Wednesday, December 31, 2014

So CLOSE .... and YET ...... Will the Animals Reach Their GOAL ?

Only Three hours to go .....  The Challenge is to DOUBLE up to $32,768 .... 

That’s right .....  EVERY DONATION up to $32,768 will be DOUBLED for the remainder of 2014.

We're getting so close ...  now at $22,879.31 ... LESS THAN $10,000 to go .... 

if we can meet this challenge, we can care for the animals thru the worst of winter .... 

FIFTY days ....   help Feed 'em for Fifty !!!  

Can you spare $1 ...  how about one less drink in celebration tonight ?

.... instead ... celebrate life !!! 

Are you reading this on your phone at a party right now? 

Toast the animals, with a donation and ask all your friends to join in !!!  We can do it ....  


can you SHARE and convince ONE friend every MINUTE to DONATE just ONE DOLLAR ....  

JUST ONE DOLLAR donated every minute for the rest of 2014 ..... 


THANK YOU for sharing your love and helping the animals !!!!   

Lots of Love,
   and the very best wishes for a
       Wonderful New Year !!!
           Kerry & Opie

Just say DOUBLE IT NOW !!!


Will YOU help me this Last Day of the Year?

Please help us fulfill this $32,768 DOUBLE YOUR DONATION CHALLENGE by MIDNIGHT tonight ... 12/31 ....  

As of right now we have only $12,671.13 funded .....     Don’t let us loose any of that precious money. 

Every dollar we are short .... is two dollars the animals don’t have.

The fulfillment of this challenge will give the animals, and those of us who care for them peace of mind and a respite from worry and fear for FIFTY days !!

Have you ever laid awake at night wondering where the next meal is coming from? 

It’s not pleasant when it’s for yourself.  When it’s for the animals you love and care for .... it’s the most horrible feeling in the world. 

Nightmares are knowing a winter storm is coming, and you find your credit is overdrawn and you can buy no more straw for warm bedding. 

Going to the medicine chest for thyroid meds, insulin for diabetics, fluids for kidney patients, pain meds for the arthritic, to find the supply dangerously low, the bank account lower, and have to worry about juggling food vs meds. 

Watching the gauge go down, down, down on the propane tank, and praying a donation will come in before it’s too low to heat the hospital or 9th Life Center. 

Watching the electric meter spinning, faster, faster, round and round, and knowing that if it’s cut off, there will be no pump to give us water, no refrigeration for vaccines and medications. 

It’s a gut wrenching feeling when you watch your beloved animals happily cozyed up with one another sleeping peacefully, and you’re pacing, trying not to wake them, too upset to sleep, worried if the mail will bring in enough donations to make it another day, another week, another month. 

When you have 1300 lives depending on you, there’s no sleeping in the next morning cuz the nightmares kept you up all night.

Fearing for the funds to care for everyone, is my biggest and most constant worry. 

What will I do if I can’t make it one day?  If I can’t feed them?  If I can’t buy their medicine?  If I can’t take them to the doctor? 

There’s no welfare, no government organization to help, no homeless shelter that would have room for them. 

The thought of what would happen .... that’s what wrenches my gut at night .... that’s what keeps me awake  ....  that’s what I live in terror of.

It’s only with your help that I know we can make it.  Your kind and generous donations.

I gave up working for a living to care for the animals.  I have a very simple lifestyle.  I don’t need much.  All I want is to care for the animals nobody else wants.  To give them life, love, hope and a bright future. 

I work full time ... many many many hours more than a “normal” full time job, every day, from sun up till sun down, no time off, no weekends or days off ....  I’m a volunteer so the hours I can work are not regulated  ....  I receive no compensation but knowing in my heart I have taken broken, hurt, rejected souls, and I have turned them into happy, frolicking, loving animals !   The hours I work are the hours that it takes to make Rikki’s successful, to keep the animals happy and well cared for.  And it’s so worth it to me !!!    I’m so happy to be able to do this.

But I NEED YOUR HELP ....  I can’t do it all alone ....  I have no paycheck each week or each month, that I can use to buy food and medicine for the animals.  I can provide the labor for free, labor that if I wasn’t giving, Rikki’s would have to pay someone else to do. 

I NEED YOUR HELP ....   I ask that you share a portion of your paycheck with the animals.  It must seem like I ask you to share all the time.  I’m sorry.   Yet I COUNT ON YOU.  Because the animals need care all the time.  There is no big source of money, it all comes in donations, $25 here, $5 there a can full of change over here. 

I’m happy to devote my life to caring for the animals, I thank YOU for being happy to make it possible !!

    Kerry & Opie

Just say DOUBLE IT NOW !!!