Thursday, September 29, 2011

Healing Mike the Goat's Broken Leg

Please help me till I can get back to work!

Mike was injured during the week of the earthquakes.  Perhaps, as the ground shook underneath him, terrified of the motion and the roaring sound, he leapt without looking.  His right hind leg was broken. Very severely broken at the hock.  After examination and x-rays, he was sent to a specialist with the hopes of saving his leg.  Could they?  Or would they have to amputate?  It took three tries to set the broken leg and have it hold. 

Poor Mike is on restricted movement, spending short bouts in a small fenced area, much of his time in a dog crate.  After three weeks the cast came off, more x-rays were done.  The leg was healing!!!  It looked like Mike would not loose his leg. 

Mike wanted to jump for joy, but the specialist said, “Not yet!”  Another cast went on, three more long weeks of restricted movement.  On October 18th Mike will go back in to have the cast taken off, x-rays done and then he’ll find out if he has to stay in a cast longer, or if he’ll get to run and play!

Mike has really racked up the bills.  Don’t you agree that saving his leg was worth it? 

Mike’s gotta pay off the current vet bills before he can go back for his check up on October 18th.  He  cannot get a job before he’s well. 

Can you please help Mike Heal? 

If you prefer to help by check
Rikki's Refuge
for Mike's Leg
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960

Thank you for making it possible for us to help the animals!