Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Good Morning Good News!
Good Morning Good News!
Thank you all for sending your Good News ideas! I am saving them for when Mommey comes home, but here are some of them now:
First and most important of course, Please keep voting every day and telling your friends to vote. Don't let me lose the contest if I can't send you Good Morning Good News every
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Oh look! I'm a fish again today!!! Maybe I'll go swim with mommey!!!

Cute little video from Nancy OMG, you will love this.   I am keeping this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earlier this spring at our Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, Mass., we were once again witness to Mother Nature's instinctual and nurturing ways firsthand. 
In April, an adult fox and his kit were brought to the center with severe sarcoptic mange that caused the animals intense suffering. Our wildlife experts set to work, and within a few weeks, both foxes made a complete recovery.
It just happened that while those two were undergoing treatment and getting better, two young healthy, orphaned foxes were admitted to the center. Our staff has the expertise and dedication to raise orphaned animals so they can be released into the wild when ready. But to have an adult of the same species to guide them is the best.
And luckily for everyone, that's exactly what happened. The orphans and the adult and his kit quickly became a family unit, with dad taking all three pups under his protective paw. Within days of bonding, the four foxes were safely released together back into the wild, where they're running free again. Take a look»
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