Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Morning Good News, December 31, 2012

The last day of 2012 ..... 

I know you’re hearing it a lot today. 
From every organization that you support.  And I have to ask you too.  I just HATE nagging but it’s terribly important that I do. 

End of year Donations are so very important for the animals. 
Your kind and generous end of year donations, carry us thru the long dark nights of winter when our need for supplies sky rockets, we serve much more food, need warmer bedding, have higher fuel bills .... it all adds up ... and to make it thru the winter .... WE NEED YOU .....

It’s especially important to be generous and make your kind donations when we have a Double your Dollar Challenge.  This means that every dollar YOU donate .... will be DOUBLED by sponsors who understand the needs of winter and want to see Rikki’s Refuge through another year.

You get benefits from your donations too !!!!  Not only do you know the animals are well fed, safe and happy .... YOU get a tax deduction.  Your donations are fully deductible .... 100% ... cuz we’re an IRS registered and approved 501-c-3 charity. 

And that means we rely totally on YOU -- no government funding, not at a federal level, state level or county level.  We get NO HELP from the huge nationwide organizations, running ads on TV and taking in millions, none of that, trickles down to little itty bitty Rikki’s Refuge, just struggling along to keep 1295 animals of 22 species happy and well cared for.

It’s YOU who make Rikki’s Refuge possible !!!! 

YOUR private, tax deductible, personal donations.  It just couldn’t happen without YOU !!!

And now THANKS TO YOU ... there is only $7,016.36 to reach our end of year goal in our DOUBLE YOUR DOLLAR challenge.  Every single dollar donated, even pennies, will be DOUBLED !!!

Let's make it happen !!  We’ve got $7,016.36 on the line ... just waiting to be doubled. If it's not doubled ... it's forfeited .... YIKES DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN !!!!

Thank you to those who helped last night and this morning -- some of you made HUGE donations !!!! Some of you skipped coffee, others donated their change. One hooman said she was donating all the left over little bits on her gift cards - how cool is that !!!

No matter how big or how small it's ALL BEEN DOUBLED !!!

Share with your friends the story of Rikki’s .... how a small group of dedicated people in 1998 took a corn field and a run down house ... and have created a wonderful 450 acre no kill sanctuary housing 1295 domestic and farm animals of 22 species while also protecting 350 acres for native wildlife !

ONE MORE item of import and then I’ll tell you a cool story ....
Will you please write up a few words for me?  I have to get the CFC Essay done, I have to tell why Rikki’s is good and why it should be included in the CFC .... and part of that is endorsements from YOU ....  Would you pick 1 or more of these simple questions and answer them?  Or just tell me in your own words how you feel about Rikki’s Refuge and why YOU are a part of it?

Please SHARE your thoughts with me.

How did Rikki’s Refuge HELP YOU or someone you know this year?

What does Rikki’s Refuge MEAN to you?

What is the MOST important thing Rikki’s Refuge did this year?

May we use YOUR name?  Nick name or “anonymous” is ok if you prefer.

Where do YOU live?

Rikki’s North -- a new cat house !!!   And a Bunny home too !!!
Through kindness and generosity this day, this last day of 2012 .....   look what has come to Rikki’s North !!!

I know, I know, it looks all bare and ..... but Ron needs a winter project !!!!  Soon it will have a kitty safe enclosure built around it, the inside will be insulted, a nice floor put down, and then fun climbing toys added ....  And it will become a purrfect place for YOU to come meet YOUR NEW KITTY !!!!!

Ideas?  I think we can do something wonderful with this adorable little house, don’t you?  Think .... a few of the friendly bunnies and guinea pigs who’d love to have a home of their own.  The guys and gals who think they are people and don’t know they’re rabbits !!!  Yup, they’ll soon have their own little adoption center !!!!

Thanks to a wonderful lady who’s moving ... couldn’t take them with her .... and felt their value to Rikki’s was far greater than any value they might add to the sales price of the house .....

These guys are the absolute BEST !!!  They’ve been working with Rikki’s Refuge since 1999, providing every single cat house and many other structures.  They are HONEST, RELIABLE, FRIENDLY and they will work to customize ANYTHING for you .... from sheds ... to garages ... to barns ....  to play houses .... to swing sets ....  check them out at  ....  and tell them Opie of Rikki’s Refuge sent you.  

When mom called and asked if they could help move the shed so we could make it into a cat house, you know what they said?  MERRY CHRISTMAS, doing it will be our Christmas present to the animals !!!!!   Isn’t that Nice ????  

All make great donations !!!!  And their value is tax deductible for YOU !!!!   Every penny of it !!!!   Got a building you’re not using .... want a new one but can’t justifying tearing down the old one ????  If it’s in relatively decent shape, and within a county or two of Rikki’s Refuge .... consider donating it ....  tell us today and we’ll acknowledge your donation so it can count for your 2012 deductions .... but we can’t pick it up till next year !!!!

A few other BIG ITEMS we could use and maybe YOU could use the write off --- if you have the following and you aren't using them and would like to see them put to good use .....  Let me know your intent to donate today and I'll thank you and even if we can't get it here today, it's been donated and you have the TAX DEDUCTION ...  just contact me at and I help you with the details.

4wd Pick Up Truck, as long as we can get around the farm it works for us
Box Truck, street legal, for picking up supplies and donations
Trailer, open, livestock, horse, any kind, big or small
Bus or School Bus, doesn't need to run great, just around the farm for tours
Storage Building
Tractor, also implements
Riding Lawn Mower
Washer and/or Dryer for Rikki's North --- a back up place to do laundry !!!
Building in Spotsylvania/Fredericksburg we can use for a Thrift Shop - we're willing to fix up
   this could be a great write off if you've got a vacant building that's draining resources
Futon(s) for Rikki's North for visitors or snowed in staff -- (must be relatively light weight and easy to move)
Folding tables and chairs
Pop up tents, the display type for events
     .... have an old professional show booth you're no longer using ???
Hmmmm there must be so much more .... look around the house .... send me a list ....  I just might save you a whole bunch on your tax bill !!!!

Here comes 2013
And it’s going to be a good one !!!!   I know you’re going to help us have a great year.  It will be our 15th year !!!!  WOW !!!!   Everybody who laughed at mom in 1998 comes to visit now is their jaw drops in awe at what you all have worked to create !!!!  Yup YOU .... and I’m alive and happy here all cuz of YOU .....  Me and Duke too ...  and Petunia ... and all o us.  Without YOU we would not be here to wish YOU a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! 

We love you very much.  We truly owe our very lives to you !!!

Thank YOU ... and thank YOU for helping us to dream ... and thank YOU for making our dreams become reality!!!

Thank you for our lives !!!

We Love you SO much,
           Opie and Duke