look at the selection of drink ingredients!
Can I interest you in a Mousarita 
... or a cup of Catnip Tea?

Sam Iam Chops Wood
to Keep us Warm
During the Cod Winter
It's a hard days work, and 
worth it to keep his friends warm!

Meet the Owner of
Nippers Bar and Grill

Daisy's just made a lovely Snow Cat !

Dinky Enjoys Playing in the Snow
Yet he's Looking Forward to Spring

Meet Chino, owner of Chino’s Chow
Home of the Cod Father  
where your Fish is always served Fresh!

Vincentino plays guitar and caterwallers  
at Chino's on Friday nights.  
Come on out for a howling good time.

Nurse Mia will look after you if you're not feeling well.

Father Bast,
founder and leader of Cod Church,
"A town that purrs together, sticks together."

Just look at the lengths
Angnes will go to
for fresh fish!!

Aladdin Boo loves snowball fights!

Vincent wears many hats.  As the Dietician, he's
always there to make sure everyone
has a healthy snack.

Plowing the snow,   
so the kitties have safe clear roads.

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it!
Helmi, headed home from a long day
at Quin Investigations -
wrapping up another case of Cat Burglary

Hilary dressed to the hilt for winter

Marco’s favorite winter sport is sledding

Stella prefers ice skating.

Carmen Tina, Stewardess
Tabby Air’s Newest Flight Attendant

Tabby Air Pilots

Tabby Air Takes You Anywhere you can dream of

Carmen Tina keeps her passengers 
comfortable  while passing snacks of
Mouse Snippets

Captain Vincent
Flies Rescue Missions

Co-Pilot Duke
Precious Duke, 
always ready to lend a paw  in any way it’s needed.  
Obedient and ready to take orders  from 
Captain Vincent!

Tabby Air Hanger
Pre-Flight Check

Vincent’s Grandpa’s Plane
Many years ago he began flying Rescue Missions
The need to save lives is in Vincent’s blood
Vincent comes from a long line family history of
saving and helping others. 
Please join Vincent’s Family!

Tabby Air - Let’s Fly !!!
We’re headed out to spread the good word !

Always, Always
an Important Message to Spread

It's not all work!    
The kitties make time for play at Jump Cod
Where the most talented Skydivers 
can catch a snack on the wing!